My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1029 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1029

After filling her with water, Qin Yinze looked forward again. No matter what Ji Rou said, he turned a deaf ear to it.
Ji Rou snorted and said silently: “Take something, Feng Shui turns around, one day you will get bad luck, don’t blame grandma for stepping on your feet at that time.”
“Ouch…” For a few seconds without complacency, Ji Rou was squeezed fiercely. This person is really perverted, so there is no such thing as a squeeze.
She glared at him viciously, but he looked at the front of the car indifferently, as if he was not the one who just pinched her. This silly b*****d, there are only two of them in the back seat of the car, who else besides him?
Does he really think she has a bag in her head?
Ji Rou certainly didn’t know that in the eyes of Master Qin, her IQ was not that she had a bag in her head, but that she couldn’t beat a pig that ate, slept, and ate.
Of course, because he didn’t know, Ji Rou still proudly scolded him for being stupid, cursing that he would die because of being stupid one day.

In more than half an hour, the car arrived at Minluo International Airport.
When Ji Rou thought Qin Yinze would directly carry her on the plane, Qin Yinze took her to the special VIP lounge, where someone had already prepared “beautiful” clothes for her.
The reason why Ji Rou put the adjective beautiful in quotation marks is because the clothes are beautiful, but it is not the style she likes.
The pink color is the hobby of teenage girls, not her love. She is already 20 years old and she likes more mature and simple colors.
This time, Qin Yinze didn’t need to tell him anything. Ji Rou already knew what to do. After all, she wanted to change her wet clothes more than him, or she would go out to see people with a face.
After changing her clothes, Ji Rou simply tidied up. A girl like her with a natural beauty can fascinate people even when she goes out without makeup without makeup.
Ji Rou was still very satisfied with her appearance. After she came out, Qin Yinze didn’t even give her a straight look, and then she was dragged onto the plane.
The plane is not the special plane that Ji Rou imagined that the super local tyrants would take, but only business VIP seats. It seems that this young master is quite grounded.
Ji Rou was dragged by Qin Yinze to her seat. Just after sitting down, a flight attendant came to receive them: “Sir, my name is Dai Li, and I will serve you during your flight today. What’s the need? Please call me anytime.”
The beautiful flight attendant slightly bent over, her s**y body shook in front of Qin Yinze, and quietly stuffed Qin Yinze a card with her phone number on it.
“F**k me!” Ji Rou was so surprised that she could put an egg in her mouth. Are the current flight attendants so courageous? Dare to stuff a note to the man in front of her “original partner” in such a fair manner.
Although she didn’t want to admit it, she couldn’t change her current identity as Qin Yinze’s wife. Is it because Qin Yinze looks down on her, so any cat or dog can bully her?
Ji Rou suddenly felt suffocated in her chest, unable to spit out, and swallow. She was so sad that she wanted to open the skylight to breathe.
She wanted to see how Qin Yinze, a man who has no bottom line, no morals, and can have a shot with anyone, would h**k up the flight attendant just now.
Ji Rou turned her head and leaned on the chair, sulking silently. Qin Yinze suddenly waved and called the flight attendant: “Are you the person in charge of the flight attendant?”
The flight attendant nodded, showing a standard eight-tooth smile: “Yes, sir. May I help you?”
Qin Yinze’s eyes sank, and he said coldly: “Let your flight attendant over there.” He pointed to the person who just gave him the card, “Let her come here.”
Ji Rou: “…”
There is still no time to sit still, he is about to recruit other flight attendants to “wait”.
Ji Rou rolled her eyes, and realized that this man should be the kind of scum who never refused to come.
She didn’t understand. Since he saw a woman and wanted to sleep, why did he get a copy of the marriage certificate with her, or even take her out?
Being single is not more convenient for everything, and it can be fair.
Ji Rou felt that he must have deliberately disgusted her.
As the staff in the service industry, especially flight attendants like them, as long as the customers are not raising some unreasonable things, they can meet the needs of customers in the first time.
The flight attendant smiled and said politely: “Sir, please wait a moment, I’ll let her come right away.”
The flight attendant pressed the walkie-talkie hanging on his body: “Dai Li, come over right away.”
The cabin of the plane was only that big. Soon Dai Li came over, and she was a little excited when she thought that it was the man who had stuffed her card looking for her.
But as soon as Qin Yinze spoke, the smile on Dai Li’s face became a little uncontrollable: “Miss, please apologize to my wife in front of your flight attendant.”
Ji Rou: “…”
Apologizing to his wife, is it her?
If so, Ji Rou felt that the suffocating breath that had just been blocked in her chest dissipated, and some villains were so small and depressed.
After the seizure, she felt that she was very promising again.
She was provoked by others, and she should have been apologized.
It can be said that you can see all kinds of complaints every day. The flight attendant has long been offended. She politely consulted: “Sir, can you tell me how she offended your lady?”
Ji Rou nodded vigorously from the side: “Yes, yes, you have to talk about it. You must show strong evidence, or you will be planted.”
I don’t know why, Ji Rou suddenly looked forward to Qin Yinze’s answer, so she nodded desperately and acted as a passerby who loves to listen to the news of the eight-coat.
Qin Yinze had no explanation, but returned the card that the flight attendant had just stuffed him back to the flight attendant: “Is this evidence strong enough?”
He was talking to the flight attendant, but he was clearly talking to Ji Rou.
Ji Rou said: “What kind of evidence is this? I’m not at all whether she has handed you any card.”
Qin Yinze suddenly smiled softly: “Hey, don’t be angry, I will let them give you a satisfactory account of this matter.”
Ji Rou wants to explain: “It’s not… I…”
The words were still not finished, and someone squeezed her waist again, Ji Rou obediently closed her mouth, and stared at him with wide-eyed eyes. She always felt that something was wrong, but she couldn’t remember what was wrong for a while.
The flight attendant is a smart person, and he will understand what is going on when he gets the card. This is because their flight attendant not only caught the fish after casting the net, but also let the fish bite the net.
The flight attendant named Dai Li’s face turned red and white. Wan Wanzhen thought that the card he stuffed would not only attract the benefactor, but also let people report it.

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