Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1626 by NovelsYou

Cui Jiawen said from the heart.

Gu **** also greeted very kindly, “Back then, the tomboy was laughing and joking all day, but now he has also become a big beauty, Jiawen, you should also be the owner of famous flowers.”

Zhao Enuo, a good friend Gu ****, also treated him kindly.

When I heard Gu ****, I praised Cui Jiawen for being a little shy, and he quickly lowered his head to cover up his embarrassment.

When I first went to college, I did have a tomboy. I had to say that the university had a plastic surgery school. It was originally ruinous and disregarding the image, but I was completely changed.

In fact, I have to thank Gu **** for this. At that time, Cui Jiawen also had a lot of Gu ****. One of the little fans was that she slowly learned to dress up from the beginning of her crush on Gu ****. Forget, pay attention.

But then it was Gu **** and his good friend Zhao Yinuo who became boy and girl friends.

Although Cui Jiawen was very uncomfortable at the time, he had some dissatisfaction with Zhao Enuo, but he was happy for her.

“Where can I find each other like you do, the other half is that I still have someone else, do you want to find someone for me?”

Although seeing Gu Wangran Cui Jiawen, I felt so throbbing, but she quickly forced herself to stop thinking.

It’s wrong to like someone, but if you want to get involved, your feelings will be immoral. As a teacher, Cui Jiawen can tell the difference.

“Enoch is Gu forgotten. You have not been to the school for a long time. Wait a while and I will take you around the school.” Cui Jiawen suggested.

“Fortunately, I have long wanted to take a good look at school. And Gu **** kept telling me that if I want to deal with the instructors, it is better to wait for a while before we have dinner together.”

Zhao Yinuo said mischievously.

“Okay, I won’t drink you two. The wedding wine is a meal you invite, and the meal is also good.”

Cui Jiawen couldn’t help but shine when he heard the food. Obviously, there is also a foodie.

“Ms. Cui, we didn’t bribe you here. We just had a meal.” Gu **** also said jokingly.


All of them laughed as they waited for Cui Jiawen to finish his work. After work, they also walked out of the classroom happily.

Gu **** specifically looked for it. The babysitter rushed to the babysitter last night and took good care of it, so Zhao Enuo didn’t worry about him. The baby would be noisy after eating with Cui Jiawen and chatted for a long time. do not.

Anyway, when we meet in the future, there will be too much time at this time.

Hearing that Gu **** and Zhao Yinuo even had children, Cui Jiawen was surprised that they joked that they were too fast.

When I returned to myself, Zhao Enuo was at home. The first time he went to see the child, he saw that the child was asleep, so Zhao Enuo also relaxed, because he watched the child lovingly for a while and came to the living room.

Shangguan Nana and Lynx had already returned home when they saw Zhao Enuo coming out. Shangguan Nana smiled and asked, “Sister-in-law, you are the one who reports. How are things going?”

“Very good, I also saw me when I was in college, and my good friends are now my class teacher!”

Zhao Enuo said with some sorrow.

“Wow, it’s such a coincidence, things you can meet are how small the world is!”

Shangguan Nana said in surprise.

Zhao Yinuo nodded and asked Shangguan Nana, “How are you doing, are you happy or not?”

“Don’t mention it.” Shangguan Nana pouted dissatisfiedly, “Some people are special soldiers, so they accompany me to stroll for three hours. The street is so tired that we can’t walk, so we had to find a place to eat. This product was about to go home to sleep. I was dragged by me for another two hours and then we came back.”

Some of the Bobcats spread their hands innocently. “What can I do if you girls go shopping and there are almost aliens? I really have no strength.”

On the side, Gu **** also nodded with some feelings, which obviously agreed with the Bobcats.

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