My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 890

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 890

Chapter 890 “Is that okay?” Norah looked over at her with a delighted expression. 

“Of course. You‘re my goddaughter.” Gloria assured her. 


Daniel cleared his throat to remind Gloria, who immediately looked at him. After seeing his expression, she hurriedly turned her eyes to Nicole. “Is it okay to bring an extra person tomorrow?” 

Nicole had long guessed what Norah was up to. She had been planning this from the beginning , and Gloria had walked right into it, becoming her tool. 

Mom, it‘s our first time going to Mr. Harmon‘s house. It is not good and proper to bring someone he doesn‘t know to see him without his permission.” Nicole was worried about Norah getting her into trouble. 

“Mr. Harmon didn‘t invite Sean either, yet you still ask him to tag along. So why can‘t Norah?” Gloria argued for Norah. 

“Sean has met Mr. Harmon before, and he is the head of the project. That is why I have suggested Sean go with me to promote cooperation between the two families. Even Steve didn‘t get to go, let alone others.” Nicole would 

never let Norah tag along. 

Since Nicole had said so, Gloria knew she should not push her too much and turned to look at Norah helplessly. 

“It‘s okay, Mom. Nicole is right. It is not appropriate to go without an invitation .” Norah sounded as if she was understanding, making Nicole seem petty. Nicole could not stand watching Norah pretend in front of her and got to her feet. “Mom, Dad, I‘m done eating. I‘m leaving now.” 

“You have just finished eating, and you‘re leaving? It‘s windy outside,” Gloria said with concern. 

“It‘s okay, bye. Tomorrow at nine in the morning,” Nicole said and left. 

“Norah, could you help me pick what I should wear tomorrow?” Gloria looked at her with a smile. “You look good in anything. I will just do the matching for you later.” Norah took the opportunity to butter Gloria up. 

Daniel‘s mood had long since left with Nicole, and he wondered if Nicole had really eaten well, as Norah and Gloria kept talking endlessly and giving Nicole trouble. 

It was only after she left the Riddle Mansion that Nicole felt more at ease. She did not expect Norah to have the cheek to go to Mr. Harmon‘s house. In her eyes, Norah was too hubristic. 

She drove to Jared‘s villa. The light was off in the house, so she knew Jared was not back yet. She walked in and said, “Binqa, turn on the lights.” Binga was the newly installed smart–home virtual assistant. 

The lights came on, and Nicole walked over to the couch, then sat down, put her backpack down, and sent a message to Jared. 

(What time will you be back?] 

(You‘re back at the villa?) 

(Yes. Let me know before you come back.] 

(About 8.00 pm.] 

[Okay.) Nicole looked at her watch; there was still some time left. 

Sitting on the sofa was boring, and she did not want to watch a movie, either. So she took out her laptop, continuously tinkering with it to study the job again. She was adamant about finding some useful clues. 

Her phone rang, and she picked it up. It was Zeke calling. 

“Nicole, I found some clues. The company for this job seems to be a tech company, nothing special.” Zeke had not figured out what the value of this company was after looking it up for some time. 

“A tech company?” Nicole was deep in thought. 

“Keep looking. I will contact you tomorrow when I‘m free. “She then hung up. 

She looked at the time; it was time to go prepare the meal. Nicole wanted Jared to go home and eat the meal  she had cooked for him after a long day of work. 

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