My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1051 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1051

Qin Yinze stretched out his hand and rubbed her head, and said, “The exact time is still uncertain, but I won’t leave for the time being in these two days.”
“Brother…” Qin Leran pursed his lips, looking like he was hesitant to speak, “Brother, I know my request is too much for you, but I still want to say. You can come and join me and Brother Lie. Wedding?”
He is also a member of the family. Without his participation in the wedding, Qin Leran always felt that something would be missing, that is, his sincere blessing.
Qin Leran’s request should have been an excessive request for him before, but Qin Yinze didn’t feel that way anymore.
He smiled and said, “I’m glad you personally invited me to your wedding. By the way, you invited me to attend. I’m not alone. I might bring one more person to your wedding.”
“Brother, did you have a girlfriend?” Qin Leran sincerely hopes that he can find a girl he likes, and that he is happy.
“No.” Qin Yinze said. Under Qin Leran’s momentary depressed gaze, he replied, “She is already your sister-in-law.”
The stupid woman is not his girlfriend, but her name is written on the spouse column of his marriage certificate. She is his Qin Yinze’s legal wife.
“Brother…you, are you already married?” God, this message is more exciting and exciting than the one just now. Qin Leran bounced a few times, “Is it true? Really?” Huh? Am I dreaming? Brother, tell me, do I really have a sister-in-law?”
“You are not dreaming, all of this is true.” Seeing her happy like a child, Qin Yinze’s emotions still can’t help being infected by her, and being silly with her, but different from the past. Yes, he knew exactly what he wanted.
Qin Leran stepped forward and hugged him again: “Brother, congratulations on finding your happiness! I am so happy if you can find your happiness.”
For a long time, she was afraid that he would still be trapped in the feelings he shouldn’t have in the past. Now that she heard him say that she was married, she couldn’t wait to announce to the world that her brother had found his happiness.
The brothers and sisters had not met again for a long time, and suddenly heard such a good news, Qin Leran was so excited: “Brother, I am waiting for you to bring my sister-in-law to my wedding. But before the wedding, should I bring the new sister-in-law to the family? .”
“Well, I’ll go back to discuss this matter with her.” This matter is actually a difficult issue for Qin Yinze.
Ji Rou is not willing to admit that he is his wife. If he introduces her to his family at this time, based on her personality, he thinks she will definitely coax her home, so he has to think of something. The way, let her cooperate with him obediently, absolutely can’t go wrong.
As for what way…Qin Yinze couldn’t think of it for a while, but for the time being, he didn’t have the intention to think about it, so he should go back to check her tone at night.
“Brother, what kind of person is my sister-in-law?” In Qin Leran’s view, the girl who can make her such an excellent brother love and marry home must be an incredible girl.
“She is a bit…” A woman who is a bit stupid and has persecuted delusions. This is Qin Yinze’s most true view of Ji Rou, but it is not easy to tell others about her shortcomings, so he said Very tactfully, “She is a very cute girl.”
“Brother, I can’t wait to see her.” I really can’t wait to see where the divine conquered her brother.
“Tomorrow I will bring her to see my grandma and introduce her to her family.” They said that the ugly wife will see her in-laws sooner or later, and Ji Rou is not ugly, so let’s take this opportunity to introduce her to her family.
Qin Leran said, “Brother, you must be happy. No matter where you go, don’t forget that you still have our family members. We will always wait for you to come back.”
Qin Yinze nodded: “We will all be happy.”

Qin Yinze had never thought that Ji Rou, who was in the hotel, had already run away, and he didn’t wait for him to come back and take her to meet his family in the hotel.
Two hours ago, when Qin Yinze left the hotel with his front feet, Ji Rou got up from the bed.
Ji Rou stood on the window, and Qin Yinze left the hotel in the car with her own eyes. She returned to the room and changed her clothes in a hurry. She had to escape.
If she stays here no matter how stupid she is, and she is not killed by Qin Yinze’s abnormality, then Qin Yinze’s abnormality will be driven crazy.
For her personal safety, Ji Rou felt that she had no choice but to escape, and it was best to escape back so that he could never find her again, then she would be safe.
The most important thing to escape is of course the phone and money. She had a mobile phone, but she didn’t have money, so she took all the cash in Qin Yinze’s wallet.
The client had to find a woman to do it once, and she had to pay for it. She spoiled him twice in vain, and it was not too much to take him tens of thousands of dollars.
After getting the money, Ji Rou hurried to the airport with her passport and bought the fastest flight to Minluo City. Before boarding the plane, she called the prince and the monkey and asked them to help her prepare something.
After everything was done, Ji Rou also boarded the plane. When the cabin broadcasted the message that the plane was about to take off, she always liked the challenge and excitement. She picked up the phone and sent Qin Yinze a text message with her selfie-Qin Qin Beast, Grandma, I’m flying away, goodbye! Oh no, when you read this newsletter, you must be very crazy, you can’t wait to catch me back But I am ready to take off. You have the ability to drag me off the plane.
When receiving this newsletter, Qin Yinze could even imagine how proud Ji Rou was smiling, but she even asked him to drag her off the plane. He had any reason not to listen to his wife’s instructions.
The plane that had already started taxiing slid and slid to the port of call. The crew explained that the plane could not take off temporarily because of air traffic control.
I heard that the plane can’t take off on time, and the most anxious one is Ji Rou. With a heart bang, she was a little panicked: “Isn’t that going to fly just now? How could there be sudden air traffic control.”
At this time, it was not the flight attendants who answered Ji Rou, but the police who came. They took out their credentials: “Ji Xiaoban, please cooperate with our investigation.”
Ji Rou was unwilling to cooperate: “What did I commit, what did you ask me to check with you? Did you find the wrong person?”
The police said: “Miss Ji Rou, you are the person we are looking for. We don’t know what you committed, but you can ask Mr. Qin!”
In an instant, Ji Rou only felt that a group of crows were flying in the sky!
It’s the Qin Beast who suffered a thousand swords!
He really wanted to kill her!

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