My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 1020

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Chapter 1020

“The prices of the raw materials now are ridiculously high, and he will of course have a hard time finding major suppliers.”

Jared knew the market like the back of his hand.


Nicole seemed to have thought of something and looked at Jared with a surprised look.

“You have the raw materials, and Martin could have asked you to work with him.Why did I just think of that?”

Nicole sighed at her slow wit.

“You just said you weren’t busy this afternoon.Do you want me to contact Martin and we can meet somewhere to talk with him?”

Helping Martin was helping herself.

Only when The Beacon was in production could Zane’s organization use it to fight against The Raven better.

“Why not?”


for help, so he did not

and he felt it was


phone and dialed Martin’s

still out there looking for

“Yeah, what’s up, Nicole?”

“Have you found any?”

saw several of them this morning, and they were all booked out of raw materials.So, I still have to

Martin sighed dejectedly.

to introduce

rain after

“Sure.Which company is it?”

see you at Blue Whale

phone and

“Let’s go.”



and waved to

Martin waved his hand back at her, and then he spotted someone he knew.


“Sorry to keep you waiting?”

Nicole and Jared walked over and sat down.

“It’s okay.I have just arrived.”

Martin shot a glance at Jared, then back at Nicole.

“I don’t think I need to introduce you two again.” Nicole said.


Martin was still a bit unnatural to see Jared.

Jared nodded.

Knowing Martin was an introvert, he took the lead to speak.

“Dr.Wyance, I heard The Beacon is ready for mass production, right?”

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