My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1031 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1031

Because there are so many fans of the original work, this time the film adaptation was written by the original author, and the famous director added powerful and handsome actors, so the preparatory period received considerable attention.
Ji Rou is a loyal fan of the original novel. When the film was filming, she and her classmates visited the class. She used the tidbits on the Internet every day before the release and helped to promote it for free. She is a typical representative of fanatical fans.
Because she likes it, Xiang Lingfeng bought two tickets online a few days before the movie was released, and asked her to watch the premiere in the early morning of August 8.
The two of them grew up together, and Ji Rou quietly liked him again. He asked her to watch a movie. Of course, she agreed without saying anything.
The weather has been fine that day, but it rained suddenly at night. Ji Rou came out of the subway station, without an umbrella, and was soaked into a messy chicken.
The boy who no one wanted to like saw his embarrassed appearance, and Ji Rou, who had already arrived at the entrance of the cinema, sent Xiang Lingfeng a WeChat message, saying that he had a paper to rush and he could not keep the appointment.
Soon, she received his reply: It doesn’t matter. The paper is important, and the movie can be scheduled again next time. If you need help, remember to tell me.
Looking at the message he sent, Ji Rou felt sad and felt that he shouldn’t lie to him, but the deceptive message had already been sent, and she could no longer appear in front of him, leaving a bad impression on him.
After thinking about it again and again, Ji Rou went to the cafe next to her and sat down in a place where she could see the exit of the cinema. She guarded quietly. When the movie ended, she saw Xiang Lingfengda pulling his head out.
She knew that his loss must be because she didn’t make the appointment on time. A pair of young lovers next to each other held hands, and he was alone, how lonely.
She couldn’t see that he was sad the most. Seeing how sad he was, she didn’t care how embarrassed she was and rushed out and stood in front of him.
When he saw her, Ji Rou would never forget the gleam in his eyes—surprise! Excited!
She made an exaggerated grimace at him: “Brother Feng, are you happy or not? Surprise or surprise?”
Seeing her in a panic, Xiang Lingfeng said sternly: “Why are the clothes wet?”
Ji Rou stuck out her tongue and whispered, “It’s raining, so it’s wet.”
He took off his compassionate shirt and handed it to her hand: “Go to the bathroom to change a dress. I’ll take you home if I change it.”
She smiled stupidly: “Yeah.”
That night, she could not see the premiere, and the next day he grabbed the ticket to watch it with her. His care for her is always everywhere, from childhood to most.
However, she didn’t know why, in their best years, he would suddenly disappear from her life, and she would never find him again.
Thinking of the person she liked, Ji Rou’s heart was always fragile. She didn’t know when she shed tears, until a big palm came out and turned off the movie.
There were still tears in Ji Rou’s eyes, but she was able to return to her first-class combat state the moment Qin Yinze provoked her: “What do you want to do?”
He handed her a paper towel: “Wipe your tears away. In this world, there is nothing that can be solved by crying.”
“You need to take care of it!” Ji Rou grabbed the tissue and wiped her tears, then stared at him fiercely, troublesome guy, what he knows.
He didn’t know why she was crying, what she was afraid of, or what she liked, but he became her legal husband.
And the sunny boy who knew everything about her, knew what she liked, knew what she was afraid of, and cared about her everywhere had completely disappeared from her life.
Thinking about it, I think her life is a big joke, it’s ridiculous.
At this time, the flight attendant personally delivered a meal and said politely: “Madam, our flight time in the air is estimated to be eight hours, and the flight time is very long. This is the meal we prepared for you. I hope you like it. If you need it again, please call us in time.”
“Oh, thank you!” Ji Juu thanked him, only to realize that no one else had it, and only gave her food. “Is this something you prepared specially for me? Because of that incident?”
The flight attendant glanced at Qin Yinze quietly. He didn’t ask her to say that he ordered someone to prepare it for her. She didn’t dare to say it, so she had to follow Ji Rou’s words: “Yes. I hope you can calm down.”
Ji Rou was angry. It was Qin Yinze who was angry at planting things, not at the flight attendant. She smiled and said, “I’m not angry anymore. I’m causing you trouble.”
The flight attendant said politely: “It is our aim to satisfy passengers.”
Ji Rou smiled, she didn’t answer any more, and turned to ask Qin Yinze: “It looks delicious, would you like to eat it?”
“No need.” He had breakfast in the morning, but she didn’t. He had someone prepare it for her before getting on the plane.
“It’s because you don’t eat it yourself, then I’m not welcome.” Don’t say, she was really hungry, the meal was delivered just in time.
The meals she ate on the plane before were not very delicious, but today this one tastes good. It should be because she is worried that she will make trouble again and give her special care.
After eating, Ji Rou did not pay attention to her image, and stretched her waist in front of Qin Yinze: “I’m full. You will ask the flight attendant to take things away. I’m sleepy and want to sleep.”
She adjusted the height of the chair, took up a thin blanket to cover her body, and fell asleep.
When she fell asleep, she slept very deep, and snored snoringly, completely ignoring the gold master sitting next to her.
She ignored the gold master, but after she fell asleep, the gold master’s gaze settled on her. She hadn’t moved away for more than half an hour, and she didn’t know what he was thinking.
When she slept in a sleeping position for too long and was tired, Ji Rou turned over and continued to sleep, but when she turned over, the little blanket she was covering slipped off.
Qin Yinze had quick eyes and quick hands, grabbed it when the quilt fell off, and put it on her body again.
It may be that the chair is uncomfortable to sleep. Ji Rou can’t find a comfortable sleeping position. After turning over several times in his sleep, the thinnest blanket is falling off.
She slept the whole time, and didn’t know that the quilt she was covering had fallen off several times, and Qin Yinze quietly covered her several times.
She didn’t even know that when she was asleep, she was especially dishonest. She slapped Qin Yinze’s face with a backhand and a slap, causing him to bite his teeth and wish to strangle her.
If it weren’t for her to sleep like a dead pig, Qin Yinze would even suspect that she was pretending to be asleep in order to get him revenge.
“Brother Feng…” In her sleep, she suddenly murmured a name, making the man who was staring at her suddenly black.
Qin Yinze’s face turned dark, and he warned in a deep voice: “Ji Rou, you call again to try.”
As if yelling at him, Ji Rou h****d her lips and shouted three words again: “Brother Feng…”

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