Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1623 by NovelsYou

“What are you talking about is standing next to her boyfriend, so you can give up!”

When a group of boys saw Zhao Enuo, it was as if they had seen the goddess in their hearts. They lost their usual high and cold low-key appearance.

The two of them talked and laughed and walked towards the basketball court in the direction of Zhao Yinuo. They found that there were a lot of people around him. Duo has already calmed down.

The two who walked all the way to the basketball court found a place to sit down and watched the figures active in basketball, full of memories in their hearts.

However, this goodness is that time has passed before it is destroyed by people who don’t know what it is.

“Hey, the one who is sitting is the one. Do you dare to play heads-up with me? Someone will lose. I want to ask you to have a meal with a girl next to you.”

A tall and handsome boy walked up to Gu **** and Zhao Yinuo and said provocatively.

Obviously, this boy is very fond of Zhao Enuo, but Zhao Enuo has a good impression on him. Gu ****’s boy is unwilling to give up and wants to try this way.

It must be placed in the past to behave in such a provocation. Gu Wangyou will never pay attention to it. Yes, the strength is that people never provoked like this. He also disdains this behavior.

But now I have returned to what I used to be a university. I miss the past, the youthfulness is the result of time, and the enthusiasm is impulse.

He doesn’t blame the young boy in front of him for being so provocative. In his opinion, there is only one innocent boy who is a big boy.

Gu **** felt very moved and agreed.

“Okay, I can promise to fight you heads-up, but there are girls beside me. You can’t win and you can’t take it away.”

Gu **** felt his blood boiled and said word by word.

“Whoever loses and who wins is not necessarily true!” The boy said unconvinced. “I like this girl next to you. I hope that a fair competition is an opportunity, even if I fail, I will convince myself.”

Boys are upright and honest. They are like the ones who dare to love and hate, and they are happy if they are wrong.

“Don’t talk nonsense, come on, you decide the rules.”

No, Gu **** said more seriously with a face.

He can experience it again now that he was a lush years in college.

“The rule is very simple one-on-one duel. Whoever advances ten goals has the winner.”

The boy raised his head proudly. Although the man in front of him was very stressful, he was full of confidence when it came to playing basketball.

As the most popular player in the school basketball team, he has won all kinds of honors, big and small, and he is full of confidence in defeating the man in front of him.

However, his confidence is about to be broken today. Gu ****’s football skills have reached the point of proficiency in college.

Since becoming a special soldier, his physical fitness has also improved by leaps and bounds.

Intrepid is physical and technical, Gu **** feels that he has worked hard even in the face of professional players.

“Come on then.”

After hearing this, Gu **** also stood up confidently and took off his suit jacket and handed it to Zhao Enuo.

“Dear, yes, I will be back soon.”

Gu ****, who left a kiss affectionately on Zhao Enuo’s face, vowed to say.

Gu ****’s actions made the boy on the opposite side angry, but he didn’t. He had no choice but to gritted his teeth secretly and wanted to insult Gu **** during the game.

“Well, you have to hurry up, I’ll be waiting for you here.”

Like Zhao Enuo, who knew what Gu **** meant, also said to Gu **** affectionately.

“Stop talking nonsense and come here.”

Looking at Gu **** and Zhao Yinuo, the boy who looked like you, I, and I were so uncomfortable to say aloud, and ignored the two of them and walked onto the court.

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