My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1038 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1038

Qin Yinze opened a luxurious suite with two bedrooms and one living room. The master bedroom was for him, and the second bedroom was naturally reserved for Ji Rou.
Both of them were soaked in the heavy rain. The first time they returned to the hotel, they went back to the room and took a hot shower.
Ji Rou had long hair, and it took some time to blow her hair after the shower. When she came out in the childish cartoon pajamas that she didn’t know who prepared her, Qin Yinze had already washed it and sat in the living room waiting for her.
He didn’t wear pajamas, only a bath towel. I don’t know if he showed it to her on purpose. She saw his strong eight-pack abs anyway.
What attracted Ji Rou’s eyes more than his abdominal muscles was that there was a scar near the bottom of his heart. The mark was not deep, but it could still be seen at a glance.
The scars so close to the heart are terrible.
Qin Yinze watched her staring at him, feeling inexplicably good, and the tone of his words was lighter than usual: “What are you looking at?”
Ji Rou sat down far away from him, and lifted her legs gracefully as he did, “I think you look good, so I can take a second look, can’t you?”
Her tone was a bit tugging and provocative, but the content of the words was likable, and Qin Yinze pointed to the side: “Drink the medicine in the cup.”
Ji Rou immediately got up and stepped back: “Do you want to poison me?”
Qin Yinze said solemnly: “Ji Rou, do you have delusions of persecution?”
Ji Rou sat back again: “With people like you, if you are not careful, I might be sold and I will help you count the money.”
Qin Yinze said again: “I am so bad in your heart?”
Ji Rou shrugged: “Otherwise?”
That said, he forced her and imprisoned her by his side. He is not bad, who is bad.
Seeing him not speaking, Ji Rou looked at the water cup: “Qin Yinze, maybe you really added poison.”
Qin Yinze said: “A medicine to prevent colds.”
“I’m in good health, I don’t catch a cold so easily, so I don’t need to drink it.” Ji Rou didn’t believe that he was so good. Anyway, she could not drink without drinking. She rubbed her belly, “I want to eat more than taking medicine.”
Her stomach matched her very well, and she groaned twice, and then she said: “I just ate some airplane meals on the plane, and now I have nothing to eat, and my hungry b*****s are stuck to my back.”
Ding Dong——
Qin Yinze still didn’t answer, the doorbell rang, he got up to open the door, and then pushed the dining car in by himself: “After eating, let the waiter take the dining car away.”
Seeing the fragrant food, Ji Rou’s eyes beamed straightly: “That, that…… Are these all you prepared for me?”
Qin Yinzezhen answered her, turned around and walked to the bedroom, Ji Rou’s pleasant voice came from behind: “Shao Qin, don’t you want to eat? Thank you very much!”
He didn’t respond to her, but he was thinking about a question. He just prepared dinner for her, and she could be so happy.
Is she so easily satisfied?
Why is that woman never moved by him?
He had done so many things for her, wishing to give her his life, but she still treated him like an enemy, and never took him to heart.
Why is that woman’s heart so cruel?
He asked himself this way many times, but he couldn’t find the answer.
Perhaps the answer was already in his heart, but he didn’t want to admit it.

The old wounds will recur every time it is windy and rainy. Especially today, in order to find Ji Rou, Qin Yinze was still exposed to the rain, and the situation became more serious.
He coughed for a long time, but the coughing didn’t stop. Ji Rou, who was eating happily in the hall, vaguely heard the coughing in the bedroom.
He caught a cold?
Ji Rou despised him a little bit, a big man, his body is too weak, not as thin as her little girl.
She continued to happily eat the delicacies on the plate. After eating plate by plate, she was full, and then asked the waiter to take away the dining car.
When she was about to go back to her room to rest, there were a few more coughs in the master bedroom, which sounded serious, and Ji Rou went over and knocked on his door.
When no one answered, she twisted the doorknob, but fortunately the door was not locked, she pushed in and said, “Master Qin, have you caught a cold?”
“Who let you in? Get out!” There was no light in the room, Ji Rou couldn’t see him, only heard a cold roar from him.
“Do you think I want to come in?” She didn’t listen to him coughing badly, worried that if something happened to him, she would be charged with murder by then.
Ji Rou slammed the door heavily, and turned her head back and said fiercely: “You can just hide in there and cough. If you cough to death, no one will come to see you.”
This kind of overcast and unpredictable, the man who murdered her at every turn, he was destined to be alone for a lifetime.
Ji Rou went back to the room and got under the covers to go to sleep, but she didn’t know what was wrong, she was obviously tired, but couldn’t sleep, her mind was messed up.
Qin Yinze coughed so badly that she could hear it across a room. In case he had a shortcoming, would she become the kind of hard-fated woman in the legend, who could kill anyone who marries.
Although she wanted him to die, but when she was with her, she would live in the shadows for half of her life in the future.
After reconsidering, Ji Rou boldly came to the door of Qin Yinze’s room again.
She put her ear on the door and listened to the movement. After listening for a long time, there was no more coughing inside.
Maybe, he is asleep.
Being able to sleep, it seems that the condition is not serious, so she also went back to sleep well.
Ji Rou turned around and left. After walking a few steps, he thought of something. Not long ago, he coughed so badly and he didn’t take medicine. Why did he suddenly stop coughing?
Could it be… he is dead?
Because of this thought, Ji Rou was shocked and suddenly felt that there was a cold wind blowing behind her, which was gloomy and scary.
That’s it!
The person living in the same suite has died. Should she call the police as soon as possible?
No, she still has to see the situation. In case he still has a breath, she still has to call 120 for rescue.
Although he is extremely hateful, it is a human life in any case.
Ji Rou pushed the door to enter, and suddenly a strong wind blew in. The wind was so strong that it almost blew her out of the room again. She held the door handle to stabilize her body.
“Looking for death!” This person coughed so badly, and left the floor-to-ceiling windows of the room open. It was windy and rainy. He really wanted to find death.
Please, if he wants to die, he can just die in a different place and time. Don’t choose the time to spend with her, okay?
There was still no light in the room. Ji Rou fumbled for a while before finding the switch. Turning on the light, she saw that there was no one on the bed.
Where did he go?
Ji Rou swept his eyes and scanned the sofa by the window. He sat quietly on the sofa, looking out the window, as if there was something attracting him in that direction.

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