Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1627 by NovelsYou

After a while, the lynx said, “The boss has a sister-in-law, you have to fix everything, or everything is done. I and Nana should play or play, and tomorrow we will go to the market. Go back and get ready for the wedding. Lest things come too late to do.”

The Bobcats did, and felt that at that time, Gu Wangxian had a wedding that was almost time for him, regardless of day and night, in order to avoid having everything like him, he had to prepare in advance.

“Fortunately, there is a wedding, which is a sloppy thing. You can contact me at any time if you don’t understand it. After all, I am a person who is here.”

When I heard that I was a brother, Gu Wangye mentioned marriage and said with a serious face.

“Well, don’t worry, I must first think of you as the boss.”

The bobcat smiled silly and said that there is always a bobcat for Gu ****, who will give him all the trust. There is this, bit by bit.

Early the next morning, Bobcat and Shangguan Nana said goodbye to Gu **** and Zhao Yinuo and embarked on a journey back to the market.

Zhao Enuo’s life at Beicheng University is gradually getting on track. There is time for class to be taken care of by the nanny at home. There is no class. It is time to go home and take care of it. The time is right at home and the remote control company is running. There is time for this orderly sequence to pass little by little in life.

Finally, today Zhao Enuo has invited Gu **** to go back to the market for a week.

The most important reason is that, of course, Bobcat and Shangguan Nana had their wedding as scheduled.

When I went back to the wedding, two people were also going home to see if each other’s parents had stayed at home for a few days.

As a result, two people got up early in the morning and after eating breakfast, they took their children to go to the city.

In the afternoon, a family of three stopped at the door of Gu’s house. There was a message saying that Father Gu and his parents had already been waiting outside the door.

Seeing Gu ****, the car stopped and Gu’s mother took the lead to greet him.

“You can count, I was exhausted on the road when I came back, so go in the house and rest. Come and come and let me take a good look that I am a good grandson.”

Some of them excitedly took the child from Zhao Enuo’s arms. Gu’s mother looked lovingly at the grandson.

Gu’s father didn’t say anything but also, and he surrounded him with joy.

No matter what is superfluous, there is no word but it is full of home and warmth.

On the second day, Gu **** and Zhao Yinuo attended the wedding of Bobcat and Shangguan Nana.

The wedding was not as luxurious as the last time Gu **** had a wedding, but it was very hot.

After all, the Bobcats are counted, Gu’s group is the second in command and Shangguan Nana is even more dazzling than Sophie, who is an upper-class celebrity.

The two bobcats held a Western-style wedding. When the bobcat wore a pen, a suit, and a white gauze, Shangguan Nana came to the wedding scene. The people there burst into enthusiasm and cheers.

Gu **** and Zhao Enuo also laughed from the bottom of their hearts. They had to see the Bobcat and Shangguan Nana Xiucheng Zhengguo, but they were worried.

“May I ask Mr. Du Fan, the groom (Lynx is the original name) if you are willing to marry Ms. Shangguan Nana, because you are a legal wife, and publicly swear that no matter whether you are poor, rich or rich, regardless of health or disease, you will always love her, protect her, and Loyal, she will never abandon her until her life is the last moment, love her forever, and love her forever! Would you like it?”

“I do.”

The bobcat is a firm voice and has a life-long vow.

“I would like to ask the bride, Shangguan, Miss Nana, if you are willing to marry Mr. Du Fan, because you are a legal husband, and publicly swear that no matter whether you are rich or poor, regardless of health or illness, you will always love him. He cares about him and is loyal and never abandon him. Until life is the last moment, I will love him forever! Will you?”

“I do!”

Shangguan Nana is full of voice, affectionately, never forsaken life and death.

“So there is a bridegroom, you can now kiss you as a bride!”

Seeing the scene in front of me is a scene with Zhao Enuo and Gu Wangye, holding each other tightly, we have hands and we will be just as useful. Life loves each other, holding hands, until they turn their heads

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