My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 891

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 891

Chapter 891 Nicole went into the kitchen, picked what Jared liked to eat, and quickly cooked it. About half an hour later, Jared‘s car pulled into the villa. 

Seeing the lights on inside the villa , Jared knew Nicole was back. He walked into the house, but there was no sign of Nicole. 

“That‘s odd. She clearly said she would wait for me. Why is no one here?” It was only when he continued to walk inside that he heard sounds in the kitchen. 

Letting out a smug smile, he reached to push open the kitchen door and quietly approached Nicole before hugging her tightly from behind. 

“Yikes.” Nicole was so focused on cooking that she did not even hear Jared‘s footsteps. It startled her when he hugged her from behind. 

“When did you get back without even making a sound?” Nicole snapped. 

“I just got back. Are you cooking for me?” Jared asked, still hugging her. 

“What do you think? If you don‘t let go of me, you won‘t have any dinner.” 

“Are you threatening me?” Jared spoke softly into her ear. 

“Okay, go wash your hands. Dinner is about to be ready.” Nicole could not stand his teasing anymore and turned around to push him out. 

At the table, Jared picked up the cutlery and happily dug in. Seeing Nicole not eating, he asked, “Why aren‘t you eating?” 

“I ate when I was back in the Riddle Mansion. These dishes are made especially for you.” Nicole was happy to see him eat the food she had made. 

“Okay. What time are you going tomorrow? Do you need me to send a car to drive you there?” 

“It is okay. Mr. Harmon will send a car to pick me up tomorrow.” 

“How‘s your deal with Aegis Corporation going?” Jared suddenly remembered and asked. 

“The project is on track. It is just…” Nicole hesitated. 

“What‘s wrong? Are you running into problems?” Jared saw something in Nicole‘s expression. 

“I went to see Sean the other day, and he said a supplier had delayed shipment of materials, and the work had to pause,” Nicole said. Jared put down his cutlery and thought for a moment. “It is reasonable to assume that suppliers won‘t delay shipment unless someone is offering them a higher price. 

“You mean someone is sabotaging us?” Nicole looked at  him. 

Jared nodded and looked at her. “It is possible because there is no shortage of materials internationally right now. There are plenty of materials, and the only one holding back on supply is Riddle Corporation‘s supplier. So you can see that something is amiss.” 

Jared had given Nicole a hint. 

“I got it now.” Nicole looked at him with a serious face. 

“The meal was yummy. What do you want as a reward?” Jared teased. 

Nicole thought about it. “Take a day off.” She did not want him to work that hard. 

“A day off? Haven‘t you been taking the last few days off? ” Jared thought Nicole wanted to take a day off. “I’m talking about you.” Nicole pointed at him. 

“Me?” Jared let out a long breath. 

“I won‘t be as busy as I was before, and I can take a break anytime I want. It is just that you‘re in school, and I‘m bored with my break, so I might as well do something at  the office.” It turned out that he did not take a break –––because he did not have her company. 

“I didn‘t know that. We will have exams soon, and then I  will be able to spend every day with you.” Nicole walked over to Jared and put her hands on his shoulders. 

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