My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 998 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 998

However, it was only April, and the temperature in Jiangbei was already very high. Beautiful women in shorts and skirts can be seen everywhere on the street, adding another beautiful scenery to the already beautiful Jiangbei.
The new product release meeting of the internationally renowned brand JL clothing was selected this year in the beautiful and enthusiastic city of Jiangbei.
The reason is because Jiangbei has been leading the world’s clothing trends in recent years. Recently, many outstanding international designers have come out of Jiangbei.
As soon as the news that JL Company intends to come to Jiangbei to hold a new product release meeting was released, major merchants in Jiangbei extended their olive branches to JL and tried their best to fight for sponsorship opportunities.
In recent years, JL company has become synonymous with quality assurance. Being able to cooperate with this company can not only make money, but also earn a good reputation. Of course, everyone wants to get a little bit of good things that can kill two birds with one stone.
Therefore, preparations for this new product launch meeting went very smoothly. Not only was it selected a good position, but it was also sponsored by several prestigious companies.
The release date is today, and Jian Ran came to the scene early in the morning to start preparations. Of course, besides her, there is another person in charge-Ling Feiyu.
Jane had almost nothing to worry about about the release meeting. Her main job is to draw the ideas in her mind on the design draft, which is what everyone calls a designer.
Ling Feiyu has experience in company management and promotion, so she is still responsible for it.
In particular, Ling Feiyu is bold in nature and knows how to advance and retreat, which has made a great contribution to the promotion of JL Company’s ability.
As early as many years ago, Jian Ran and Ling Feiyu were one in charge of design and the other in charge of operation and management. The combination of the two created a different spark.
Later, Jian Ran’s design works became more and more famous internationally, so she had the idea to start a business together with Ling Feiyu.
Ling Feiyu, besides his family, the most distressed person in this life is Jian Ran… If she insists on comparing, Jian Ran’s position in her heart may be higher than Cheng Xuyang.
For this, Cheng Xuyang became angry with Ling Fei more than once.
Later, he knew that he could not change Ling Feiyu’s mind, so he passively accepted his position.
Jian Ran asked Ling Feiyu to start a business with her. Starting from scratch, Ling Feiyu was able to accompany Jian Ran without hesitation, not to mention that they already had the funds and experience. Ling Feiyu heard Jian Ran’s words and immediately agreed with her.
Therefore, the two of them founded the JL company together. The company takes their surnames, JIAN and LING, and the abbreviation is JL Fashion Design Co., Ltd., a thriving clothing brand design company.
“Jian Ran, the release meeting is about to begin. As the protagonist of today’s release meeting, what are you doing in the lounge?”
No matter how many years have passed, Ling Feiyu still can’t change her vigorous and resolute style, rushing into the room, no matter what Jian Ran is doing, he slapped Jian Ran a lot.
“You wait for me a while.” Jian Ran raised her hand to check the time. Now there are ten minutes before the release meeting officially begins. She has no time to delay, but she has to wait.
“Waiting for Mr. Qin?” Except for the man Qin Yue, Ling Feiyu couldn’t imagine that there would be a second one to make Jian Ran put his work aside.
Although it seems that President Qin Da is always doting on his wife, Ling Feiyu knows that Qin Yue’s importance to Jian Ran is Jian Ran’s life.
“Everyone is here, but he is still not here. Qin Yue, a man who has always been on time, has never been late before.” Jian Ran looked down from the window, hoping to see Qin Yue’s figure in the crowd, but Among the pedestrians coming and going downstairs, there was only Qin Yue who was waiting for her.
Seeing Jian Ran anxious, Ling Feiyu quickly patted Jian Ran on the shoulder and comforted: “Have you called him? Would you like to call and ask?”
After Ling Feiyu’s reminder, Jian Ran dullly thought of the mobile phone.
“Oh, I forgot to contact him with my mobile phone.” I don’t know what happened. Whenever encountering Qin Yue-related matters, Jian Ran was always confused.
Jian Ran immediately picked up the phone and dialed Qin Yue’s number, and soon the people over there answered, Qin Yue’s still cold voice came from the handset of the phone: “What’s the matter?”
Jian Ran’s soaring enthusiasm was instantly extinguished by Qin Yue’s indifferent voice. She paused and said, “Are you free?”
Qin Yue’s calm and indifferent voice came from the phone again: “I’m talking about a project, I might go home later today.”
“Oh, then you are busy.” When he heard him say that he was in a meeting, Jian Ran only felt cold and cold in his heart. He had never been absent from the JL company’s release meeting, and he seemed to have forgotten about it.
She has been waiting for him, how could he forget it!
“Da Ranran, what’s the matter?” Seeing Jian Ran’s unsightly face, Ling Feiyu immediately reached out and probed her forehead, “Couldn’t you fight anymore.”
“Quarrel?” Jian Ran thought for a while. Could it be that she went to Shengtian to see Qin Leran a few days ago when he was dragged to the office and annoyed him?
Not quite like it.
If Qin Yue was angry with her, he would show her a stinky face, and he would definitely let her know that she made him angry.
This man Qin Yue is such a cold and arrogant man.
“Daranran, did you forget to tell Mr. Qin about the press conference?” Ling Feiyu thought for a while and asked again.
“Am I going to tell him?” Over the years, JL has held new product release meetings every year. Jian Ran has never said to Qin Yue, but Qin Yue has never been absent.
No matter how busy he is, he will take the time to come to participate. Since they founded JL Apparel Company, Qin Yue has never been absent for more than ten years.
It was because Qin Yue had never been absent, and before she knew it, Jian Ran had taken him to attend the JL release meeting as a matter of course.
Last night, she was still soliciting some opinions from him, and he also gave her opinions seriously. At that time, she didn’t even invite him to participate.
“I said Jian Ran, is your head tricked? He is your man, but not the roundworm in your stomach. If you don’t tell him, how does he know you want him to participate?”
Ling Feiyu, this woman deserves to be Jian Ran’s best friend for decades, and every word she scolds Jian Ran can be touched, as if she gave Jian Ran a stick.
“I see.” Jian Ran glanced at Ling Feiyu gratefully, and again picked up the phone to dial Qin Yue’s number. After the call, Jian Ran took the lead and said, “Mr. Qin, today is our company’s new product release meeting. If you are finished, can you come and have a look?”
“What do you mean?” Qin Yue’s deep and s**y voice sounded again, but this time it was not in the phone receiver, but behind Jian Ran.
He once said to her that when she needed him, as long as she turned her head, she would be able to see him.
Over the years, he has never broken his promise.

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