My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 1014

Chapter 1014

Nicole doubted what Norah said.

Recalling what happened the other day and studying Norah’s current behavior.

Norah was clearly deceiving Gloria and is trying to leech off the Riddle family.

On the day the incident occurred, Nicole had walked past the inpatient unit when she remembered that Norah’s parents had been injured.

Afterall, Norah’s parents were okay, so she went to the service counter and asked about them.

The nurse on duty told Nicole that Norah’s parents could be discharged, but their family did not agree, saying they were afraid of the after-effects and insisted on letting the two stay in the hospital for observation.

“Nicole, I think I saw you at the hospital the other day.Did you go to the hospital the other day?”

Norah’s voice jolted Nicole out of her thoughts.

“Yeah.What is wrong?”

“I saw you and Dr.Wyance.You two seem to be very close.”

There was nothing wrong with this statement, but Norah’s tone could be easily misunderstood.

Nicole as

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puzzlement, wondering if it was because of what Norah ;

ask you before.But since Norah has mentioned it, I will ask: what is your relationship with Dr.Wyance?”

Martin and I are just friends.” Nicole looked at

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understood Gloria must be

Sebastian’s son, as you all know.Besides that, he is an incredibly good medical doctor.The reason I have been in contact

was relieved after hearing Nicole’s explanation.He knew Nicole would do nothing that

you? Do you want me to

reciprocating Norah’s deliberate action of

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had heard that Martin was an experimental

your parents seem to have

instantly, her eyes moving in their sockets before she looked

stay in the hospital for observation.I actually hope they can be discharged

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the same as what you said.The nurse at the hospital said that your parents could have been discharged, and

exposing her.She did not want to see Gloria continue to be fooled

misheard.If they could be

Norah was sophomoric and refused to admit it.

Daniel looked at Norah with suspicion.

Nicole looked at Norah and smiled.

Since Norah did not admit it, she would just help her to the end.

“It is okay.I have an acquaintance at the hospital.I will make a phone call to reconfirm it for you.If they can really be discharged from the hospital, that is a good thing, too.”

Nicole was about to make a phone call when Norah stopped her.

“Don’t bother.I’m going to the hospital tomorrow.If they are really ready to be discharged, that will be really great.I can just do the discharge paperwork for them and take them home.”

“Okay.Then I won’t ask for you.”

Nicole did not believe that she could not manage Norah.She had just exposed Norah with a few words and made Norah offer to go to the hospital and bring back her parents.

“Where are you living now after you return from abroad? How about moving back in?”

Gloria asked Nicole, digressing from the topic.

She was hoping that Nicole would come back to live with her so that the family could be together again.

Nicole glanced at Norah.

“No.I’m mostly at the Sea View Villa with my grandma.Besides, there are already three at home that need your care, so I won’t be back to cause more trouble.”

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