Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1625 by NovelsYou

Following Teacher Xiao Li all the way, Gu **** quickly helped Zhao Enuo complete the enrollment procedures.

As Zhao Enuo was unable to live on campus, the relevant procedures regarding accommodation were also completed with the help of Teacher Xiao Li.

After thanking the teacher, I went to Zhao Enuo next, and the class reported to the instructor.

According to the students on campus, the reminder was that the two had finally found Zhao Enuo’s class.

In the class, very few people report in today, and the day is when all the students leave after they have registered.

On the podium, it looked like a female teacher, and the woman looked down at the file.

When knocking on the door politely, Zhao Yinuo called out, “May I ask your teacher Cui?”

“Yes, yes I am yours”

On the podium, the woman raised her head when she heard the words, she was calm after seeing Zhao Enuo. For a moment, her face was suddenly replaced by surprise.

“Enoch! Really, you! Are you coming back to school again?”

Teacher Cui said happily.

“My report today, is the student your Cui Jiawen?”

Looking at something familiar in front of him, Zhao Enuo said with some uncertainty on his face.

“Yes, it’s me! At the beginning, I read the list of students, when I saw the name Zhao Enuo and thought of you, it was the only one I thought. The name is the one you can think of! Really, too! What a coincidence!”

Cui Jiawen hurried to Zhao Enuo, and wanted to take a good look at this old classmate for many years.

Cui Jiawen’s former Zhao Enuo class, the classmate was Zhao Enuo’s best at the time, and Sophie, who was a girlfriend, was the best except she was Cui Jiawen. My friend knew that Zhao Enuo was leaving at the time, it was Cui Jiawen. I cried for a long time.

“I don’t think you have become a teacher if you haven’t seen you for a few years.” Zhao Enuo said with some emotion.

Time flies like a silly ignorant, and girls are now teaching and educating others.

“Yes, after graduation, I chose to stay at Beicheng University and become a teacher. After all, this is what I have always wanted.

In the first year I became a class this year, the instructor did not expect to meet you. Cui Jiawen was full of emotions, “The world is really small because we actually met in this way.” ”

“By the way, Enoch is why you thought of coming back to school again? I remember that when you left, I was so sad that I cried.”

Facing himself, the old classmate Cui Jiawen also put away his usual teacher, and looked like the lively and lovely girl before.

“I was unable to complete my studies because of some things. I have always been regretful. In order to make up for this regret and to continuously improve and improve myself, I chose to return to Beicheng to continue school. Jiawen It’s you, the teacher, but you have to take care of me.”

Zhao Yinuo said to Cui Jiawen by sticking out his tongue playfully.

“Don’t worry, my instructor can’t do nothing for nothing.”

Cui Jiawen said proudly. Both of them laughed.

“By the way, Enoch is how you have been in the past few years. Who is coming with you this time, huh? If you have a boyfriend, please tell me.”

Cui Jiawen usually asks Zhao Yinuo’s questions, because she can tell that she is really, and the latter has a very good relationship.

“Garvin is that I am married, and you know me, my husband.”

After seeing it for many years, the old friend Zhao Enuo also had the slightest concealment, meaning that he told it truthfully.

“Gu **** is coming in quickly to meet us, old classmate.”

When I checked in, Zhao Enuo entered alone. It was this time in the classroom. Gu **** was standing outside looking at the scenery.

Hearing Zhao Enuo’s cry, Gu Wangye strode into the classroom.

“Wow Enoch is your husband! This is not the case when our school was fascinated by thousands of young girls, the great man, Gu Forget!”

It was a surprise to see that Gu **** was Cui Jiawen and said loudly.

“It turns out that the two of you are envious of others. The college couples don’t think it’s really a big deal now that they are both married. The happy event is that I am really happy for you!”

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