Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1633 by NovelsYou

I was waiting for Gu **** to reach out and take the soup. He was still babbling before, and a child suddenly started crying.

The cry of the child made Gu Wangping calm and deliberately grabbing again. He hurriedly leaned over to see “Mom, what’s going on here, it was just fine…”

Gu’s mother carefully held up the child, and after she stepped forward to coax her, she barely calmed down. Gu **** couldn’t help but sigh that bringing her child is really the most annoying thing in the world. If he sometimes hears crying like this at work, he can’t guarantee that he will have a good temper.

“Children also miss their mothers. Children of this age usually have a sense of reaction with their mothers. If you can’t see his mother, you can’t feel the breath in your mother, and your emotions become unstable.”

Mother Gu frowned, “Enoch also doesn’t come to see the baby once in half a month. Even if you go back, you can tell her well, how can the child endure not seeing her mother?”

Enoch… She actually didn’t come to see Chen Hao for half a month?

For some reason, Gu **** felt that he seemed to be consciously or unconsciously trying to connect the “rumor” that he heard these days with Enoch’s refusal to visit Chenhao for half a month.

This combination formed a strange conclusion. Enoch and Ling Chen were together, and she even forgot to come and see that she had a son with him.

If this matter is not true, then he asks Bobcat to investigate, and Bobcat will soon bring him back to tell him the truth that he wants to hear, but in fact, Bobcat is not.

Seeing Chen Hao’s innocence and big eyes in the cradle, Gu **** shook his head vigorously, wanting to put all this mess behind.

He told himself that the most important thing between husband and wife is mutual trust and mutual understanding.

Gu **** arrived at your home at 7 o’clock in the evening. Sometimes when he got home, he heard the sound of water in the shower, and he knew that Zhao Enuo had already arrived home before him. Nuo put his coat on the back of the chair and rubbed it on the ground.

He squatted down and picked up his clothes. A white note slipped out of his jacket pocket and was folded into squares.

Gu **** flattened him, and a line of unfamiliar handwriting came into view. His pupils shrank suddenly, and the two words at the end almost made Gu ****’s hair stand upright, and his slender fingers were slightly trembling.

The shower room closed slowly behind him, and Zhao Enuo was holding a white towel to dry his hair. There were water stains on his hair.

When she saw that Gu **** came back, she didn’t knock on the door to greet her. Enoch’s eyes were angry and gushing out sparks.

“Gu ****? What’s the matter with you?” Zhao Enuo asked in doubt.

Gu Forgotten was not anxious to answer her, and slowly raised his right hand. The white square note between the index finger and the middle finger made Zhao Enuo’s heart hung up in his throat.

“Enoch, tell me, what’s this?” Gu **** gritted his teeth, digging out from his teeth, word by word, knocking on her heart.

“A friend of mine gave me a note, why, what’s the problem?”

Zhao Enuo answered calmly, Ling Chen had friends with her, and there was nothing wrong with it, and she was not lying to him either.

Gu Wangyi was even more annoyed when he heard this explanation “Friend? A good friend, for you to have a friend from a long distance, you can not even look at Chen Hao for half a month… It turns out that this friend is more important than a child,” Why don’t you take me to see you?”

Gu ****’s last sentence even contained a hint of sarcasm. The word’friend’ was like a flame, and instantly became the fuse.

If he did not mistakenly betray a few years ago, it was not that Ling Chen took Zhao Enuo to go away a year ago, and it was not that the Lynx was silent this time, he thought that he would be very trusting and trusting. Zhao Enuo has every word.

“Gu forget what you mean, don’t you think I’m lying to you? My school and company are two points and one line recently. If you think I ignored Chen Hao, I have nothing to say, but how can you doubt me and me? have friends……”

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