Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1621 by NovelsYou

The reason is very simple. She really can’t rest assured that their family of three is going so far away.

I’ve long been used to holding my grandson every day. What should I do if I miss my grandson and I haven’t seen it for so long.

In the end, Gu **** and Zhao Yinuo were both arrogant, and only then did Gu’s mother accept this fact and cried.

After saying goodbye to Gu’s father and mother, the two got into the car and drove straight to the city.

Shangguan Nana and Lynx had already been in the car at this time, Zhao Yinuo went to the city to go to school. It was such a big thing that they had to follow it to see if it was.

And because the bobcat, who was far away in the city, went to return this time, the one tasked was to take turns as the driver with Gu ****.

The time when a few people talked and laughed along the way also passed unconsciously.

Waving goodbye to the previous life, a new life begins like this.

Zhao Enuo, who was very happy along the way, thought that he was going to go to school soon, but Zhao Enuo was so excited to pay it back, a little uneasy.

“Gu forget that I am those new classmates who are five or six years younger than me. Will they laugh at me for being older?”

Zhao Enuo asked Gu **** worriedly.

I don’t have the naive and innocent girl who was a girl, and now she is not only a woman, but also a child. What if those new classmates treat her with strange eyes?

“Don’t worry, you still look the same as before and you won’t look older than them when you are with those little girls. Besides, college students getting married and having children is now a very common thing in college, and they won’t just because of this. You can rest assured that you are looking at something strange about you.”

I have to say that Gu **** said that these are very reasonable.

Now the university is very open. Not only is it the most common thing to fall in love, but it is also normal to get married and have children at the university.

Although Zhao Yinuo has been away from university for five or six years, her skin is even better than those little girls. Plus, she is beautiful and exquisite. She has a face. In the university, there is definitely a school flower among the goddess of the school flower is a goddess .

No matter when Gu **** is talking, Zhao Enuo feels that he is not so nervous when he listens to Zhao Enuo’s peace of mind. The only thing left is that he is looking forward to his university life.

“Yes, my sister-in-law, I dare to guarantee that there are those boys in the university who will be crazy when I see you. Or if you hold the baby and pay him back, such a handsome husband and I will bear my girl. I can’t help being jealous!”

Shangguan Nana also squeezed Zhao Yinuo’s white and tender skin with admiration and said with full praise.

“Just praise me if you can talk, you don’t have a big beauty for whatever it is.”

Shangguan Nana said that Zhao Enuo felt more happy when she heard it, and at the same time she humbly replied.

Gu **** and Lynx glanced at each other. They also understood each other’s meaning from the eyes of each other. Seeing these two flattering to each other as women, they couldn’t help but laughed bitterly.

The complex thing about women is creatures.

Ten hours is the journey, and the four people are chatting. The few people who passed by unconsciously finally came to the city. The few people who got off the bus first found a hotel and had a big meal. Ten hours only had simple food. Several people who had some snacks had them, and some were starving.

After eating, the few people sat contentedly for a while and then went straight to Gu **** to buy a house in the market.

“Wow, the rich people are different, they just stayed here for a while and bought such a good house.”

Looking at the small bungalow in front of him, the lynx said sourly.

“Yes, boss, you are too, you are too rich, you have to spend money like a lynx, if you can do it, I am thankful that you are half of the atmosphere!”

Shangguan Nana also looked at Gu **** with admiration.

“Hey, hey, this is too much, when did I get stingy with you!”

Lynx protested loudly with some dissatisfaction with Shangguan Nana.

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