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Chapter: 1035

Ji Rou’s family is in good economic conditions. She was held in her hands by her parents since she was a child. She specially hired a maid to take care of her daily life. She lived to be twenty years old. She had never been in the kitchen to wash dishes.
This time, I washed the bowls for two hours, and never stopped on the way. It really exceeded the limit of her physical strength, and she was so tired that she had a sore back and leg cramps.
Ji Rou saw his hard-earned salary of 30 yuan more than a few thousand yuan. Only today did I realize that there are so many people in this world that it is not easy to make money.
For the sake of life, for the dream, for many reasons, no matter how tiring and hard it is, it must be done seriously, without a single complaint.
Sitting on the bus to the city, holding the ten dollars left over from the ticket purchase, Ji Rou scolded Qin Yinze for the big abnormality in her heart. She even silently cursed him for being choked to death by drinking water.
“Little girl, you are not a native of Jiangbei.” A wretched man who didn’t look like a good person squeezed to sit beside Ji Rou, staring straight at her chest.
When encountering this kind of rascal, if it were in Minluo City, Ji Rou would have slapped and slapped it, but now in a strange city, she has to restrain herself. In case she provokes the local snakes in Jiangbei City, she would not have enough heads if she had ten heads.
She just hides if she can’t afford it. There are not many people in the car, so she just changes her position. She hid, and the wretched man followed up: “This is the first time I came to Jiangbei? My brother will be a guide for you and take you out to play.” As she said, the wretched man put his hand on her thigh. Ji Rou had such a hot temper. He really made him bullied, and slapped off the dirty hand: “I’m tired of life, looking for death!”
Ji Rou used to take the prince and the others in fights before , and she had a fierce energy on her body, especially with this sentence. Murderous, he just scared the wretched man back.
These bitches are scumbags, knowing that they bully the weak and follow him hard, and he is scared to run faster than a rabbit.
The wretched man avoided, Ji Rou calmed down and looked sideways at the beautiful scenery on both sides of the road and the tall buildings standing on both sides of the road.
She couldn’t help sighing that the city of Jiangbei is worthy of being a new world-class city, full of vitality and carrying the dreams of so many people.
Not long ago, she and her parents were planning when to come to Jiangbei together, but because of the distance, her father’s work was so busy and delayed until her father died unexpectedly, and the family failed to set foot on Jiangbei together. This hot land.
Now, she is here, but she is a little embarrassed. This embarrassment can be a lesson she can’t forget for most of her life from now on.
“Dad, Xiao Rou encountered a little setback, but it doesn’t matter, Xiao Rou can overcome it.” She said to her dead father in her heart, actually cheering herself up.
Isn’t it just living in a foreign country? Isn’t it that I don’t have a passport and I’m penniless? What does it matter? It’s hard to see her. She must be able to stand through her teeth and make the scumbag Qin Yinze look at her with admiration.
It took about an hour for the bus to reach the downtown area of ​​Jiangbei.
Ji Rou got out of the car and looked around, surrounded by tall buildings, either an office building or a supermarket. She was not familiar with the place where she was born.
The stomach screamed twice to remind her that it’s time to eat. But she only had ten dollars in her pocket, and she couldn’t buy a burger at KFC.
Forget it, you can’t die from a hungry meal, so keep your money, and you may be able to respond to an emergency at a critical moment.
The problem of the hungry stomach has not been solved, and then the problem came again. Seeing that it was getting dark, there was no money on him, and I couldn’t stay in a hotel.
Ji Rou tried to find a temporary job in a shopping mall, but she needed a passport and had to follow the company’s normal recruitment procedures. After these were completed, it would take at least two or three days before she could go to work.
Let her wait for another two or three days, it is estimated that she really starved to death in the street, at that time, Qin Yinze’s inferior animal can’t laugh to death.
Now she, without the documents to prove her identity, no mobile phone, no money, no bank card, can’t ask Min Luocheng’s friends for help.
Standing under the tall buildings, watching the crowds of people coming and going, Ji Rou even thought about how to go to the sky bridge to do a show, but it is a pity that she has a poor tone, and singing can kill people.
“Ji Rou, don’t be afraid, you will definitely think of a way.” She is a little worried now, but she keeps cheering herself up.
“Of course, why stand here in a daze?” Suddenly a famous woman stretched out her hand and dragged Ji Rou away, and said as she walked, “Your brother Lie is not a little boy. If you don’t accompany him for a long time, he can’t lose it.”
“No. …Who are you?” Ji Rou shook off the woman’s hand and hurriedly distanced herself from her, “Trafficking traffickers?”
“What?” The woman had just walked in a hurry, and she might not take Ji Rou seriously. After a while, I knew that I had pulled the wrong person, so I was busy apologizing, “I’m sorry, I confessed to the wrong person.”
” I admitted to the wrong person?” Ji Rou obviously didn’t believe such a naive excuse, “You traffickers, do too much. Bad things must not end well.”
“I really admit the wrong person. I just glanced at you, and I feel that you are very similar to my family, but if you look carefully, you and her are not at all different.” The woman looked at Ji Rou, not only The dressing style is similar to that of their family’s Ranran, and she looks a bit like that, she just admitted the wrong person.
“Then it’s okay.” Regardless of whether the other party was real or fake, Ji Rou didn’t want to entangle with strangers too much, and it was important to find a way to solve the accommodation problem.
Ji Rou turned and left, and the woman followed up again: “Little girl, do you have something to worry about? Tell me and see if I can help you.”
“It’s okay.” Ji Rou never believed that a stranger would be right for no reason. She is good, especially in unfamiliar cities in unfamiliar countries, you still have to be more cautious.
Ji Rou speeded up her pace and walked towards the crowded shopping mall, where the bad guys wouldn’t dare to attack her.
Ji Rou went around in the mall again. Seeing that the time is getting late, she hasn’t found a solution to the accommodation, so she is entangled with each other.
There are even more unlucky things. I don’t know when the wind is blowing and it starts to rain.
Ji Rou heard that a typhoon made landfall on an island hundreds of kilometers away from Jiangbei in the morning, and Jiangbei City had long issued a typhoon warning signal. This wind would blow overnight and rain again.
At this time, the mall began to broadcast Shakes home, and then the mall’s artificial voice kept looping and saying that the day’s business hours were about to end.
People, when you are unlucky, drinking cold water will make your teeth jam. Ji Rou feels that ever since she met Qin Yinze, she has been living the unlucky days that drinking cold water will make her teeth jam.
Ji Rou came out of the mall. The wind was so strong that it could blow people away, and the rain was so strong that it could wash people away. Fortunately, there was still a place to keep out wind and rain at the gate of the mall.

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