My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 995 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 995

“Qin Yue, do you think I came to the company to look for you because I was worried that you ran away with other women?” Without Qin Yue’s answer, Jian Ran could tell from Qin Yue’s expression.
This man is so angry that Jian Ran wants to punch him and smash him in the face.
How could there be such an ignorant man?
Why is there such a narcissistic man?
Does he think he is the most handsome in the world, and all the women have to turn around him?
She really wanted to tell–no!
But it seems to be true.
This man is really liked by women, even if it is as cold as a block of ice, it may be frozen when approaching him, there are still Yingyingyanyan around him.
She looked at him, and the more she looked, the more she realized it was true that this man was good-looking, and his anger was first-rate.
Forget it!
Knowing that he can’t speak, she didn’t care about him, Jian Ran tried to take a deep breath to control her anger at Qin Yue.
As soon as there was a knock on the door, Qin Yue still didn’t make a sound to ask people to come in, and some of them had the courage to get into the sky, and they pushed the door directly into the room.
Of course, besides Qin Leran, there might not be a second person who can have the courage.
Seeing that his mother was also in the office, Qin Leran was stunned, and immediately retreated: “Dad, Mom, you can talk about your relationship, just pretend not to see me.”
“Run or run, I’m not to see your dad, I’m to see how you are doing.” Fortunately, Qin Leran came, otherwise Jian Ran thought she would definitely beat Qin Yue.
“Mom, the one who just came here is a fake Qin Leran, you should not have seen it.” Regardless of his mother’s retention, Qin Leran turned and exited, just about to close the door, and poke his head out and said, “Dad, I have a date in the afternoon. I am here to ask you for a half-day leave, and ask for your approval.”
“I don’t approve you and you won’t go on a date?” His daughter has never been so that her father can ignore her boyfriend.
“Dad, would you disapprove it?” Qin Leran blinked and looked at Jian Ran beside Qin Yue. The crystal tears rolled in his eyes in an instant.
She made a pitiful look, she didn’t need to say anything, she only needed a look from the mother to fix the father.
However, today I don’t know if it was her illusion. She always felt that the mother was angry with the father, and the father did not know it.
Sure enough, even though her mother was angry, she helped her. With a look at her, her father nodded honestly and let her take a half-day holiday.
“Thank you Mom and Dad! I love you!” Qin Leran ran away without looking back after getting his father’s nodding approval.
The faster Qin Leran ran, the more dissatisfied Qin Yue was with the man who stalked her soul. He had worked so hard to raise his daughter for more than ten years, and let others deceive him for what reason.
He turned his head to look at Jian Ran, wanting to seek some comfort from Jian Ran, but Jian Ran gave him a cold look, and left without saying a word, leaving Qin Yue alone and confused.
Did he make Jian Ran angry by saying something wrong today?
He thought about it, but unexpectedly, his mood sank.
As a result, at the meeting not long after, President Qin Da had a black face, which made the people underneath fear for an afternoon.

After getting a half-day holiday, Qin Leran quickly changed from his capable work clothes and wore a black and white polka dot long skirt.
Her figure is slender and tall, and her long skirt perfectly outlines the height of her waistline, which makes her look more feminine and less skillful at work.
She walked out of the Shengtian Building and attracted the attention of many passersby along the way. Of course, she has been like this since she was a child, and she has long been accustomed to it, and she doesn’t have the eyes of these people’s appreciation in mind.
But the man who had been waiting for her outside the building for a long time didn’t think so. Seeing those passers-by cast their eyes on her, the man could not wait to dig out the eyes of those who looked at her.
He walked a few steps, walked to her side, pulled her into his arms, held her very possessively, and announced to passers-by with practical actions that this woman belongs to him. .
He hugged her so tightly that she was almost out of breath. She wanted to break free of his embrace: “Mr. Yao, have you waited for a long time?”
He should have waited for a long time, and waited impatiently, so that when he saw her, he would hold her so strongly, so strong that he wanted to rub her into his body.
He didn’t agree with her, took her into his car and looked at her with scorching eyes: “Don’t dress like this in the future.”
“Ah, doesn’t it look good if I wear it like this?” Two days ago, she even tried this dress on to my aunt to have a look. My aunt kept complimenting her for her looks after seeing it, and she was embarrassed to praise her, is it brother Lie? Is his vision different from that of sister-in-law?
“It’s not ugly.” It was so good that he wanted to eat her with one bite when he saw it, and he didn’t know if those passers-by who saw her had the same idea as him.
“Brother Lie, isn’t it pretty?” Qin Leran was very happy when he saw Brother Lie nodding his head. He leaned forward, kissed the corner of his lips, and quickly moved away. “Brother Lie, this In my life, I’ve already recognized you, so don’t eat the jealousy, okay?”
Her brother Lie used to be the most powerful person in country A. Now he is jealous of her like a little boy. It makes people very happy no matter how they think about it.
“What does it mean to be jealous? I am really jealous.” Yao Lie hugged her, lowered his head and bit her. “In order to go to Miss Qin’s appointment, I specifically turned off all my work today. I just wanted to follow her. You live in the two-person world of the two of us, don’t you allow me to be jealous?”
Qin Leran was anxious when he heard that he had turned away all the jobs for her: “Brother Lie, you turned away all the jobs for me? That’s not good. Your company has just taken a firm foothold in Jiangbei. You can’t do things because of me. delayed.”
Yao Lie squeezed her nose and said, “Of course, although Hua Qizhen has achieved such impressive results as Shengtian, it does not require me to sit in the office and work every day.”
Qin Leran scratched his head foolishly: “I am worried about you.”
“Don’t worry.” Quan Nanzhai held her head, bowed his head and kissed her. When the kiss made her cheek flushed, he slowly let go of her, rubbing her slightly swollen red lips and asked her, ” Of course, do you like it?”
“Yeah.” She nodded and gently snuggled into his arms, “Brother Lie, I never dared to imagine that one day we two would be able to date like ordinary couples.”
For her, he really gave too much, she was grateful and moved.
She didn’t know that as long as she was by his side, any power, status and money would be worthless to him.

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