My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1027 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1027

Soon, Ji Rou denied this possibility again, except that he had touched it when he was ruined that day, and he hadn’t touched it before, so how could she know if her hand feels good.
Another possibility was ruled out. Ji Rou’s head became bigger. She couldn’t help but sigh. Intelligence doesn’t feel low when it is not used normally, but when it is urgently needed, she hates less.
If she knew that one day she would be so helpless, she would definitely improve her intelligence, then she wouldn’t be stuck in a dead end like she is now, unable to get out.
“What’s the reason? What’s the reason? God, please tell me.” Ji Rou rolled around on the bed holding the quilt, and suddenly a bright light flashed in his mind.
The reason why she came into contact with Qin Yinze was because the last black market auction was related to Ji Chendong, and Ji Chendong wanted to swallow Qianshui Company every day.
So, can she understand that Qin Yinze chose her because he also has ideas about Qianshui Company?
Apart from this idea, Ji Rou could no longer think of a second reason, which was also the most reasonable explanation.
However, there is still a small question. The surname Qin was originally a wealthy family in Min Luocheng, why would he look at the small Qianshui Company?
Could it be… Could it be that Qianshui Company has something that they don’t have and they must want to get?
Definitely is!
definitely is!
Ji Rou bit her lip, she must dig out this secret, and she can’t let the innocent guy Qin Yinze give it to nothing.
I want to understand things, the sky is almost bright, and I slept all night, Ji Rou relaxes now, it is sleepy that the upper and lower eyelids are fighting.
She pulled up the quilt, covered her head, and was ready to take a good night’s sleep, and when she fell asleep, she would forget the troubles that were entangled her now.
It is indeed good to choose to sleep, not only can you forget the annoying things that are now entangled, but also be able to see the person you have always wanted to see but can’t see.
As before, he was still wearing a simple casual outfit, an off-white t-shirt and off-white slacks, looking clean and sunny.
He was standing at the entrance of the school. Among the people coming and going, Ji Rou saw him at a glance. Of course, he also saw her. The two people’s eyes met in the air and smiled in unison.
Ji Rou blinked at him, and ran to him a few steps: “Student Xiang Lingfeng, which beauty are you standing here waiting for?”
Listening to her ridicule, Xiang Lingfeng smiled gently: “I’m waiting…” Seeing the small eyes she expected, he paused on purpose, “Wait for my girlfriend.”
Ji Rou asked, “Who is your girlfriend? Does it look good? How does it compare to me?”
The smile on his face became more gentle: “Of course my girlfriend looks good. In my heart, her beauty is unmatched.”
Hearing his answer, Ji Rou smiled like a blooming flower: “Student Xiang Lingfeng, I will pass your answer to your girlfriend for you.”
He smiled and cooperated with her humbly: “Then please help me ask her, I want to invite her to dinner together, does she agree or not?”
She h****d his arm: “I will answer this question for your girlfriend. She is very willing to go out to dinner with you.”
He smiled and raised his eyebrows: “Excuse me, is classmate Ji still planning to eat out with me for my girlfriend?”
Ji Rou replied quickly: “If seniors don’t dislike it, I’m very honored.”
“Ouch… I said the boss, you can talk about it when you are in love, is it really good to abuse the dog like this?” The prince and the monkey didn’t know when they got together, and the two were dissatisfied. Yelling.
“Prince, monkey, are you two itchy, right?” Ji Rou rubbed her hands. “Don’t get out of the way and want to be beaten?”
The prince and the monkey jumped back at the same time: “Senior, you must keep your eyes open to see who is in front of you. Don’t take a tigress home.”
Ji Rou raised his fist: “Two stinky boys, you are really looking for death!”
“Boss, pay attention to the image, remember to be gentle and gentle in front of the seniors. Men like gentle women.” The prince and the monkey ran away hard, not forgetting to give their cute boss a trick.
A girl usually has a strong personality, but in front of the boy she likes, she will involuntarily become gentle and hide her small shortcomings, hoping that all she can see is her own good side.
Of course Ji Rou is also worried about whether Xiang Lingfeng will hate her because she is too feminine: “Brother Feng, do you think I am too fierce like them?”
Xiang Lingfeng answered her question: “Xiao Rou, stretch out your hand.”
Ji Rou insisted on getting a satisfactory answer, otherwise the heart that was provoked could not be reassured: “Brother Feng, you answer my question first.”
Xiang Lingfeng still didn’t answer Ji Rou’s question, and insisted on letting her stretch out her hand: “Be obedient, stretch out your hand to me.”
Ji Rou hid her hand behind her: “Hey, Brother Feng, if you don’t answer my question, I won’t give you your hand. See what you can do?”
Xiang Lingfeng smiled helplessly and reached out to tap her smooth forehead. The original gentle voice became softer again: “Good, obedient!”
Ji Rou pouted: “Brother Feng, you violated the rules!”
When she didn’t listen to him, he always talked to her with such gentleness as dripping water. When she heard his voice, her bones were crisp, and she had no choice but to hold out her hand to him where she could refuse him.
Xiang Lingfeng held her outstretched hand and wrapped it tightly in her palm: “No matter what you look like, you are the one I like. So Xiao Rou, just be yourself, don’t care about others. See how you say it.”
What’s more, in his heart, her difference is not rude or not gentle, but cute with her unique label.
A lively, daring, energetic, and beautiful girl is a treasure that many people can’t find in a few lifetimes.
He can’t wait to buy a safe to hide her, hiding her in a place where no one can see, how could he feel that she is not gentle enough.
It’s just that Xiang Lingfeng didn’t say anything.
Ji Rou’s self-confidence has been overwhelming. If he praises her again, her tail will have to be lifted into the sky in the future, and he must always worry about whether she will be thrown away.
Hearing what Xiang Lingfeng said, Ji Rou was so excited that he could no longer care that it was at the gate of the school and that there were many people coming and going, so he threw himself into his arms: “Brother Feng, I never care about others. Look at me, but I care what you think of me, because you are not someone else.”

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