My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1045 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1045

Outside the study.
Qin Leran clung to the door of the room, trying to eavesdrop on the conversation between the two in the study, but the sound insulation of the study was so good that she could hear nothing.
She was so anxious that she hugged like ants on a hot pan, just when Jian Ran came over with tea to see all this, Jian Ran shook her head: “Ranran, what are you doing?”
Qin Leran was a little embarrassed when he was caught overhearing, and smiled awkwardly: “Mom, Dad asked Brother Lie to talk inside. I want to ask them what they need?”
How could Jian Ran not understand what this girl was thinking about? She handed the tea cup in her hand to Qin Leran: “It just so happens that you bring this cup of tea in for your dad. By the way, tell him, I’m looking for something to do with him.”
Qin Leran happily said, “Mom, you are so kind!”
Jian Ran patted her shoulder: “I’m not good to you, who is good. Go ahead, or your brother Lie might really be eaten by your dad.”
But at this moment, the door of the room suddenly opened, and Yao Lie walked out to see the prospective mother-in-law and Qin Leran: “You… are you worried about me?”
Qin Leran returned the teacup to Jian Ran, and took Yao Lie to check and check again: “Brother Lie, what has my dad done to you?”
Yao Lie smiled lightly: “Silly girl, Dad asked me to take good care of you in the future.”
“Really?” Qin Leran didn’t believe it, but suddenly noticed Yao Lie’s name just now. This name has changed, proving that the study was really harmonious just now.
Her heart finally fell to the ground: “You have nothing to do. I am really worried that you two are fighting in the study.”
She hasn’t forgotten that because of that incident a few years ago, her father gave Brother Lie two punches without saying a word, and Brother Lie couldn’t fight back.
At that time, let alone how distressed her heart was.
Seeing the relationship between the two younger generations is so good, Jian Ran is also sincerely happy. She said: “You two should go to your business. I’ll bring tea to your dad.”
Qin Leran said, “Thank you mom!”
Jian Ran smiled: “Go ahead.”
Seeing them two walk away, Jian Ran just pushed the door and entered the study. Qin Yue was not in front of the desk, but stood by the window and stared into the distance, looking worried.
Jian Ran put the teacup on the desk, came to Qin Yue’s side, and gently grabbed his hand: “Qin Yue, what’s the matter? Still not satisfied with the son-in-law?”
“No.” Qin Yue lowered his head, his eyes fell on Jian Ran’s white and delicate face, “Jian Ran, Aze has returned to Jiangbei.”
“What? Aze is back? Really?” Jian Ran asked a few rhetorical questions, which proved that she was also worried about the children who wandered out over the years.
Qin Yue said again: “He arrived in Jiangbei at noon yesterday. He is now living in Lijing Hotel with a girl by his side.”
“With a girl by his side? Does it mean that he has put down the past and is willing to come back to face us all?” Jian Ran was so excited that he clenched Qin Yue’s hand, “Qin Yue, mom is ill in bed these days, saying every day. He, shall we pick him up?”
Seeing Jian Ran’s excitement, Qin Yue hugged her in his arms: “I know you are worried about him, but we can’t take him back.”
Jian Ran didn’t understand: “He has returned to Jiangbei, why can’t we take him home?”
Qin Yue said: “You also said that he has returned to Jiangbei. He has returned to Jiangbei, but he is unwilling to come back to this home, which proves that he still hasn’t let go.”
Jian Ran’s mood suddenly lowered: “Oh.”
That child is a member of their family. Without him, there is a gap in this family, which is incomplete, but they can’t force him.
Everyone was waiting until he figured it out and figured it out, and waited for him to return to this home by himself.
At any time, as long as he comes back, the door of the house is open to him.
Qin Yue gently patted her on the back, comforting her silently.

Qin Leran pulled Yao Lie: “Brother Lie, what did Dad tell you in detail just now?”
“Just let me take good care of you.” Looking at Qin Leran, Yao Lie couldn’t help but kiss her, “Of course, there are still three days, only three.”
After waiting for so many years, I was finally able to marry my beloved little girl home, take care of her and love her in the name of her husband, Yao Lie was very excited just thinking about it.
Qin Leran hesitated to say something but stopped: “Brother Lie…”
Yao Lie worried: “Of course, what’s the matter?”
Qin Leran nestled in his arms and muttered: “I always knew that I was going to marry you, but I don’t know why, the closer I get to the wedding day, the less secure my heart will be.”
Yao Lie kissed her on the forehead, held her head, and asked her to look up at him: “Of course, don’t worry, everything is mine.”
“I just knew there was you.” If it weren’t for him, she would definitely be more afraid. However, she wouldn’t be able to marry without him.
Qin Leran felt that she had become a little nervous recently, and she didn’t know what she was thinking all day long, and was always concerned about gains and losses.
Qin Leran’s situation in the past few days is a bit wrong. Yao Lie thinks that this may be the premarital phobia that people often call. If this symptom is not properly managed, the situation will be more serious.
He hugged her: “I will take you to a place.”
Qin Leran asked, “Where to go?”
Yao Lie said, “Don’t ask, you’ll know when you go.”
Qin Leran dragged him: “Brother Lie, I’m sorry!”
Yao Lie frowned: “Why tell me I’m sorry again?”
Qin Leran took a deep breath: “I have always been thinking about someone these days. Where is he? I am thinking about how well he is?”
Yao Lie knew that the person Qin Leran thought about was her brother-Qin Yinze, who ran away from home three years ago.
Three years ago, after Qin Yinze left the book and left, Qin Leran didn’t take the initiative to mention that person once, but it didn’t mean that she didn’t want him.
On the contrary, she may miss him more than anyone, worrying about his safety… But she is unwilling to speak out, and she is also worried that her family will be saddened by her.
Qin Leran choked and said, “I really want him to attend my wedding, and I really want him to bless me personally, but I hope to see him find his own happiness. But after all these years, he walked cleanly. No message came back, and I don’t know if he is still alive.”
Yao Lie comforted: “Of course, he must be alive.”
Qin Leran didn’t want to cry, but couldn’t help but shed tears: “Brother Lie, I’m sorry! I know I shouldn’t think about others every day before the wedding, but I just can’t help thinking about him. The wedding day gets closer. , The more I miss him.”
“I think of what he did to me in the past. He is really very good to me. No matter what request I make, no matter how unreasonable my request, he will do his best to help me. Okay, but I have always regarded his goodness to me as his ulterior motives.”

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