My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1048 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1048

Qin Yinze didn’t want to think about what the impetuousness in his heart was.
He picked up the cigarette and took a few more puffs. One was not enough, and then he smoked a few more cigarettes. He didn’t stop until his throat was sore.
The cigarette is smoking, but the impetuousness in my heart has not diminished at all, and all I think about is the stupid woman in the room.
The stupid woman hid in the bathroom and soaked in the cold water for so long. Can a cup of cold preventive medicine prevent her from catching a cold and fever?
Qin Yinze was not so sure, or he just wanted to find a reason to go to her room again, he would not be relieved if he had to see with his own eyes that she had fallen asleep.
He raised his wrist to check the time. Unknowingly, more than an hour had passed, and the hour hand was pointing to eight o’clock in the evening.
Qin Yinze got up, took another cup of granules and walked to Ji Rou’s room.
She was asleep, but her eyelashes were wet and her eyes were a little swollen. It seemed that she had just cried.
This stupid woman, why didn’t he cry when he bullied her? Hidden crying, who would know that she is sad?
He stretched out his hand, trying to probe her forehead, but he didn’t even detect her, so she slapped her away. She opened her eyes suddenly and looked at him with red eyes: “Go!”
Qin Yinze coldly said, “Drink this cup of medicine again.”
I have already given her a cup of medicine. Isn’t it enough? To give her another cup, does he think his seed vitality is strong? Can the emergency contraceptives poison his seeds?
Besides, this beast himself did something wrong, why should she pay for him?
It’s not that she is willing to conceive him, but that she doesn’t want to have trouble with her body, pointing at him and shouting: “Tuan Cheng Tuan, get out smoothly!”
Qin Yinze said domineeringly: “Drink it.”
Ji Rou pointed to his nose: “Get out!”
Qin Yinze squeezed her small and delicate chin, forced her to open her mouth, and poured the potion into her mouth.
Ji Rou had only used this method of pouring medicine on him this morning, and he didn’t expect to change it to her so soon.
It’s just that Ji Rou’s strength is not as strong as his. When he was poured, he had the upper hand. Now she is being irrigated, and he is still in the upper hand.
In this way, Ji Rou reluctantly drank another cup of “contraceptive pills.”
“My surname is Qin, the shame you gave me today, you’d better remember it firmly, I will return it to you as it is in the future.” D**n, this man deceived so much, he made a love to her. Two cups of emergency contraceptives, he deliberately wants her to wean off children and grandchildren.
Everyone knows that the side effects of this emergency contraceptive after the event are particularly serious. It should not be taken more than three times a year and can only be used once a month, otherwise it will cause habitual miscarriage.
She had only taken the emergency contraceptive for a few days, and she took it again today, and drank it twice. He didn’t want her to wean her offspring, so what?
“I’m waiting.” He answered the conversation in no hurry.
“Then you wait.” Ji Rou gritted her teeth, but finally was not enough, grabbed the water glass and smashed it against the wall, smashing the water glass to pieces.
It’s just that one thing’s experience is a little bit worse than her, Ji Rou’s anger in her heart is slightly lighter.
She didn’t believe it, she could only let him bully for the rest of her life.

The weather is bad, it seems that something is destined to happen.
Two hours ago, Qin’s mother Zhan Yan, who had been recuperating, suddenly got worse. Qin’s family braved the wind and rain and sent her to the best hospital in Jiangbei.
One hour passed, two hours passed… Time slipped away, the lights in the emergency room were still on, the doctors were busy, and the patient was not in danger of getting out of the way.
As the head of the Qin family, Qin Yue led a large family outside the door of the rescue room, waiting anxiously and worriedly.
After Qin’s mother entered the rescue room, Qin’s father Qin Hao fixed his eyes on the door of the rescue room, and he didn’t move away in a minute.
Qin Leran worried about grandpa, sitting next to him, holding his hand tightly: “Grandpa, grandma will be fine, don’t be afraid.”
Qin Hao said nothing, with strong worry and heartache under his seemingly calm face.
Although he knows that this day will come sooner or later, when it does come, he will still be afraid. That is the most important person in his life.
Decades ago, he met her in the peach blossom forest of Yanran Mountain. When she looked at him with a shy smile, he told himself that this woman must be protected in this life.
That year, she was only eighteen years old, at the same age as a flower, and with a look even better than a flower, just a glance, it was no longer unforgettable.
Later, he pursued her and she became his wife. Later, she gave birth to a child for him, and she has been in poor health ever since.
He knew that it was him. If he hadn’t let her give birth to a child, she would not have left the root of the disease, and would not drag her sick body to live for decades.
Thinking of the decades they had walked together, a string in Qin Hao’s heart suddenly broke, and the tears he never shed easily slipped from his aging cheeks drop by drop.
Qin Leran hugged him, feeling very distressed: “Grandpa, grandma will not leave us, she will definitely get better, she will definitely be.”
Even though she said this, Qin Leran knew in her heart that her grandmother had been sick for too long, and her body was not as good as the day, and the chance of being rescued was very small.
Seeing his mother in the rescue room and his father feeling sad, Qin Yue had no idea what he could do.
He has countless wealth and is a man in the business world. He can talk about every project, but he can’t do anything about his mother’s illness.
At this moment, Qin Yue felt that he was nothing, no matter how rich he possessed, he was still so weak in the face of illness and time.
He can do nothing.
Thinking of this, Qin Yue’s two hands hanging on his side were clenched into fists, the more they were clenched, the more they were clenched, the tighter they were, until a pair of soft hands gripped him.
She didn’t have much strength, but it made him feel at ease like a reassurance pill. He looked down at her, and she happened to be looking at him.
She didn’t say anything to him, but as long as she knew she was by her side, it was enough to expel all the panic in his heart.
Ding Dong——
The lights in the rescue room finally went out. The Qin family all looked at the door and watched the doctors in white coats come out. Without waiting for them to ask, the doctors took off their masks and said, “Mr. Qin, the old lady is out of danger for the time being.”
The Qin family were not happy when they heard what the doctor said, because they all understood. The doctor said it was temporary, but only temporary.
The doctor said: “For the details, I will report to President Qin carefully later, and send the patient to the ward first.”
The situation of the old lady Qin who was transferred to the ward was much better than they thought. Maybe she still had too many worries in her heart, she had been holding on forever, not letting herself break down.

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