My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 991 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 991

Who said Qin Yue was stubborn?
If he was really stubborn and couldn’t hear Jian Ran’s persuasion, then he would never be here at this moment to meet this person who made him very dissatisfied.
The tall and strong man in front of him was about thirty years old, young and full of spirits, but by looking at his appearance, he was indeed a leader in the underworld.
But Qin Yue looked at him more and more satisfied, don’t think that after taking off the meticulous suit of the past and putting on casual clothes, he will look at him differently.
The man arrived earlier than Qin Yue, but he never sat down and stood waiting for Qin Yue. When he saw Qin Yue coming, he immediately shouted politely and humbly: “Ms. Qin!”
President Qin?
Qin Yue didn’t like this title, but there was no dissatisfaction on his face. He glanced at the man with his usual cold eyes, saying nothing.
Calling him President Qin, then it proves that this person is not looking for him to talk about private affairs, but for business talks with him. Naturally, there is no need for him to talk about business with him.
Qin Yue didn’t speak, so naturally someone would speak for him. Liu Yong, who was following him, quickly stood up and said, “Mr. Yao, the cooperation between Huaqi Company and Shengtian is not a day or two. If you are today It’s here to discuss business, so please come with me and I will let colleagues who are familiar with Huaqi’s business receive you.”
Liu Yong has been with Qin Yue for decades, and he has become more and more refined. This is a good remark, but in fact he told the surname Yao that their president is not responsible for the reception work.
How could the man called Mr. Yao fail to hear what Liu Yong said, but he was not at all annoyed. He said, “I’m not here to discuss business with you. I’m here to talk to President Qin on personal matters.”
Liu Yong glanced at his master, and saw that the master didn’t mean to agree with his surname Yao. He said: “Mr. Yao, our President Qin is not even less busy than the president of your country. He may not have time to talk to a stranger. People talk about personal matters.”
“Uncle Qin, since you are here, why don’t you listen to me. What you gave me a year to do before, I have done it.” Although he didn’t want to call Qin Yue “Uncle Qin”, but in order to embrace the beauty Go back, he also gave it up.
“Mr. Yao, do you think we are President Qin…” Qin Yue suddenly interrupted what Liu Yong wanted to say, “Liu Yong.”
“Ms. Qin, then I will go down first.” Liu Yong followed Qin Yue for decades. Qin Yue moved and looked at each other, and Liu Yong knew what to do.
As soon as Liu Yong left, Qin Yue’s gaze turned cold, looked at the man surnamed Yao, stared at him and said, “I’ll give you five minutes.”
Qin Yue gave him five minutes for the man to find a way to keep him. If he could tell Qin Yue during these five minutes, then Qin Yue would be able to spare more time for him.
If the person didn’t tell Qin Yue during these five minutes, then I’m sorry, Qin Yue won’t spend another minute on him, so these five minutes are very important.
“Uncle Qin, my name is Yao Lie. I came to you today to ask you to allow me to associate with your daughter.” Yao Lie directly stated his intentions, without any circumstance.
After all, he only has five minutes. These five minutes are related to whether he can be with Qin Leran in an upright manner, and he must take good care of it.
He only said such a sentence, and he didn’t mean to say it any more. While waiting for Qin Yue to speak, Qin Yue said: “Yao Lie? Your name is Yao Lie?”
“Yes, my name is Yao Lie.” Yao Lie nodded, with the attitude that juniors should have towards elders.
Qin Yue stared at him, looked him up and down again, and asked, “What can you do to make me agree to your relationship with my daughter?”
Qin Yue was very unhappy when he thought that someone would s****h Qin Leran from him, but he was enduring it in order to make his daughter happy.
If it weren’t for the hardest to endure it, when the kid said the first sentence, Qin Yue might have swiped his fist and beat him like the last time he beat him.
“I will love her as you love her.” This was the second sentence Yao Lie said during the negotiation with Qin Yue, sonorous and convincing.
“Can you love her like I love her?” Qin Yue chuckled lightly, his cold eyes were slightly stained with anger, “If you are beautiful, no one can say it.”
“Yes.” Yao Lie nodded. Everyone can say beautiful things, but whether it can be done is another thing, so he can’t say too beautiful things.
In fact, there is no need for Yao Lie to say anything beautiful, everything he did is the best proof of his feelings for Qin Leran.
“You think so?” Qin Yue raised his eyebrows, his face was full of dissatisfaction with Yao Lie, making him want to beat someone again.
Is this the attitude the future son-in-law should have when meeting his father-in-law? No wonder it’s so unwelcome, it turns out that I can’t speak people’s words.
“I agree with your point of view. Anyone can say something nice, but it may not be possible.” In order to prevent future father-in-law from misunderstanding, Yao Lie explained.
“Are you the real big boss of Huaqi Company?” Qin Yue didn’t mention Qin Leran again. After a little thought, he raised such a topic.
“Yes.” Yao Lie nodded, neither humble nor humble.
Qin Yue said again: “I will give you two more years, and when you double Hua Qi’s current performance, you can talk to me about you and my daughter.”
Yao Lie was finally anxious: “Uncle Qin, you…”
Seeing Yao Lie’s anxiety, Qin Yue was finally satisfied, and he said again: “But in the past two years, I won’t stop your relationship.”
Qin Yue is a man who never compromises with others. For the sake of his daughter, he gave up his persistence for the first time.
Of course, Qin Yue was able to put aside his prejudice and re-recognize the man who wanted to take his daughter away, not just because his daughter liked it.
More importantly, Qin Yue saw his shadow from Yao Lie, and saw his deep love for Qin Leran from Yao Lie.
A man can give up the position of president of a country for a woman, change his name and change his surname to come to her as an ordinary person. Except for love, Qin Yue really can’t think of any other reasons.
While agreeing that Yao Lie was dating Qin Leran, Qin Yue set another goal. He didn’t want Yao Lie to have many families before he was worthy of marrying his daughter, but he was testing Yao Lie’s business ability.
In two years, Huaqi’s current performance has doubled again. This is definitely an incredible number, and few people can do more.
Qin Yue thinks that he can be regarded as one who can achieve this goal. For the others, he still has no discovery at present.
He will definitely not hand over his grown-up daughter so easily. Yao Lie wants to marry his daughter, so he will wait and see.
Two years later, since the meeting is clear!

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