My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1049 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1049

She didn’t even see her beloved granddaughter getting married, she didn’t wait until the grandson came back to reunite with the family, and she was reluctant to leave behind the wife who had taken care of her for a lifetime.
She and Qin Hao went from meeting and getting married to having children. At first, it was a vigorous love, and then gradually became a family relationship that could not be parted, and then they were soul mates.
She always knew that as long as he was there, she didn’t have to worry about anything, and she didn’t care about anything. He had always shielded her from wind and rain for a lifetime.
“Yan’er, is it better?” No matter how many years have passed, Qin Hao’s name for his wife has never changed from a young black hair to an old white hair.
“Brother Hao, I have nothing to do, don’t worry!” She had just been out of danger and was still very weak. She should have had a good rest, but she insisted on seeing her husband and children.
She was afraid, afraid that once she closed her eyes, she would never wake up, afraid that they would worry about her, too much fear.
“I know, you will be fine.” Dad Qin held her scrawny hand tightly in his hand, “You rest for a while. I am here with you.”
“I want to see you.” Mother Qin lifted her gaze lightly and scanned all the people in the room one by one. The husband, son, daughter-in-law, granddaughter…all the family members are there, but only missing. The grandson Qin Yinze.
“Aze…” She read the name of her grandson and looked at Qin Yue, her emotions a little ups and downs, “Will he come back?”
When the grandson is gone, Qin Yue, the father, will never ignore him. He must know the whereabouts of Qin Yinze. It is said that Zhizi Mo Ruomu, the old lady Qin is so sure.
Qin Yue didn’t want to talk about Qin Yinze’s return to Jiangbei, but now his mother’s situation is not optimistic, and she is thinking of her grandson who is not around.
He said, “Mom, I will let him come to see you.”

Ding Dong——
A new news message popped up from the mobile phone. The mother of Qin Yue, the head of the Shengtian Group, was seriously ill and was rescued at Jiangbei Shengtian Hospital. Her life is still in danger.
Seeing this message, Qin Yinze was so shocked that his whole person froze. Too many good memories poured into his mind like spring water.
The kind and kind old lady held the little boy’s hand and said softly, “Aze, you will be a member of our family in the future. You can tell your grandparents whether you are happy or unhappy, no matter what. Things are still bad things, grandparents are willing to share with you.”
At that time, the little boy had just arrived at this strange home of wealthy people, and he had lived a life of wealthy people that he had never dared to dream about before.
The life of a wealthy family is completely different from the life he lived in before. Not only do they live in a big house, they also have many people in their family, and the people they come into contact with are also different.
In the past, in the eyes of their poor people, some people with identities were unattainable. However, in front of the Qin family, those who were unattainable in the past are trying to curry favor with the Qin family.
Completely unfamiliar family, unfamiliar environment, unfamiliar family, he would be scared when he first came here, he would hide quietly, and dare not say many things.
And whenever he was afraid, grandma would stand up and tell him, don’t be afraid, his family is his strongest backer.
Because of the powerful backers of his family, he slowly integrated into the circle of wealthy families and gradually became the dazzling young master of the Qin family.
He still remembered that when he met his grandma for the last time, his grandma was also holding his hand tightly: “Aze, you are in your twenties. Do you have a girl who wants to marry home? , Tell grandma, grandma will go to help you match up.”
In front of his grandma, he could not tell a lie, and nodded honestly: “Grandma, I have a girl I like.” It’s just that the girl doesn’t like him.
Grandma was very happy when she heard it: “Aze, tell your grandma, whose girl is it?”
He asked: “Grandma, are you not afraid that my eyes are bad? Or are you not worried that the girl I fancy does not like you?”
Grandma patted his hand: “Silly boy, you are my grandson, the girl you like, why would I not like it? I just hope that the girl you like will not dislike me, a sickly old lady.”
The gentle and kind voice of the milky milky day seemed to be echoing in his ears, but they were all the voices in his memory. He has been too long and too long to call his grandma, and it has been too long and too long to hear his grandma calling him Aze .
Thinking of this, Qin Yinze opened the news message and looked at it again, knowing which ward of the building where grandma lived in the hospital.
He returned to the room, changed his clothes, and hurried to the hospital. He must hurry up and see his grandma.

When he arrived at the hospital, Qin Yinze went straight to the floor where his grandmother was. He could no longer care if he would meet the Qin family, and he could not care whether he was ready to face the Qin family.
At this time, there was only one thought in his mind. He must meet his grandma and tell her in person that he missed her very much.
I don’t know if it was a coincidence or something else, Qin Yinze didn’t see other Qin family members with his grandma, so he entered the grandma’s ward smoothly.
Grandma lay on the hospital bed, she was much thinner than the last time he saw her, as if she had only a set of skins left.
“Grandma…” he called her.
Hearing his voice, the old man lying on the hospital bed woke up instantly. When she saw the person in front of her clearly, her eyes suddenly became brighter.
“Aze?” She called out his name tentatively, worried that all this was just a dream she had. Like many times before, as long as she wakes up, he will be gone.
“Grandma, it’s me. I’m Aze, I’m coming back to see you.” Qin Yinze grabbed the old man’s hand and held it tightly, but he was a little more relaxed because he was afraid that it might hurt her.
“Aze, you finally came back.” Tears slipped from the wrinkles around the corner of the old lady’s eyes, “Aze, do you know how much grandma misses you.”
Qin Yinze blamed himself: “Grandma, I’m sorry! I should come back to see you sooner.”
Grandma laughed: “Aze, don’t say sorry to grandma, you can come back to see grandma, so that grandma can see you before she is alive, and grandma can look down upon death.”
“Aze, by the way, you still didn’t tell grandma, who is your favorite girl? Grandma has been waiting, waiting for you to bring the girl you like back to grandma to see. But grandma has been waiting for so many years, There is no waiting.”
“The girl I like…” A vague figure popped out of Qin Yinze’s mind, but gradually the figure had a clear outline, and then slowly the outline became a person.
“Aze, can you show her to grandma?”

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