My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 889

My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 889

Chapter 889 Gloria hurriedly pulled her back. “What‘s the hurry? Stay for dinner, and then only go.” 

Since she last reprimanded Nicole at school, Gloria clearly felt that her relationship with Nicole was drifting apart little by little because of Norah. 

Nicole gave up upon seeing her mother‘s reluctance to see her go. “Okay.” 

Gloria and Daniel breathed a sigh of relief and smiled in unison. 

She sat in the middle of the couch with Nicole on her left and Norah on her right. 

“Norah, has school been preparing for finals lately?” Gloria asked with concern. 

“Yeah, now I‘m studying and doing mock–up questions every day. It‘s killing me.” Norah complained. 

‘‘That‘s tiring. Do you want to take a day off to rest?” Gloria was afraid that the pressure would be too much and wear Norah out. 

“I have taken a day off and want to go out tomorrow to unwind,” Norah said, seemingly unintentionally, but her eyes glanced at Nicole. 

“Mom, is Sean going with you to Mr. Harmon‘s house tomorrow?” Norah asked. 

“Sean? I didn‘t hear he was going.” Gloria glanced back at Nicole. 

“Oh, I told Sean about it. Since he is in charge of the Aegis Corporation project, he should build rapport with Mr. Harmon.” Nicole explained. 

Gloria nodded her head. “That‘s great. He can get to know Mr. Harmon, and it will make things easier next time.” 

“Mom, is Mr. Harmon someone powerful? I see everyone respects him a lot,” Norah asked Gloria curiously. 

“Mr. Harmon is the CEO of Aegis Corporation, so, of course, he is powerful. But as to exactly how powerful he is, I‘ve never seen it. Only Nicole has seen him.” Gloria did not know how to describe Scott as a whole. 

“Nicole, since you‘ve met Mr. Harmon, can you tell us about him?” Norah, driven by curiosity, asked Nicole. 

“There‘s nothing to tell. I don‘t know him well.” 

Norah did not give up. “Even if you don‘t know him well, you‘ve at least met him. We haven‘t met him, so you can tell your parents about him in advance.” 

Norah used her parents as an excuse, and now Nicole could not refuse. But she really had nothing to say; she was really not familiar with Mr. Harmon. Nicole sighed 

helplessly. As long as Norah was here, she would not stop. 

“Mom, Dad, I have only met Mr. Harmon once at the tender venue. The impression I got was one of authority but not intimidating,” Nicole said. 

“It‘s okay. Tomorrow we will get to know each other. Just be mindful of what you say and treat things as normal.” Daniel said, coming to Nicole‘s rescue. Otherwise, Norah would still ask endless questions. 

With that, they chatted on the couch for a while longer. Mostly it was Norah talking to Gloria while Daniel and Nicole watched TV on the other side. 

During dinner, Norah kept thinking about Nicole‘s invitation to Mr. Harmon‘s house tomorrow. So she found something to say to Gloria. “What time will you be back tomorrow? I will be waiting for you at home.” “Well, I‘m not sure about that. You don‘t have to wait for us. Go hang out with your classmates,” Gloria said. 

“Have you forgotten? I‘m taking a day off tomorrow, and all my classmates are at school. So there‘s no one to keep me company.” Norah sounded as if she was lonely. 

“Aah, my memory fails me. So you will be home by yourself tomorrow. I thought you were going out with your classmates.” 

“Yeah, if you guys come back late tomorrow, I guess I will be home alone all day,” Norah said with a sad look on her face. 

Gloria saw it and could not bring herself to leave Norah alone at home. “It‘s not like you can take a day off evertime. Being at home alone is too lonely. I will see what I can do.” 

Suddenly Gloria thought of an idea and looked at Norah.” Why don‘t you go with us tomorrow so you won‘t be alone?” 

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