My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1046 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1046

“Brother Lie, I really regret it, I regret that my intestines are all green these years. I want to find him, and I want to tell him that he will always be my brother, my family, and the indispensable part of my life. A person who is indispensable.”
Qin Leran pursed his lips, choked so much that he couldn’t speak for a while, and then calmed down for a while: “But, I don’t know if I will be lucky enough to see him?”
Yao Lie hugged her and comforted her softly: “Of course, if you trust him, he will definitely want to understand, and he will definitely come back to this home.”
Qin Leran shook his head: “What if he can’t figure it out? Am I going to never see him forever?”
Yao Lie said: “Don’t forget, he is your brother.”
Yes, he is her elder brother, the elder brother who loves her, so she has to believe that he will understand and will come back.
She waited for him!

After the wind and rain, the air is particularly fresh.
Ji Rou picked up the remote control panel and opened the floor-to-ceiling windows. Fresh air rushed over her face. Breathing in the fresh air made people feel much better in an instant.
However, the good mood was only broken for a moment when the beast Qin Yinze broke his voice, and his voice came from behind her: “Ji Rou, are you reincarnated as a pig?”
Ji Rou turned her head and glared at him fiercely: “Qin Yinze, can you speak human words? If you can’t speak, shut your mouth. What is the reincarnation of a pig?”
Qin Yinze pointed to a table of greasy food: “Eat these early in the morning, are you afraid of greasy you?”
Ji Rou said: “Pigs are vegetarians and eat feed. Those who eat these meats are the real human beings. You are non-human, you don’t understand.”
Early in the morning, Ji Rou asked the hotel staff to get her two famous roast chickens in Jiangbei and two braised pork knuckles. She wanted to make up for her stomach that was hungry for a day yesterday.
After all, it was Qin Yinze’s money. She was not as embarrassed to enjoy it alone, so she planned to wait for him to come out and eat together after taking a shower.
Who knows that this man doesn’t know how to thank her, forget it, and hurt her in this way, her kindness was once again regarded as a donkey liver and lungs by him.
Qin Yinze said gloomily: “Don’t you know that you need to eat light food after a high fever?”
Ji Rou said: “It’s not me who has a high fever.”
Qin Yinze: “…”
Ji Rou sat back at the dining table, took a roasted chicken leg and ate it with big mouthfuls. After eating, she licked the corners of her lips with her tongue, looking like she was still hungry and thirsty.
Qin Yinze stepped forward and poured the food on the table into the trash can two or three times: “I can’t smell such a greasy greasy smell.”
Anyone who is familiar with Ji Rou knows that there are two times when she must not provoke her, one is when she is sleeping, and the other is when she is eating.
Today, Qin Yinze not only provoked her when she was eating, but also dumped her chicken legs and pig hands, which is absolutely horrible.
Ji Rou stood up with a fist, then struck Qin Yinze with a fist: “Smelly b*****d, you f*****g want to die!”
Qin Yinze grabbed her fist and clenched it tightly: “One more swear word, I won’t let you touch the meat for three days.”
Ji Rou was so angry that she threw out her left fist again and struck him again. This time, his left hand was also grasped and held tightly in his palm. Even when he tried hard, she was brought into his arms by him.
“Qin Yinze, you b*****d!” D**n, it’s so irritating, this man is not at all like someone who is still sick, she can’t beat him with all her strength.
“Five days!”
“A*****e, who do you think you are? If you don’t let me eat, I won’t eat it?”
“Seven days!”
“Bad egg! Beast! Scum…” In a sigh, Ji Rou used all the words she could think of swearing, and she didn’t believe that Qin Yinze could control what she ate.
Of course, Ji Rou at this time would never think of it. Qin Yinze could do it if she could say it. For the next month, she would not have the meat she wanted to eat.
After eating the light food delivered by the service staff, Ji Rou seemed to be eating mud and sand. After taking a bite, she glared at him: “Animals!”
Qin Yinze drank the porridge and ate the boiled green vegetables in a hurry, looking very enjoyable, turning a blind eye to her glaring.
Ji Rou was so sad that she almost cried: “Qin Yinze, what you do is tantamount to murder!”
Not letting her eat meat is tantamount to killing her, after all, he still wants to poison her.
If she had known this, she shouldn’t have been kind-hearted last night and let him die with a high fever. Then there would be no such thing as today.
After Qin Yinze finished eating, he took a tissue and wiped his mouth gracefully: “After eating, let the waiter take away the tableware. You clean it and come to my room.”
“You want to be beautiful!” After being tortured by him, she has to be sent to the door to ruin him. She doesn’t have a tendency to masochistic, she is strange to listen to him.
“Huh…” Qin Yinze sneered and turned back to the room.
“I’ll kill you!” Ji Rou raised the fork in her hand to his back, but she didn’t have time to take care of him, so she quickly called the restaurant department of the hotel and asked them to give her another roast chicken Pig hand.
Unexpectedly, the food and beverage department’s reply to her was that what their hotel has recently prepared is light vegetarian food, and they don’t have any meat.
Of course, how could such a big five-star hotel have no meat, Ji Rou knew it must be Qin Yinze’s ghost.
After all, the room was opened by the b*****d Qin Yinze, and he ordered to go down. Of course, the people in the catering department would have to play her perfunctorily like this.
However, Jiangbei is not the only hotel who has food. She can go out to eat. No matter how long Qin Yinze’s hands are, he can’t reach outside.
But this plan failed before it even started. She is now penniless and has left Qin Yinze that beast. In this unfamiliar city, she can be said to be unable to move an inch.
She had to find a way to get the money. Of course, the money could only be taken from Qin Yinze. As the saying goes, the wool comes from the sheep.
So she got a glass of water and obediently came to his room: “Shao Qin, what are you doing? I brought you water.”
He sat at the desk and stared at the computer. Ji Rou came to him. He immediately closed the computer and looked up at her displeasedly.
Hmph, turn off the computer so fast, you must be doing something shameful, I don’t know if you are watching an adult action movie or looking at pictures of beautiful women dyed in colors?
Ji Rou smiled: “Shao Qin, although we are adults watching love action movies, there is nothing weird about it, but don’t forget, you are still sick and you have to pay attention to rest. Excessive use of the body will lead to early retirement of.”
Qin Yinze frowned, what kind of mess was in this stupid woman’s mind all day long?
Ji Rou smiled slyly: “Don’t deny it! Some things are tacit, we all understand. Let alone you, I’ve seen them with the prince before.”

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