Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1636 by NovelsYou

The difference between Shangguan Nana is that she is not much different in age from her. It was Shangguan Nana that was so sincerely wishing her that on the day of the wedding ceremony it was Zhao Enuo who had dialed her number in this way.

“Is there sister Enoch?”

She didn’t even have time to say that Shangguan Nana’s beautiful voice came from the other end, and she couldn’t wait to respond like she grabbed a life-saving straw, “There is me!”

“Sister Enoch, I know that the purpose of your call is that I don’t know how to tell you that I can only tell you that it was the day when you and Mr. Ling were eating at the Western restaurant when I and the Bobcat were both present. At that time, the Bobcats were not there, so tell Brother Gu **** about this.”

“But yesterday it was Brother Gu **** who came to look for Bobcat to ask him to investigate this matter carefully. After that, I have seen the anxiety and anxiety of Bobcat, so he probably told Brother Gu **** about this matter.”

After Shangguan Nana hurriedly said a lot of things, both of them were silent.

Zhao Enuo tried to digest what was said in this passage. The information was that occasionally coming cars honked their horns, which caused a hustle and bustle to the city and disturbed her heart.

“Sister Enoch is Ling Chen… Who on earth is there?” Shangguan Nana is so direct as soon as she speaks, there is no one who can speak.

Zhao Enuo controlled his voice so that he pretended to be the same as usual, but the voice he made was trembling, “Nana is you…what’s the point of you?”

When Shangguan Nana heard her shivering voice, she became flustered and quickly defended herself, “No…it’s not that Sister Enoch means I don’t have that means me…I only ask if I believe your character is but Have……”

“He only has my friend. That day, you saw me calling Gu ****. That’s why I really wanted to tell him who I was eating with. Gu **** was really too busy. It was because he misunderstood that I was with a girl. I didn’t have time to explain the child’s meal and he hung up the phone because I didn’t lie to him!”

After Zhao Yinuo finished speaking, he hung up because she was afraid that Shangguan Nana would ask more questions. The question was that she would rather believe her and explain to her that she had unconditional absolute trust in her.

The sound of the key opening the door came from the gate because Zhao Enuo knew it was this time, and he was back.

Gu **** took three steps and made two steps up the stairs. He came to the door of her room, slapped the door hard, and shouted inwardly, “You open the door! Zhao Enuo! I know you are inside!”

There has never been a way to solve the problem. Gu Wanghong at the door looked red as if he was about to smash the door. Zhao Enuo came to the door mechanically. He unscrewed the door handle before he was about to make a more radical move. .

“There was Ling Chen who ate with you that day.” He used a statement sentence instead of a question sentence that she was waiting to answer. Did he believe from the bottom of his heart that she deceived him about this trivial matter of eating?

This sentence undoubtedly made Zhao Yinuo even more chilling. It is understandable that both her and him are too young to this point.

“Do you have to choose him?” Gu ****’s voice was low and hoarse with despair.

Zhao Enuo’s face no longer has the vitality of the past.

“You actually really think so…”

Suddenly she became hoarse, her eyes widened, “Gu forget that I have been with you for so many years, even, Chenhao, you actually imagined me so unbearable that you didn’t believe me!!”

Maybe people believe that the so-called “seeing is believing” in the absence of evidence is that Zhao Enuo has a strong person and she will not justify what is in front of a person who believes incomparably. Forget that his brain has been overwhelmed by the information received these days.

After getting acquainted with Zhao Enuo is everything. Everything about Zhao Enuo makes him feel bad. The way to think carefully is just like this. It is the last sentence of the Bobcat that keeps coming in his mind, “I saw it with my own eyes.”

Gu **** seemed to be possessed by the devil. He stretched out his hand to push Zhao Enuo who was standing in front of him to the ground. Zhao Enuo staggered a few steps. Finally, because he lost his balance, he knelt down on the floor in embarrassment. .

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