My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1036 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1036

“Hey, little girl, what a coincidence, we met again.” It was the wretched man who harassed Ji Rou on the bus. He also brought people with him. It seemed that he had been following Ji Rou.
“Yes, what a coincidence!” Ji Rou smiled and answered calmly. It is not that she is not afraid, but that she must not be afraid at this time.
“It’s so late, it’s so dangerous if you don’t go home alone, let the brothers take you home.” The wretched man slowly approached, gave his comrade a look, let the others disperse, and surrounded Ji Rou.
Ji Rou smiled and said sweetly: “Okay, I’m in a heavy rain and it’s hard to go home, so I’ll trouble you brothers.”
Ji Rou agreed readily and calmly. She didn’t show any panic at all, but it made the people around her a little worried.
People like them are just wandering around for a day, meeting young and beautiful girls, cheating if they can cheat, stealing if they can’t cheat, and then sending them to some place to make money.
Things were done shamelessly, but they were all done secretly, and they didn’t have the courage to go, especially they were worried that they would provoke people who could not be offended.
The wretched man asked: “Are you really alone?”
“Yeah, I’m the only one, no one else. Brothers, are you going to send me off together?” Ji Rou pointed in a random direction, “My house is right there. It’s not far. You can go back on foot. How many Brother, please go back with me.”
“Little sister, what’s your last name?” One of the few people felt as if they had seen her somewhere, but couldn’t remember the details.
Ji Rou replied calmly: “Aren’t you going to take me home, I’ll tell you my last name when I get home. Oh no… let my dad tell you that he likes making new friends.”
The man who asked the question just now suddenly leaned into the ear of the wretched man and said, “Brother Biao, is this girl from Shengtian?”
“How is it possible?” Hearing the word Shengtian, the wretched man was shocked. D**n, if he provokes Shengtian’s people, they will die without a place to bury them.
The man glanced back at Ji Rou, then moved to the ear of the wretched man, and whispered: “The news of the wedding of the Shengtian daughter has been spreading vigorously these days. I saw a photo that day, but it hasn’t been saved yet. It was deleted by the network monitor. I vaguely remember that Shengtian’s daughter was like this.”
The wretched man was suspicious: “This windy and heavy rain, the daughter of Shengtian will go shopping alone in the street in the middle of the night?”
“I guess I quarreled with my family. Brother Biao, she is pointing to the direction of the house…” The man motioned to the wretched man to look at that direction, which is Nuoyuan, the location of the super wealthy in Jiangbei. “Brother Biao, there are beautiful girls everywhere. I don’t think we should take this risk anymore.”
Although there are beautiful girls everywhere, it is the first time I have seen a wretched man in recent years who are so beautiful and can make people scratch their hearts at a glance.
The wretched man has deceived people everywhere these years, and it is rare to encounter such a good guy. He knew in his heart that he would be able to sell her at a good price, and he was reluctant to let her go easily.
“Brother Biao, think about it, is money important or life important?” The man reminded him in a low voice, worried that he would suffer as well.
“Little sister, what’s your surname?” The wretched man didn’t want to give up easily, but wanted to ask to understand, if she said anything else, then he wouldn’t care.
At that time, even if the wrong person was arrested and the Qin family came to the door, he was not to blame, she didn’t even say that she was from the Qin family.
“Brothers, why are you so curious about my surname?” Ji Rou was so flexible, she just watched them lower their heads and whispered, she was guessing what they were talking about, and when she heard them asking her surname over and over again, she Guessed that they should be confirming her identity.
These people were probably the scumbag Qin Yinze who came to bully her. It wasn’t enough that the scumbag bullied her, and now I want to throw her to others.
She thought that as long as she said her surname was Ji, she would be taken away by these people immediately, so she could never tell her real name.
The wretched man asked, “Little sister, talk about it, and I will take you home if you tell me a few brothers. Make sure to take you home safely.”
Ji Rou smiled slightly and blinked again: “Since you are so curious, then I will tell you my last name…”
“Her surname is Qin!” Suddenly, a cold male voice came from behind the crowd, and then a tall man appeared in their sight.
Hummers are in society and know people best. Just by looking at this person, they know that they are not easy to provoke, especially when they heard the word “Qin”, a few people are just like birds and beasts.
Qin Yinze came to Ji Rou and looked at her coldly.
He is taller than her, and he has a strong aura. Standing in front of Ji Rou made her feel depressed, but she didn’t want to just talk like that. She curled her lips and said with a smile: “Shao Qin, it’s you! What a coincidence! , I didn’t expect to meet you here.”
Seeing the culprit who made herself so embarrassed and almost carried by the gangsters, Ji Rou was so angry that she stopped fighting, maybe she was angry and calm, and she could still talk to him like this.
“Yes, Miss Ji, it’s a coincidence. I didn’t expect to meet you here.” This woman is really looking for death. Not only did she give her phone number to others, she also asked other women to find him. Can’t wait to push him to another woman?
If he hadn’t arrived in time, would she have left with those people who were not like humans or ghosts? He knew that this wild woman really did something like that.
Ji Rou blinked and smiled innocently and sweetly: “It’s so late, why Qin Dashao doesn’t hold the beauty to sleep, so what is he doing here?”
Qin Yinze angered and laughed back: “The weather is fine, come out for a walk and relax.”
“Yeah, the weather is so good, you should come out and walk more.” Ji Rou couldn’t wait to spit on Xingzi, opening her eyes and telling lies is better than her.
To be sure, in this windy and rainy weather, you might be able to pick up a few homeless beauties and go back. This weather is really good weather.
“Miss Ji, how about you? It’s so late, and you’re taking a walk outside?” He was also smiling, but the smile didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes, and the smile was gloomy and a little crippled.
“What do you mean?” She was ashamed to ask why she was outside. If it weren’t for him, would she be so embarrassed?
“Say?” Qin Yinze sneered, anger flickering in his eyes, and the two hands hanging on his side were held and held, so that he could control himself without stepping forward and twisting the wild woman’s neck.
“Don’t say you don’t know.” Ji Rou was also smiling, but gritted her teeth. If it weren’t because she couldn’t beat him, she had beaten him so hard that his father didn’t even know him.
Two people, four eyes can almost hit a fire in the air, and no one wants to take a step back.

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