Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1631 by NovelsYou

“Work is very important, but having a body and revolution is the capital…”

“Don’t always eat if the company orders a box lunch. It is convenient to give me a call. I will definitely rush over to deliver you the meal…”

“Also, ah…”

The corner of Gu ****’s mouth was smiling, he pressed her head to his chest and sniffed her incense greedily. “I know, I am the housekeeper.”

Gu **** held up her face, which was like a face. The nose of the moment was kissed and not as expected. When Gu **** came, his face was solemn, “Did you drink?”

Zhao Enuo, some embarrassed hesitated, “Only…just a little bit of red wine.”

“From now on, those who are not by your side are determined not to drink, not to mention red wine and cocktails, not to be with a girl!”

Hearing what Gu **** said, Zhao Enuo wanted to tell him that he had dinner with Ling Chen. It would be fine if Gu **** didn’t know Ling Chen, but Gu **** had met Ling Chen.

In order to avoid something wrong, Zhao Enuo, who was misunderstood, swallowed the words that came to his lips abruptly.

She buried her head on Gu ****’s neck. It smelled good because the cologne was the smell that made her feel very comfortable and rubbed him against his clothes.

The only person in the world is so big, he has her on his shoulders, it is best to rely on him.

In fact, the more you are afraid of misunderstandings at times, the misunderstandings will appear when you don’t expect it to happen. *** loves to tease people so much.

It’s the third week after returning to nida, Zhao Enuo feels that everything is the same as usual for self-study. It is time to go to Uno Design Company to do her own work, but she is too busy because of the workload. It has also been reduced a lot.

She often sees Ling Chen wearing glasses on campus and smiling at her every time she touches the legs of her glasses.

University is very comfortable for most of the life, which seems normal to the two of them, but it is just a greeting. In the eyes of a group of free “discrete” students, it naturally becomes gossip.

“Isn’t that Zhao Enuo’s Gu’s enterprise is the president’s wife?”

“Huh? I thought she would study abroad!”

“It’s nothing more than a drop out of school when studying abroad.”

This is a key university. The gossips in the university actually look like she is in the wind outside. Zhao Enuo didn’t care much at first, but it was said that there were too many people. This rumor passed through her ears like thunder. .

She had never forgotten that Ling Chen was the one who confessed that he cured her and was sick. She has always had a swelling in her heart. She has always been guilty to Ling Chen.

She is not completely ignorant of Ling Chen’s intentions, so in order to prevent the rumors from spreading, she decided to take the initiative to keep a distance from Ling Chen. After Yu You, every time she sees Ling Chen, she lowers her head and walks away. The style is changed to a low-key, plain and dark color.

Ling Chen quickly understood what was going on, but he didn’t know what was special. It was time to find the design department was in the classroom after class, and Zhao Enuo was in the seat and left a note “I’m in the library room.” Waiting for you until you come—Ling Chen”

With mixed feelings, Zhao Enuo carefully folded the note and put it into his jacket pocket.

She wanted to pretend that she didn’t see it, but she thought that she was seriously ill in a foreign country like that, and Ling Chen was still with her by her side.

It was time for her to be misunderstood, and Ling Chen said that she could not choose to escape everything that she was willing to go with. She had to find a way to solve it, and there was the best way to deal with it.

The sky is sunset and the color gradient is gouache painting Zhao Enuo finally rushed to the library when the sun was about to set.

Ling Chen had been sitting in her position for a while and saw her coming. His gentle voice was as always, “I knew you would come.”

“What I’m thinking about, some things have to be resolved after all.” Zhao Yinuo opened the chair. “Ling Chen’s I am very grateful that you cured me that year. I was sick, but we still have to keep a distance in school. What can be avoided is that you can meet…”

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