My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1033 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1033

Qin Yinze was immersed in his thoughts and kept moving forward. When he recovered, the person next to him had disappeared long ago. He looked around and saw no one.
This d**n stupid woman, her passport is with him, and she doesn’t have any money on her. Does she think she can escape?
Qin Yinze picked up her mobile phone and called Ji Rou, and found that her mobile phone was also in his bag.
She had better run away for this stupid woman, and don’t let him catch her so quickly, or he would have to strip her.

After holding back for more than half an hour, after solving the physical problems, Ji Rou felt refreshed.
It is said that people have three urgency, and it is really fatal to get anxious.
Ji Rou put on her pants and was about to open the door, but heard a familiar voice calling: “I suspect that the man is not a man. I stuffed him with a card, and he even asked me to apologize to his wife. Auntie gave someone a stuffed for the first time. Card, how come you meet this kind of scum.”
This familiar voice is no longer gentle and sweet, but a bit harsh: “I think he looks good and his temperament is good, so he stuffed him with a card. He would actually let the company fire me because his wife was dissatisfied. A man who obeys his wife like this, what else can he have besides a good-looking skin? Dead man! Stinky man! B***h! I curse him for never standing up! Even seeing the tofu in the bowl can’t eat it. !”
The person on the other end of the phone should be comforting the woman. Ji Rou heard her and said again: “Yeah…you are right, it is also possible that the man is not good. It is also possible that he doesn’t like women at all, and the woman next to him helps him Cover up, he follows her in everything.”
It may be the first time flight attendant Dai Li has encountered this kind of thing. Ji Rou felt the anger in her tone even in the toilet cubicle.
Ji Rou sighed, how could he also be a worker in the service industry, professionally trained, how could he make such a loud noise at the airport in work clothes, it would be no good if he was reported again.
Ji Rou has done nothing good in her life, but this time she didn’t know if she had hit something evil, so she wanted to be a good person and help Dai Li.
She pushed the door out, and Dai Li saw her at a glance, shocked and confused: “You, why are you here? Are you eavesdropping on me?”
Ji Rou took her finger away and said without any haste, “Ms. Dai, this is a public place. You are calling so loudly. Do I need to eavesdrop on you? I’m honest and honest. Listening to you.”
Dai Li was angry: “You…you…”
Ji Rou reached under the faucet, washing her hands, and said, “When you call and scold someone, don’t you see if there is someone else here? If there is someone you scolded in the toilet, do you want it again? Have been complained?”
Although the enemy is the culprit for her being fired this time, Dai Li thinks what she said is quite reasonable.
She was indeed too angry just now, and she didn’t pay attention to the occasion for a while, and it wasn’t just that she ran into the culprit who caused her suffering.
If this woman with small belly and chicken intestines complains to her again, her job will be impossible to keep.
Hearing someone scolding Qin Yinze, Ji Rou was happy from the bottom of her heart. Her smile couldn’t hide her happiness. Dai Li was so angry that she said, “What are you laughing at? I think it’s fun to make me!”
Ji Rou shrugged: “If I say that I laugh because I think you are good at cursing, do you believe it or not?”
Dai Li wanted to tear away the impulse of the woman in front of her. She looked pure and lovely, but everything she said could be maddening.
“Don’t stare at me.” Ji Rou explained to others patiently, “In fact, I am not a husband and wife relationship with him. He is asking you for trouble, just wanting to frame me and make you hate me. He wants to kill me all day long. .”
“Why did he do this?” Dai Li was a victim. Of course, he wanted to figure out the cause and effect of the incident, and maybe he could get the leader to retract the email that fired her.
“Why? What is the need for a person like him? He is happy for everything he does.” The more Ji Rou said, the more angrily. “Look, you are kind enough to give him a card today. If he doesn’t make an appointment, it’s fine. Is it perverted to make you embarrassed and make you lose your job?”
What’s more abnormal is that he turned and pushed her to the cusp of the storm.
Ji Rou’s remarks were about Dai Li’s heart. Dai Li had forgotten that the woman in front of him was the person she hated to the death not long ago, and nodded desperately: “Yes, he is a perverted person. It made me lose my job.”
“But who made him have a rich dad who looks so good-looking and has arrogant capital.” Ji Rou slammed Dai Li and whispered, “Do you still want to make an appointment with him? If you think, I will Give you his phone number.”
Dai Li gritted her teeth and said: “I’m pooh! That kind of scumbag is given to grandma, and grandma doesn’t need it… But I still want to ask him.”
She saw a man for the first time, and the first time she learned how to stuff a card, she was unwilling to complain.
Ji Rou was puzzled: “Why?”
Dai Li said fiercely: “Get it, shake him again to relieve your anger!”
“That’s a great idea of ​​you! That kind of s**t just owes it!” Ji Rou clapped her hands with excitement.
She and Dai Li both had the feeling of seeing each other late, and the two planned to make a combination, the name was [Death Men’s League].
Ji Rou added: “Second-generation ancestors like him have the psychology of hunting and chasing. If they look down on them, they like to be unable to chase them. If you want him to look at you differently, you have to Hold the distance well, to make him feel itchy, then it is not a matter of grasping to catch her.”
Dai Libai glanced at Ji Rou: “Such an old-fashioned method is necessary for you to teach me? Tell you, the men who have been fascinated by the old lady over the years are one by one. It’s just that the old lady has a high-sightedness, and there is no one to see. ”
Ji Rou poured cold water on her: “But you are stumbled today.”
Speaking of this, Dai Li was angry: “Don’t say so much, give me his phone number. I know how to do the next thing.”
“I just like your refreshing personality.” Ji Rou happily left Qin Yinze’s phone number to Dai Li, and did not forget to exhort him when he left: “His personality is uncertain, you have to pay attention. If you can’t get it, just beat him up so that his father doesn’t even know him.”
Ji Rou thought triumphantly, if Dai Li could s****h the hot potato from Qin Yinze, it would be great, then she would be able to fly freely.
When Ji Rou left with her front foot, Dai Li immediately picked up her mobile phone and sent a message to Qin Yinze-honey, half an hour later, BIGO Cafe, No. 88 Heping Road, see you or leave!

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