Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1632 by NovelsYou

Ling Chen turned his head, he narrowed a smile, “You don’t want to see me.”

Zhao Enuo blurted out, “I don’t want it, but I can’t.”

“So you know, you forgot that I told you the truth.”

“I’m already married to Gu ****.”

Ling Chen suddenly laughed, “You probably have a misunderstanding, don’t I have you as a friend now?”

Zhao Yinuo defended, “Of course we have friends, but those rumors are really suffocating.”

“If you ignore me because of this problem, I will be able to stop it tomorrow. You don’t want to hear it. In this way, you should be considered a qualified friend.”

Zhao Enuo finally bloomed in so many days that the only true smile was her face. She nodded her head heavily, and the glass reflected her beautiful and beautiful back, as if drawing a lot of color on Ling Chen’s heart.

Zhao Yinuo thought that this message could reach Gu Wangshi’s ears so quickly.

At this time, it happened that Gu **** was the busiest time. Hearing this message, Gu **** couldn’t help but feel a little anxious, and he still had the choice to trust Zhao Enuo unconditionally.

He still couldn’t let go of his work. He dialed a familiar number. A few minutes later, the Bobcat broke in and asked him loudly, “Boss, what’s the matter with me?”

“Find out what happened to a person named Ling Chen and your sister-in-law recently, and find out who spread it as a message.”

Lynx missed a beat with a sigh of heart, and whispered in his heart that it was not good. Gu Forgotten saw that he hadn’t replied for a long time, and thought it was very strange, “What’s the problem?”

“No… of course no, I… I’m leaving now.” Bobcat stammered to answer him, let alone look up at him.

Gu **** was puzzled, and before he had time to ask him carefully, he saw the Bobcat hurriedly leaving from behind.

“Ah? No, you said it is true?!” Shangguan Nana couldn’t believe that she was an ear. “Could you make a mistake? How could it be?”

“How could I be mistaken? We saw that man the other day. Today, the boss asked me to check him and his sister-in-law for the latest information.” Bobcat hugged his arms. How to do?”

Shangguan Nana stroked the lynx’s shoulder, “I believe that Sister Enoch is a character, and she will not do anything to hurt Brother Gu ****.”

“I also know that the two of them are deeply emotional, but how can I explain that this is a rumors? As the saying goes, there is no wind and no waves…” The Bobcat scratched his head, looking like anguish. “Ah, I turned my back on it.” The boss is trust!”

“Isn’t it? We definitely can’t add fuel to the fire. Brother Gu **** has been busy in the past few days. If he knows that these unclear explanations are things, wouldn’t his mood be even more messy?” Shangguan Nana sighed silently. Sighed.

Lynx feels that his life is harder than it is now. It is a decision. One has to tell the boss that he sees it is a fact, and the other is, he follows Gu ****, so that he can relieve his worries and deal with difficulties by his side. Yes, there is no time for him to worry about it.

This time, Gu Wangzhen’s receipt of the Bobcat’s message was an inside story. He knew that the Bobcats always talked about it, but didn’t say anything about it. He told himself to trust Zhao Enuo. , But the louder the wind outside, the calmer the Bobcat, the more restless his heart is.

He spends his free time. It is time for him to go back to his parents to see Chen Hao’s growth situation. The little child is like a child every day. When he was born, his whole body was red, but now he has grown white and fat. cute.

“Chen Hao, call him father, call him father, okay?” Gu **** bent over and coaxed the child by the cradle. The little baby yelled while watching the elephant doll hanging on the cradle.

Gu **** was his mother and walked in with the pork rib soup, “How can such a small child be called someone? Come on, you are too tired from work, come and have a drink.”

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