My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 1013

Chapter 1013

“Over on the phone earlier you mentioned that you wanted to be involved in the manned flying car project.Does your grandfather know about this?”

Nicole knew Harvey was one of the more brilliant next-generation successors in the family.But at present, Mr.Ellison still held a large part of the power in the Ellison family.

“He knew.After returning home, it was the first thing I told him.He has not agreed to it, but there are nine out of ten chances that he will agree.”

Harvey was still confident.He knew his grandfather’s keen business sense, and his grandfather could tell how good the future prospects of this project would be.

“That means your grandfather hasn’t made his position clear yet.”

Nicole saw it thoroughly, but she also knew that Mr.Ellison would not want to miss such a fantastic project.

“I have a feeling we will have some news soon, and when the time comes, I hope you can put in a good word for us in front of Mr.Harmon so that Ellison Group can have a chance to get involved.”

Harvey looked at Nicole ingratiatingly.

The manned flying car project was a massive project in recent years.

Nicole knew that Scott’s seminar was an open call for capital, and that he would not refuse capable companies to join.

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I’m home.” Nicole called out to the people sitting

“You’re back, Nicole?”

Daniel was happy to see her.He had heard that she had gone abroad and did not know that she had come back.

Norah saw Nicole and smiled as usual.But Nicole feigned as if she did not see her.

“Where are Spencer and Samuel?”

“I think they’re resting upstairs.” Gloria said hesitantly.

“Mom, Dad, how have you guys been?”

Nicole walked over and sat on one side, looking at them with concern.

“We’re great.We just haven’t seen you in a long time and miss you a bit.”

Gloria had deeply missed Nicole and said what was on her mind.

“I have come back to see you, haven’t I? Just call me when you miss me next time.” Nicole suddenly looked at Norah.

“Have your parents gotten better?”

“Much better, and they are still recovering.Godmom and I visit them at the hospital almost every day.”

Norah was quick-witted in her reply, fearing that Nicole would take advantage of the opportunity to chase her out of the Riddle family.

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