Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1629 by NovelsYou

He still played a trick and shouldn’t be careful. “I asked my colleague to book a place for me at a nearby western restaurant. If he didn’t go there, he would be let down by me if he wanted to. Are you free at night? We have been too long. I’ve had dinner together.”

Zhao Yinuo has a character, he values ​​love and righteousness and he is not good at rejecting. Ling Chen is sure that she will not refuse.

Sure enough, Zhao Yinuo paused for a while and nodded and agreed, “It’s okay, but I have to talk to Gu ****.”

Gu **** couldn’t get through the phone all the way, until they got to the restaurant, and then he was contacted.

Zhao Enuo’s face is sweet and smiling. Unlike treating other people, he is not slightly restrained and polite with a smile, but with happiness and a smile from the heart.

“Gu ****? I won’t go back for dinner tonight. A friend of mine has just returned from abroad…”

“Are there men or women?” Gu **** seemed to be a little busy and speaks faster. He didn’t ask who it was, but directly asked his gender.

At this time, a girl at the table behind Zhao Yinuo just ordered the waiter. The voice was loud, and Gu **** happened to hear it on the other end.

“Okay, I see. Go home early. By the way, if you need a bobcat to pick you up at night, I will say hello in advance. I will try my best to go back as soon as possible.” Gu **** warned, it sounded really busy.

If there was Zhao Enuo who knew that this little misunderstanding would be enlarged, she would definitely rush to Gu **** and say that if he came out for dinner with me, he would be a man.

“He treats you very well.” Ling Chen squinted his eyes, took a sip of red wine, and said to Zhao Enuo, but it seemed to himself.

Zhao Enuo has a smile on his face and is even more enthusiastic. “He, he is always worried about this and that, forgetting that I am no longer a child, just say that I am going, what about you, what peach blossoms in foreign countries?”

Ling Chen quietly avoided her and looked at her, “Me? A little doctor who soaks in the potion all day long, where is there peach blossom like that?”

“When you come back this time, do you want to work in the city’s most advanced medical research institute?”

“No, the above assigned me to serve as a professor of medicine in the Department of Medicine at the University of New York. You know there is, so that there is less working time, and I can allocate more time freely. It is also very convenient for me to discuss the experiment.” Say.

Zhao Enuo’s eyes widened. She has eyes that are shining, like elk and eyes, and there is a hint of incredible in her voice, “Really? Are you working at Nida?”

Ling Chen put down his wine glass, “What’s wrong?”

“Didn’t I sometimes tell you about my previous regrets when I’m abroad? You may not believe it. I got a chance to realize my dreams. Now that I have resumed my studies before, I can continue to stay in n University. Two years later, I will get the n university graduation certificate!”

Ling Chen couldn’t believe that he had ears. Could this be fate? He was in a daze, and Ling Chen, who talked about at the seminar in the past, almost ceased to exist.

“In the future, I would like to ask Professor Ling a lot of advice.” Zhao Enuo said, holding the wine glass in front of Ling Chen, Ling Chen lifted the wine glass with two fingers, and the corner of his mouth couldn’t hide the smile, “It should be.”

Zhao Yinuo didn’t notice that there were two pairs of sneaky eyes not far away that had been staring for a long time.

“Don’t stop me, I must tell the boss!”

Lynx wrinkled his brows into a “Chuan” shape and took out the phone from his **** pocket, but unfortunately, Shangguan Nana, a taekwondo black belt expert, took the first step.

“No!” Shangguan Nana’s face flushed red. “Did you also see Sister Enoch calling Gu ****? Didn’t Gu **** respond? Let’s talk about you doing it like this. , It will make Brother Gu **** feel that something is born out of nothing, don’t you ruin the feelings between husband and wife?”

Shangguan Nana is not a very talkative person, and she is so cold to say something, which really makes the Bobcats feel very reasonable. He will first think about everything for Gu, but this does not mean that he has ideas based on monitoring others.

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