Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1635 by NovelsYou

“You too!”

Lynx kicked the report on the ground because the secretary just walked too eagerly, half of the footprint was stuck on it, and Gu Wangyou, who watched burying himself in the manuscript, felt even stronger in the guilt in the bobcat’s heart. At the same time, it was full of entanglement and struggle.

“The boss has you, what are you embarrassing yourself for.” The Bobcat deliberately lowered his octave high voice. I don’t know it, because of the guilty conscience and other reasons.

“Haven’t all the storms over the years been solved easily? How can you make yourself into such a small matter this time?”

Gu **** said lightly, “Small things?” The voice was full of sorrow, “If you were deceived twice by your beloved, there is a bobcat and you can stand in front of me like this without any emotions and tell me Is this a small thing!”

Seeing that the lynx didn’t say anything, Gu forgotten, and then asked, “I asked you to have you, no, I’ve known it long ago!”

He closed the cap of a signature pen back and forth with “Before I asked you to check the perpetrator of any thing. No matter what the result is, you will tell me what you have heard in the first time. You can, this time you No yes.”

“I thought that there might be bobcats with us, and brothers who lived and died. So the only possibility that can make you so entangled is Zhao Enuo.”

The lynx’s throat slides like a throat, and it’s usually obscured by something. Sure enough, there is a person in this world who can easily understand his mind without a word of his own.

Gu ****’s emotions at this time were calm. He put the black pen on the desk upside down, straddled the files on the ground that were thrown by him, walked in front of the Bobcats, and hoped that his forehead left in training many years ago. A few words came out from the injury.

“I won’t make you embarrassed if you tell me, yes or no, it’s okay.”

The office is still the same, the uncomfortable silence and the bobcat’s silence at this moment only make Gu forget feel that the sky in his heart has suddenly collapsed.

He looked away from the old wound on the Bobcat’s face and passed him by his side.

The two of them have a suit and leather shoes, a simple sporty but both, the same indescribable expressions.

It seems that when you stand with me, you can return to the celebration banquet on the battlefield of the past when you stretch out your hand. But it seems that when you stretch out your hand, you are far away from me. There is a very far away from the word “righteousness” that we have written together.

When Gu ****’s hand was on the doorknob, the lynx’s mute voice sounded behind him.

“Enoch had a meal with that person in the restaurant before.” Like, for fear that he would not believe it, a lynx paused for a while and then said, “I saw it with my own eyes.”

This time it’s Gu Forgotten’s turn to be silent. He didn’t think that when a person’s sadness, heartbreak, doubt, and anger are intertwined, there is actually the mere, terrible silence and calmness he showed.

And Zhao Enuo’s state of mind is not much better. She locked herself in the house, sent the school leave slip, and left her mobile phone far away.

She turned out to be blamed for not being able to take care of herself, because she had let the note be exposed in front of Gu ****.

I shook my head hard, I wanted to put this insignificant thought out of my brain, and what she should have thought. Why did Gu **** react so much to her when he saw that note? It was clear that there was nothing on that note. No yes.

Before and Jiangchuan, there were many things that could be forgotten even if it made the headlines. The author who arranged the Bobcats to investigate this matter was not the same as it is now, and there are no signs of anger at her.

Gu forgets everything, looking for a bobcat…

correct! ! Bobcats! This time he must have found the Bobcats too!

Zhao Yinuo’s eyes lit up suddenly. After finding the Bobcat’s contact information on his mobile phone, he thought about it for a while and finally chose to call Shangguan Nana.

Maybe women can communicate better with Lynx and Gu ****. If she asks Lynx if she asks if the scene is not only the scene will be extremely embarrassing but also uncertain, there is Lynx, she won’t tell her that she wants to know. s things.

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