My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1040 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1040

“Qin Yinze, Qin Yinze, even if your parents don’t love you, you still have to love yourself. If you do this, it is not yourself that is hurt.”
Ji Rou felt that this man Qin Yinze was really stupid sometimes, stupid enough to take risks with his body, and stupid enough to make fun of his life.
To be honest, she hates such people the most in her life. If he were really her son, she would definitely regret giving birth to him.
Although she hated him, she was still worried that he would be burned to death. She took his temperature from time to time, and guarded him for a few hours.
As the time got late, Ji Rou was also sleepy guarding. She didn’t know when she climbed onto his bed and lay beside him.
Therefore, Qin Yinze woke up and opened his eyes and saw a woman lying on his body. She embraced him with both hands and wrapped her feet around him, like an octopus.
What made him even more unbearable was that this woman was really ugly when she fell asleep. She didn’t know if she was still drooling, making his chest sticky.
He glanced at her disgustingly, trying to pull her off his body, but the woman’s body seemed to have super glue, the more he pushed her, the tighter she stuck him, and she was about to grow on his body.
“Dad, the roasted chicken legs are the best.” Ji Rou in her sleep suddenly licked her tongue and opened her mouth to bite on Qin Yinze’s chest.
This d**n woman, how long has she been hungry, can actually bite him like a roast chicken.
Qin Yinze sullenly, he just dragged her off his body, and Ji Rou woke up after such a drag, and blinked and looked at him with dim eyes for an instant.
After watching it for a while, she suddenly realized that she knew she was taking care of him with a high fever, so she leaned forward and pressed his forehead against his forehead.
However, she didn’t even post him, so Qin Yinze reached out and stopped: “Who let you climb into my bed? What did you do to me?”
Ji Rou was taken aback for a moment. She stayed up late to take care of him for most of the night, and now she was anxiously trying to find out how his fever was going back, but the heartless man thought she wanted to plot against him.
It’s so kind to be treated as a donkey liver and lungs by him!
He thought he was good-looking, would she be willing to climb on his bed?
She has no idea about him, okay?
Ji Rou rolled over and got out of the bed, and gave him a cold look: “Master Qin, don’t worry, I’m not as mean as you, and I won’t bully you when you are not conscious.”
Qin Yinze: “…”
Ji Rou turned around and poured a glass of warm water, put it on the bedside table, and said with a cold face: “The doctor said, people with a high fever should drink more water.”
Qin Yinze: “…”
Ji Rou turned around and went out: “Don’t thank me, I just don’t want to be charged with murder.”
After going out, Ji Rou slammed the door shut.
It’s not enough to just slam the door. Ji Rou kicked the door again and called to the man in the room: “Qin Yinze, don’t forget the f**k, it says me in the spouse column on your marriage certificate. His name. Even if I slept with you, it is reasonable and legal.”
She is really mad at her.
Even if he is such a human b*****d, even if he is naked and placed in front of her, she won’t think of him in the slightest.
Ji Rou returned to the room angrily, and nestled in the soft bed: “Hmph, Qin Beast, this lady will let you kill yourself, and see how capable you are.”
But it is strange to say that Qin Yinze followed a group of people wherever he went when he was in Minluo City. This time he came to Jiangbei without a follower.
What does he want to do?
What does he care about her? Ji Rou was even more angry, angry that she always thought about his things, and she was angry that she was worried that he was dead.
Ding Dong——
A new WeChat message popped up from her mobile phone. Ji Rou opened it and saw that it was sent by the prince who was far away in Minluo City-Boss, where have you been?
Ji Rou thought for a while, snapped a few words-degree! honey! month!
Soon, the prince sent another WeChat message-Boss, you said you are going to heaven, I believe it. You said you killed me on your honeymoon, I don’t believe it.
Ji Rou replied-brat, can you explain to me what you mean by this?
Dare to look down upon her, and when she goes back, she will take his skin off.
The prince replied——Boss, in this world, in addition to Feng Xuesheng, there will be men who will like you? It’s not that I despise you, it’s that you really don’t look like a woman.
Seeing the three words “Feng Xuechang”, Ji Rou’s eyes suddenly became warm. She admitted that the prince was right. The man in this world except her father was Xiang Lingfeng who treated her best.
In this life, she may never meet another “Xiang Lingfeng”, and there will never be a man who will love her like him.
Ji Rou didn’t reply, and the prince called: “Boss, it’s not that I want to expose your scars. I just want to say that there are things that should be put down.
Ji Rou took a breath: “I know.”
Even if she didn’t let it go, even if Xiang Lingfeng was still there, what could happen, there was a d**n Qin Yinze between her and him.
The prince said again: “Boss, what are you up to these days?”
Ji Rou said, “I should be back in a few days after I come out to get some air.”
The prince said: “The Ji Chendong group was arrested. You avenged the uncle under Jiuquan. You should go out to get some air and relax. However, remember to come back early. The monkey and I are still waiting for you to celebrate.”
Ji Rou was slouched and said: “Killing pays for life, it is justified, what is there to celebrate.”
The prince said: “We are celebrating that you brought back the company that your uncle worked hard to do, and that you officially took over the Qianshui Group.”
Ji Rou was surprised: “I formally accept the Qianshui Group? I said, Prince, where did you hear the message, why doesn’t she know such a big thing?”
The prince smiled: “Boss, the public relations department of your Thousand Water Company has held a press conference, and you will officially take office when you come back. The matter is public, you are still pretending to be in front of me, are we good brothers? ?”
Ji Rou was stunned.
She really didn’t know about this.
She only knew that the evidence of Ji Chendong’s murder was verified and arrested by the police. As for other things, she had no time to intervene, so Qin Yinze brought her to Jiangbei.
If this matter is true, then the person who can easily control this matter must be the famous “Mr. Qin” in Min Luocheng.
As for that “Mr. Qin”, Ji Rou has not been able to see it so far, and it is impossible for him to help her for no reason, unless that Mr. Qin is entrusted by him.
Among all the people Ji Rou knew, the only one who could see that Mr. Qin and beg him to do things was Qin Yinze.
But Qin Yinze is so bad, it is impossible for him to help her.
So who is it?

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