Never Late, Never Away Chapter: 1619 by NovelsYou

The story of Cinderella and Prince Charming is very romantic. No one knows how realistic it is.

Seeing what Zhao Enuo looks like now, Gu **** knows that she thinks too much. There is this silly girl and old, who likes to have trouble with herself.

Taking Zhao Enoch into his arms, Gu **** said distressedly, “Enoch has you, no, I think too much. How many times have I told you that there is someone I love, do you have any, you His identity, background and education. Besides, how do others think about it? Is it really important to us? As long as we truly love each other, then they are just blessings and admiration for us. There are so many prejudices. ”

Gu ****’s words were full of tenderness. After listening to Gu ****’s words, Zhao Enuo’s own thoughts were gradually suppressed.

When a woman thinks a lot, she has her beloved person to say the same thing, which can play the most important and effective role.

“I know what you mean. I am sure about not being able to complete my studies. I am full of regrets. The background and identity are all given by my parents. I can get things like academic qualifications. I’m biased but I lose this. Chance.”

Speaking of this, Zhao Enuo is lamenting the fairness of fate, and he has to lose as much as he gains.

“No, it’s so frustrating after college.”

Seeing that Zhao Yinuo had such a situation, Gu **** directly expressed his own thoughts, “Since you want to finish your studies, then we will go back to finish university.”

“What did you say?”

After listening to Gu ****’s words, Zhao Enuo didn’t react for a while and said, “Go back to school? Is this really possible?”

“What’s wrong with this? As long as you want, we can go back and finish school anytime.”

Gu **** firmly said to Zhao Yinuo.

In the process of going to university, there are many students who suspend or drop out for some reasons, and many of them return to campus to complete their studies after solving the problems. This kind of thing is normal in Gu ****’s view.

“Then you knew it could be so, why didn’t you tell me earlier.”

Zhao Enuo’s mood improved in an instant. Many thought that Gu Wangming knew this was the case but didn’t tell him, and suddenly asked with dissatisfaction.

“I don’t know that you have always been brooding about this matter.” Gu **** yelled, “Yes, if I knew you were like this, I must have let you go back to school a long time ago.”

“Even if I said it before, it’s impossible to return to school early because so many things have happened before.”

Thinking that he could continue to fulfill the dream he once had, Zhao Yinuo even smiled brightly.

Also, there are too many things that have happened before, and then Zhao Enuo is even more pregnant, but now everything has been resolved. Zhao Enuo can finally calm down and enjoy it, but enjoy it. End of college time.

“Since you have always wanted to go to school, let’s prepare early and go there in a few days.”

Going back to school is simple and feasible, but the procedures are still complicated. Some tedious procedures need to be handled.

However, Gu **** didn’t think that after all, money can make ghosts grind. No matter if you put it back in the past, it still works now.

Gu ****, who has graduated from Beicheng University, has contributed a lot to the construction and development of the school after graduation, and has long become a man of the North.

After a phone call, Gu **** simply contacted the president of Beicheng University.

“Hey, may I ask you, who?”

After Gu **** made the call, a mature and steady man’s voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Principal Zhang has me, does Gu **** know if you still remember me?” Gu **** said politely.

“I think, who has the original, how can I not remember you if Xiao Gu has me.”

Hearing the caller’s phone call, Principal Zhang’s voice became more cordial.

“Xiao Gu, what’s the matter with you calling me this time?”

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