My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 1017

Chapter 1017

“Henry, why can you still not keep your cool when encountering problems at your age? You need to learn to control your emotions, ” Mr.Johnston Sr. said.


Henry did not dare to say more, since he had said what he wanted to say.

“Are you going to stay for lunch?”

Mr.Johnston effect, told him he should leave when it was all said and done.

“No, the company still has a lot of things waiting for me to deal with.”

“Oh, then you get busy.”

Henry respectfully left.

At the office, Castor was still anxiously waiting for Henry’s return.As Henry pushed open the office door from outside, Castor immediately got up.

Jared willing to


down furiously in his

we do? We can’t get that money back now that we embezzled it, and we will be done for if

Castor was completely discomposed.

serious things are?” Henry chided.He was more

easing up a bit, Henry looked

give so much raw materials to others for nothing, he will definitely get mad at Jared, and then he will have to send

print out a copy of Jared’s account of the raw materials that were transferred out and send it to

about that.I reckon the family butler has already shown all the information

up in a

him.Mr.Johnston Sr.said nothing

the living room, Jared sat in the right-hand seat and looked

it about,

of the company to


Mr.Johnston Sr., wondering

“How is the company doing now?”

“According to the quarterly financial statement, the company’s earnings have doubled from the same period last year,” Jared said matter-of-factly.He felt at ease now that it was for this reason that his grandfather called him over.

“I knew I entrusted the right person.The company is indeed doing better in your hands.”

Mr.Johnston Sr.praised him.

“It is mainly because you have laid a solid foundation early on.”

Jared was modest and did not take credit for it.

“There is something I want to get to know about.”

“What is it?”

“I heard you gave Martin a batch of raw materials from your company for free.Is there such a thing?”

Mr.Johnston Sr.looked at him with an expressionless face.

“It seems that someone has said something about me in front of you.But it is okay.This is something I was going to tell you after it had taken off, but it is also okay to tell you now.Here is the thing: Nicole approached me earlier and said that Martin was developing an advanced medical device, but he lacked raw materials and asked if I was interested in investing in it.After listening to her description, I thought it was an excellent product, so I gave Martin the raw materials for free, as an investment for his product.”

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