Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1628 by NovelsYou

There is a white plane flying across the sky in the city, leaving a plane pulling smoke. There is a stroke on the painter’s drawing board. In the first class, a man wearing a black coat is looking at the most conspicuous news in the city’s newspapers, brows. Slightly wrinkled.

“Excuse me, what can I do for you?” A pretty stewardess asked respectfully, standing in front of him.

“Just give me a cup of hot tea.”

Soon there was green tea delivered to him in the heat. He put down the newspaper, his eyebrows were as moist as they were yesterday, and the contents of the newspaper were presented in front of him.

President Gu married a mysterious woman, and the two got married.

He thought for a moment, and he picked up his phone to send a text message to a contact person for “No” with a number. “Enoch, I’m back home. I only know you in the city. I arrive at about 3 in the afternoon. I hope I can see you when I get off the plane. Figure.”

In a short while, the phone screen lights up again, with a few words neatly saying “Okay, I’ll be waiting for you at the exit.”

When going to see Ling Chen, Zhao Yinuo told Gu ****, she knew that if she told Gu ****, then Gu **** would definitely offer to pick up people with her.

If this matter was kept in the past, it would be okay, but apart from Ling Chen saving her own life, on the day he left more than a year ago, she had forgotten that he had said something.

The airport was crowded with people, especially when it was a holiday soon, there were more people coming back from afar to reunite. Zhao Enuo squeezed for a long time before he could barely find a good spot that was easy to be seen.

As soon as he came out of the security check with the suitcase, Ling Chen saw the slender figure from a distance, like a small flower in the bushes, not eye-catching, but blooming with incomparably shining light.

Zhao Yinuo was still jumping in the crowd with his eyes. Ling Chen suddenly wanted to tease her like this, so he deliberately avoided the crowd. Sometimes she patted her on the shoulder when she didn’t pay attention.

She turned around immediately, and Ling Chen had no choice but to say “I am here.”

This sound shocked Zhao Enuo, and when he reacted, he sometimes couldn’t help but thump his next door, but Ling Chen felt like he was gently touched by something.

“Your job in the United States is over?” Zhao Yinuo smiled, “I thought you were going to stay there for a year, you send me a message and sometimes I still wonder if you will bring one back this time. There are big beauties with blond hair and blue eyes.”

Ling Chen is very good at focusing on “Do you…don’t you want me to come back?”

Zhao Enuo was a little embarrassed. She did not mean that, but it seemed that he understood that it was wrong and wrong. It took a long time before she replied, “Why? The students worship.”

“Although some research abroad has been carried out very quickly, but it has not completely ended. I just typed a report to the dean and applied to return to my country to continue researching this content. I…”

I think it would be too hard for you to have time, so I chose this decision.

Ling Chen didn’t say this sentence. Sometimes he hesitated in foreign countries, but now, when he saw the newspaper, sometimes he chose not to say it because she was married.

It’s too hard to say a blessing, Ling Chen can only spit out a few sporadic words “I want to ask… are you and Gu **** okay?”

He wanted to slap himself as soon as the words were spoken. Now that she is married to Gu ****, how could she have a bad life?

Seeing Ling Chen taking the initiative to mention Gu ****, Zhao Enuo was overjoyed. He thought that Ling Chen had already regarded everything in the past as a cloud of smoke, so he replied happily, “Of course, you have something to say someday, we can eat together. You are also welcome to come to our house for dinner at any time.”

Ling Chen felt even more uncomfortable. In this world, anyone who likes a person should pursue freedom and rights, but he doesn’t. Originally believed in Rijiu’s love, he wanted to take her with him, but at that time, the hope was shattered the moment she left.

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