Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1624 by NovelsYou

“Come on today to let you know what an outsider is. A person outside the sky is the sky outside the sky.”

Gu **** calmly said to the boy.

“Don’t be afraid that the wind will flash your tongue.”

Indifferent to Gu ****, it was the boy who shot the opening ball directly.

Gu Wangye picked up the basketball and shot it outside the three-point line.

Possibly, playing for too long was because Gu **** had an opening ball and didn’t score.

The boy looked dismissive as if he had already won.

“If you lose, it’s me first.”

The boy said proudly.

It was Gu Wangye who walked to the top of the arc with the ball and smiled slightly to show a defensive posture.

The boy confidently picked up the ball to prepare for a breakthrough, but after a few dribbles, Gu Forgetting quickly took the ball out of his hand.

Looking at Gu **** with a smile and eyes, the boy said unconvincedly, “Huh, it’s a fluke that you took the ball out of it, but it’s coming again.”

What Gu Wangzhe said was dribbling the ball silently. It was staring at the boy, it was a rapid change, and it passed in an instant. The boy was able to make a layup.

The boy said nothing to be more focused on defense.

Also, in one round, Gu **** turned around and changed direction. The boy still didn’t react. It was Gu **** already. After passing, he was again. A relaxed layup was Gu ****’s direct score.

In the third round, after Gu **** received the ball, a three-pointer outside the three-point line was “brushed” and a basketball hit the net with a sound.

The boy constricted his face with arrogance because he seemed to see the gap between himself and Gu ****, and he was still unwilling to defend with all his strength.

In the fourth round, Gu ****, a boy who accelerated and passed directly, rushed directly to the basket and dunked, which caused waves of cheers from the surrounding spectators.

A few minutes later, Gu **** had already scored ten goals in a row. Ten to zero won the game directly.

Looking straight at Gu ****, the boy was silent.

After a while, the boy said, “I lost, but I will continue to train hard to defeat you.

Yes I will definitely continue to challenge you there! ”

Seeing the boy, someone who can afford to put it down is Gu Wangye, and nodded with appreciation, “I am waiting for you to have a challenge.”

After saying this, Gu **** turned around and returned to Zhao Yinuo’s side. He took Zhao Yinuo’s hand and left the basketball court.

Seeing Gu **** and Zhao Yinuo two people gradually walking away, there are figures standing aside. The boys and girls are full of unwillingness, but there is no way that the two are like gods and relatives to make them feel ashamed.

There was too much hesitation because the two of them walked directly towards the registration office.

Although Zhao Enuo, a sophomore has a student, but there is a freshman program to go, and there is to go.

“Gu **** is a family, no matter what, if you grow up with a child, you can let others have a family, isn’t it? It’s ugly.”

Seeing that Gu **** was sympathetic to Zhao Enuo for the challenge, he had a boy just now. This time there was a heads-up challenge for him. It is estimated that he will be depressed for a long time.

“Then it doesn’t matter who told him to beat my wife, it would be embarrassing to be hit if he has an idea. Find it yourself.”

Gu **** smiled and said, “But that young man is not bad. At least he is upright and can afford to put it down, because he himself will definitely become stronger and stronger.”

Although they were still on both sides at this time, some of the boys and girls pointed at them but they did not come forward to strike up a conversation. Some of them, Gu **** and Zhao Enuo, were also happy.

There was a road map along the school, and the two quickly found the freshman registration place where they saw someone in charge of the registration.

“Two of you, Mr. Gu and Ms. Zhao, it’s me. Principal Zhang specially sent me to arrange check-in for you. If someone is you, call me Xiao Li.”

Seeing that the two of Gu **** came over, a man smiled and stood up and said.

“If you think that Principal Zhang is so polite, it will trouble you. It’s Teacher Li.”

Gu **** smiled and nodded to Xiao Li and said politely.

“Mr. Gu said if you have anything to say, the two of you should come with me.”

Xiao Li responded with a smile and led the way.

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