My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1041 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1041

The prince’s voice came from the phone: “Boss, are you listening?”
“Listening.” Ji Rou was thinking about things, a little absent-minded. “If there is anything wrong, I hung up the phone. I will talk about other things when I go back.”
When Ji Rou was about to hang up the phone, she suddenly thought of her mother: “Prince, I’m not here for a few days. If you have time, please visit my mother for me. She lives in the hospital alone, and I am afraid she will be lonely.”
The prince patted his chest and promised: “Boss, your mother is me and the monkey’s mother. Don’t worry, we will take turns to take care of her when you are away. Don’t be polite to us, just hang up.”
Perhaps not wanting to hear the word thank you from Ji Rou’s mouth, the prince hung up the phone first.
After finishing the conversation with the prince, Ji Rou immediately called Chai Zhide, the person in charge of the public relations department of Qianshui Company, hoping to inquire about information from him.
However, Ji Rou died just after the call was made. Chai Zhide had been helping Ji Chendong after his father’s accident, and he couldn’t believe what he said.
Ji Rou thought about it again. Who else in the company can trust. She thought about it one by one, but all the managers who were loyal to her father were taken away by Ji Chendong, and those who are now in the company are Ji Chendong. Minions.
It is impossible for her to get true and reliable information from them.
Ji Rou nestled back in the bed, holding her head and couldn’t think of who would save her, but the only thing she was sure of was that the person who helped her would definitely not be Qin Yinze.
Forget it, I don’t want to think about it, staying up all night, the dark circles are coming out, it is better to take a good sleep to make up for sleep, and leave everything else aside.
Just when Ji Rou was sleeping in a daze, she received another text message. She had seen the number of the text message, but she was not familiar with it. The content was-Miss Ji, can I trouble you with something? Chu Yuan.
To be honest, Ji Rou had no affection for Chu Yuan, or even hated him. If it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t let Qin Yinze ruin it that day.
But she has a strange heart. She wants to know what Chu Yuan wants her to help him, and what can she help him?
So she replied-what’s the matter?
Soon, Chu Yuan’s second piece of information was sent-Miss Ji, Jiangbei is experiencing a typhoon, with heavy wind and heavy rain. Please help me take care of my young master.
Ji Rou replied-Steward Chu, your young master is not a kid anymore, does it need someone to take care of it? Even if he needs someone to take care of him, why don’t you follow him? Why should I take care of him?
Soon, Chu Yuan called: “Miss Ji, I’m sorry to disturb you. Some things are not clear, please give me some time to listen to me.”
Chu Yuan’s tone was respectful, completely changed from what Ji Rou had previously remembered, which surprised her.
Ji Rou said, “Say it. I’ll listen.”
Chu Yuan sighed: “My young master had been injured in the past few years. He has recovered but the root of the disease has fallen. Once it is windy and rainy, the old injury will recur. Originally, these can be treated slowly, but he has Reluctant to take medicine, so the situation is getting worse and worse recently.
Ji Rou’s first reaction: “He has been injured? Is it serious?”
Chu Yuan said, “I was in a coma for a few months at the time, and this life was recovered.”
Ji Rou asked: “How did you get hurt?”
As for how he was injured, Chu Yuan never dared to disclose, so he had to lie: “Three years ago, the young master went to Europe to travel and was injured in a shooting incident. Miss Ji, you should know how much the temper of my young master. One point, he never allows others to say anything to him behind his back, and you should not know about this matter.”
Ji Rou said, “Well, I won’t talk about it. I’m too lazy to deal with his affairs.”
Chu Yuan said again, “Miss Ji, you still have to take care of him. He doesn’t listen to anyone’s words, and the doctor never prescribes it. Please let him take medicine so that he can recover well.”
“Chu Yuan, I think you have found the wrong person. If he doesn’t listen to your persuasion, how could he listen to me.” Ji Rou sighed, “Fate is his own. What more?”
Hearing what Ji Rou said, Chu Yuan was anxious. He really cared about Qin Yinze’s health. Even if Qin Yinze drove him away, he would not be able to break the friendship between their masters and servants for more than ten years: “Miss Ji, Please. I beg you, okay?”
A person so self-righteous and domineering with Qin Yinze every day, suddenly talking to her in a low voice like this, Ji Rou didn’t feel happy, but her heart was a little heavy: “I’ll try it, but I don’t guarantee I can get him to take medicine.”
Hearing that Ji Rou was willing to give it a try, Chu Yuan heaved a sigh of relief: “Miss Ji, you give me the address where you are, and I’ll let someone deliver the medicine.”
Ji Rou reported the address and hung up the phone, thinking of the scar not far below Qin Yinze’s heart. The injury Chu Yuan said should be the one.
After being shot so close to the heart, it was indeed the fate that could survive, but even if the fortune-telling was a big one, Qin Yinze couldn’t care less about his body.
Originally, I didn’t want to be troublesome, but I don’t know what happened. Ji Rou couldn’t let it go. After thinking about it, she decided to give it a try.
Even if she shows kindness, she saves lives and accumulates blessings for herself and her mother, hoping that the days to come will be smooth sailing and there will be no more disasters.

At the same time, Qin Yinze in another room also received a phone call from his assistant Su Qingyang.
Su Qingyang reported the situation of Qianshui Company to Qin Yinze on the phone: “Mr. Qin, Ji Chendong really took charge of Qianshui Company for only three months, but he has completely corroded Qianshui Company. Qianshui Company was in the past. Employees who can take care of them are evacuated and rushed away by him, leaving behind all the waste of food.”
Qin Yinze heard nothing, Su Qingyang continued to report: “Qianshui Company’s finances are now in a mess, and I owe a debt. Even if we don’t take action this time, Ji Chendong will not last long.”
After listening to the report, Qin Yinze said, “Regardless of the current situation of Qianshui Company, everything will be done according to the original plan, and you are solely responsible for it.”
Su Qingyang has too many doubts in his mind: “President Qin, I have been thinking about it, but I still don’t understand why we have to spend such a large sum to help Thousand Water Company.”
Su Qingyang has been working with Qin Yinze for three years. Every decision made by Qin Yinze in the past three years has allowed their company to make huge profits. But this time, not only is there no profit to make, but also Putting money back in, and not buying Qianshui Company.
Su Qingyang couldn’t understand this question.

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