Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1630 by NovelsYou

Seeing the Lynx hesitating, Shangguan Nanana pulled him, her arm “I believe that there won’t be anything, if we really interfere with sister Enoch, things are okay, if things happen.” I couldn’t wash it after jumping into the Yellow River.”

She hummed softly at the lynx.

Shangguan Nana is sometimes very strong. Most of the time, she is very self-reliant and not very dependent on him. So when she attaches his arm, the lynx almost doesn’t think about it anymore.

He used to be a soldier and his obedience was his vocation, but it did not mean that he could interfere with others, especially this other person in private life was his sister-in-law.

Zhao Yinuo raised his eyes and looked at Wanshang. It was already eight o’clock in the evening on the watch, and the food was on the table. The meal was almost finished, and she was listening to what Ling Chen was talking about.

He said that the research is interesting, the work is concerned, the foreign country is progressing, and the local customs sometimes mention the previous things.

“I should go back when it’s late.”

Ling Chen subconsciously took the sentence “Huh? Then I’ll take it to you.”

Zhao Enuo was amused by him suddenly, “Did Professor Ling forget that he just got off the plane today?”

Ling Chen’s cheeks blushed when she heard her say, “It’s okay for me to rent a car and go back by myself.”

Ling Chen knew that it would be offensive to persevere, so he didn’t want to say anything about it. He was just sending Zhao Enuo to the car, and then staring away at the back of the car until the car disappeared into his field of vision.

He understood that he had fallen asleep for a year, and his emotions began to be out of his control and recovered.

The driver of the taxi who had some trouble on the road kept apologizing to Zhao Yinuo and said that he would refund her the fare.

Zhao Yinuo naturally refused to rent out the industry. She stopped the car at intersections several times to no avail. In this case, she decided to walk home alone.

Passing through the busy traffic and coaxing the city through the bustling city, the night on the streets, the city is more mysterious than the early morning, Zhao Enuo, following her footsteps, enjoying the eyes all the way freely.

The room where she turned the key was dark, and since Chen Hao’s birth, Gu Forgotten his parents worried that they were busy with work and proposed to take care of the children.

Naturally, Gu **** and she would not refuse, so they didn’t have a job, and they would take the initiative to visit the children when they were there.

“You shouldn’t come back.” Zhao Yinuo muttered to herself and pressed the switch on top of her head. She felt a little dazzling when the light came down.

After she reached out and rubbed her eyes and adjusted to the light, she almost couldn’t believe the picture in front of her.

Gu Wangfu was next to him on the table, and several windows were opened with the forms and documents on the laptop still on.

He was still wearing a formal suit and pressed under his arm, it was filled with his notes, a4 paper, his hair curled up slightly, he looked like the past, and he looked very much like his state at the moment.

Zhao Yinuo entered the room cautiously, knowing that Gu **** went to bed very lightly, and the sound could easily wake him up.

He tiptoedly fetched the thin quilt and was about to put it on his shoulders. With a single force, the unstable body under her feet was leaning forward and attached to Gu **** with his arm from behind her.

“When are you awake?” Zhao Yinuo looked at him with a sorrel color, his eyes were still hazy, and the corner of his tired Gu ****’s mouth was loose. “You will probably wake up when you open the door.”

“Why are you pretending to be asleep!” Zhao Yinuo groaned, his brows wrinkled slightly.

She, groaning in Gu ****’s eyes, is like a cat acting like a baby, and her heart is soft and messed up in an instant.

Zhao Enuo, holding the table with his hand and intending to stand up, thought that Gu Wanghuan was on her waist, and her hand tightened a little bit, she could feel him, his aura sprayed on the top of his head magnetically, and the voice sounded “Hold for a while.”

“Then you will remember to work in the future. If you have to turn on the lights, it will hurt your eyes if you work in the dark for a long time…”

“Also, pay more attention to rest. Don’t think I don’t know how many times you got up to work while I was sleeping…”

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