My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1032 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1032

“How dare you!” Qin Yinze wanted to plug her mouth with something, looked around, but couldn’t find any tools. Seeing that she opened her mouth and called out an annoying person’s name, Qin Yinze was in a hurry. He bowed his head and gagged Ji Rou’s words.
Her lips were very soft and there was a little sweetness. Qin Yinze was only going to gag her mouth, but after tasting her taste, she suddenly got out of control and involuntarily deepened the kiss.
In her sleep, she was very honest, unlike when she was awake, she didn’t open her teeth and dance her claws, and even cooperated with him to kiss her subconsciously, as gentle as a cute little sheep.
She is gentle and cute, not only cute, but also very attractive.
Especially the face that is so pink that it can squeeze out water, it makes people want to take a few bites.
Thinking that Qin Yinze did that, he opened his mouth and gently rubbed her face.
But who expected Ji Rou in her sleep to be unsatisfied, and she pressed close to him, hoping that he would give her more.
Qin Yinze moved his lips down, pressed her four lips again, and kissed her tenderly.
Ji Rou cooperated very well… It turned out that kissing can still be like this, gentle and lingering… Both of them are immersed in the strong feelings that each other brings to them, and can automatically get rid of all the disturbances in the outside world.
A gentle and lingering kiss made Qin Yinze unwilling to stop, until he felt that he was about to suffocate her, and then he let go of her.
Seeing her red and swollen lips being kissed by him, he felt an unprecedented sense of conquest.
He likes that this woman like a wild cat turns into a little lazy cat with paws in his arms.
The lazy, gentle, nestled in his arms just like that, clinging to him, as if he were her heaven and her haven.
She looks like this, inexplicably wanting to make people want to protect her under the wings and prevent anyone from bullying her.
Who knows, when he was looking at her red and swollen lips and fantasizing, between her so beautiful lips he called out another man’s name again without warning: “Brother Feng…”
Qin Yinze’s face that had just improved was dark again, gloomy and scary: “D**n woman!”
This is how a man’s self-esteem is. Whether he likes the woman in his arms or not, he can’t tolerate her thinking of other men in his arms.
He instinctively reached out and pressed her lips, not allowing her to open her mouth again.
He didn’t want to say from her mouth a name he didn’t want to hear, even if her relationship with that man didn’t develop their intimacy to such a degree.
However, Ji Rou in her sleep had scruples and fears. There were only people she likes in her dreams, and she couldn’t help being more capricious.
She hugged his hand and touched his hand to her face: “Brother Feng, I like you to kiss me like this.”
She waited for a long, long time. Before, he only kissed her forehead, and only once kissed her lips. He still kissed like a little bit.
Just like this, full of strong possessiveness, so strong, and the kiss so deep, it made her feel the shock of the kiss, this is the first time.
It may be that she has a wild factor in her bones. When she was kissed like that, she never thought about running away, and never thought about being shy. What she thinks is what she expresses, accept him and follow He enjoys the kiss together.
Hearing what Ji Rou said, Qin Yinze’s powerful male self-esteem was provoked, and his eyes became bloodthirsty, as if he was about to swallow her.
This d**n woman!
I have registered for marriage with him, sitting beside him enjoying his care, but thinking of another man in my mind, how can I keep people from getting angry?
Qin Yinze stared at her, thinking that she was having a tryst with her lover in her dream. His anger was not coming, and he reached out and pinched her nose to wake her up.
Ji Rou was dreaming. Suddenly she couldn’t get out of her breath and suffocated. She didn’t know where she was for a while. She blinked her big Shui Lingling eyes as if she was saying, “Who are you? Who am I?” Where am I?”
Qin Yinze gritted his teeth and told her: “You are flying in the sky!”
She nodded stupidly: “Oh… are you flying too?”
Stupid woman!
As long as she didn’t think of other men in her mind, Qin Yinze didn’t bother to care about her, closing his eyes and regaining his spirit.
But for a long time, the woman beside her fell asleep again. She didn’t know that she had annoyed him just now.
What Qin Yinze couldn’t bear was that the woman’s sleeping face was really ugly, and she clung to him as soon as she turned over, clutching him tightly like an octopus.
Instinctively, he wanted to reach out and push her away, but the raised hand didn’t push her, but gently landed on her back, pressing her into his arms with slight force.

By plane, it took nearly eight hours to reach their destination, an international metropolis—Jiangbei!
Because of the time difference, they set off at noon in Minluo City, and arrived in Jiangbei at noon in Jiangbei time. The sun was scorching in the sky.
Ji Rou is least fond of traveling in midsummer, because in most parts of the world, the weather at this time is hot.
On a hot day, Ji Rou wished to put herself in the refrigerator to freeze, freeze for a summer, and then thaw it out when the weather was cold.
Looking at the hot tarmac outside the cabin, Ji Rou was still blowing air-conditioning in the plane, and he could imagine how much he would get out of the cabin.
The plane does not arrive directly at the port of call, and you have to take a bus from the apron to the terminal.
When I got off the plane to the bus, there was a short distance to be exposed to the hot sun. Ji Rou felt that she was about to be scorched: “Master Qin, are you not afraid of heat?”
Qin Yinze took care of her and walked quickly to the bus, leaving her far behind.
Qin Yinze was sitting in the first row of the bus. He hadn’t said a word since he got off the plane, and his mind was all about the Qin family.
This is the first time he has returned to Jiangbei in three years after he left the Qin family, and returned to the city where they adopted him. Naturally, he was full of thoughts.
He knew that the Qin family didn’t look for him on the bright side, but as long as he used Qin Yinze’s identity to step into the boundary of Jiangbei, even if they didn’t look for him, he would be exposed to them.
So he came back with a fake identity, and he didn’t dare to make any preparations. Whether it was entering or exiting the customs or taking the plane, the arrangements were the same as ordinary passengers.
Before he was ready to face the Qin family, he didn’t plan to go back, and didn’t plan to let them know his current situation.
“I’ll go to the bathroom. You wait for me at the place where you pick up your luggage.” When the bus arrived at the terminal building, Ji Rou hurriedly got out of the car and walked to the nearest bathroom, without noticing that Qin Yinze didn’t even hear her. the words said.

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