Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1620 by NovelsYou

After the greeting, President Zhang asked directly.

“There are indeed things that want to trouble Principal Zhang.” Gu **** smiled.

“What’s the matter, just say that you have made so many contributions to our school, and that we can help you, and we are very happy.”

Principal Zhang also laughed. He was very happy that he was able to help Gu Wangyou.

“My wife Zhao Yinuo had her once, one of our students at Beicheng University had only one, and she had to suspend school to treat the illness when she was seriously ill. She still cannot finish her studies. She now wants to return to Beicheng University. Do you know if you can help her realize this wish after completing the unfinished school again.”

Gu **** said it very tactfully, with a pleading tone. In fact, he also knew that Principal Zhang would definitely help.

“Hey, yes, I thought that there is a big deal. If you want your wife to come back to school, if you have such a thing, you can just speak up. If there is any, it would be embarrassing. Don’t worry, I will arrange to have you right away. His wife will be back for class soon.”

Principal Zhang warmly said that it is a good thing for him to make Gu **** owe him a favor.

“By the way, Xiao Gu has your wife, and if you dropped out of school when you were a senior, I immediately contacted the relevant teachers.” Principal Zhang continued.

“Then I will trouble Principal Zhang.” Gu **** said thankfully. “My wife left school in her sophomore year before.”

“Fortunately, I will arrange it now, but Xiao Gu, ah, with you, this thing is not right. How can you not notify me if you get married? Yes, no, look down on someone Zhang.”

Principal Zhang pretended to be dissatisfied.

“President Zhang, here is what I said. I’m afraid that you were too busy at the time to inform you that it was so. Maybe Enoch and I will invite you to dinner another day to make amends.”

No one knows what kind of person Gu **** has ever heard. He knows what he is thinking when he hears Principal Zhang say this.

“Haha, if you have a good one, then that’s it.”

A few days later, there was a message from Beicheng University asking Zhao Yinuo to return to school before the start of school.

In the past few days, Zhao Enuo has been looking forward to hearing the news about Beicheng University. Therefore, after Gu Forgetting received this information, he also informed Zhao Enuo as soon as possible.

“Enoch has Principal Zhang and said that he will let you go back to school before the start of school and prepare to go back to school again.”

“Wow, it’s great, and I can finally finish my studies!”

Hearing Gu ****’s words, Zhao Yinuo happily danced and said, “I’m going to prepare things now!”

“I don’t have to worry about preparing things and wait for me to go back with us.”

For fear that Zhao Yinuo would forget this and that, there would be Gu forgotten, and said.

“Fortunately, Chen Hao is also waking up, and I have to take care of him, and I will be at home waiting for you to come back.”

Through the phone, I kissed Gu **** sweetly, and Zhao Enuo hung up the phone.

After Gu **** returned home, together with Zhao Enuo, he prepared all the necessities to be used in school.

It’s easy to pack things. There is only difficulty. What should children do with them?

When you can’t go to class, take your child to the classroom. Yes, what should I do if the child cries?

Judging from the current situation, Zhao Enuo lives in the dormitory. It is impossible. Gu **** bought a house next to Beicheng University. Normally, the family of three lives in the house and found one. Experienced babysitters take care of children and take care of household chores.

And Gu **** can only act as Zhao Enuo’s driver to take Zhao Enuo to and from class.

With all this prepared, Gu **** and Zhao Yinuo were ready to bid farewell to their father and mother.

After Beicheng University was in a city far away from the city, they wanted to meet each other, and they had no choice but to do it on the weekend when Zhao Yinuo was a class or during the holiday.

Before leaving, it was fortunate that there was Gu’s father who had expressed great support for Zhao Enuo’s desire to go back to study again, but Gu’s mother was blushing when she parted.

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