My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1026 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1026

Ji Rou quickly jumped away, wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes, arrogantly said: “Qin Yinze, this time I will teach you a little lesson. Let you know who you shouldn’t mess with.”
This woman!
Really ate the courage of the bear heart and leopard.
Seeing his painful look, Ji Rou was very relieved, proudly puffed up her chest, gave him a look of contempt, turned and walked away.
However, Ji Rou had no idea that she still could not get out of Qin Yinze’s study. He strode up and grabbed her.
She was surprised: “You…you have nothing to do?”
His face was so ugly just now, he should be really injured, why can he stand in front of her in just a few seconds?
“I will also let you know who you can’t afford to offend.” Qin Yinze carried her on his shoulders and strode towards her room.
Ji Rou hung upside down on his back, kicking and beating in anxious manner: “Qin Yinze, are you still a man? If you are a man, don’t force a girl. Use your money power, oh no, yes Use your charm to conquer the women you want to conquer, and let them lie on your bed obediently, isn’t it more sense of accomplishment?”
“You know men so well. It seems that you have met a lot of men before.” He said, with a sourness that he didn’t even notice.
“Qin Yinze, you b*****d, I used to have a man, others can be unclear, don’t you know?” When he tortured her to death that day, didn’t he know that she was the first time?
“Now that the technology is so advanced, the repair operation can’t be simpler. Who knows whose original is the original and whose repair is the repair.” He really didn’t leave any emotion in his words, and it was so vicious that people wanted to be shot to death. he.
“Qin Yinze, you are really not a f*****g man, you are so cool, you can say such irresponsible things!” He actually alluded to her that she had been repaired, she was mad at her, and she was really mad at her.
“If I am irresponsible, what am I doing when I marry you home?” This is the most powerful reason why he wants to marry her and go home.
“F**k your uncle! You must not die!” Ji Rou didn’t want to quarrel with him anymore, she would always be angry with this kind of scum.
Soon, he carried her to the room where she lived.
After entering the room, he kicked the door up and locked the door by the way.
Now, Ji Rou was really scared, and she was so scared that she began to stammer: “Then…that…what did you lock the door for?”
“If you don’t lock the door, someone may break in at any time. Don’t you like others watching us do it?” His voice was evil and low, and every word stuck into Ji Rou’s fragile heart like a needle.
Ji Rou was struggling to death: “Don’t…no…Qin Yinze, if you force me again, I will definitely show it to you.”
Qin Yinze smiled rather than smile, and said seriously and seriously: “If you dare to die, I will let your mother accompany you to meet your father. After all, you are all gone, and your mother stays in this world alone. She will be very lonely, and I think she is willing to go to heaven to make peace with you.”
“You…” A terrible, terrible, terrible man, his appearance is like a demon coming out of hell, which makes people scared to see.
He threw her on the bed, and she bit her lip and closed her eyes. As long as she didn’t look at his face, then she could think of the person who violated her as another face, or another clean and sunny face.
But for a long time, there was no movement around him, Ji Rou slowly opened his eyes and saw Qin Yinze standing there like a big mountain, motionless.
She looked at him, and he looked at her too.
After a long silence, Qin Yinze said, “Enough coaxing?”
Ji Rou nodded her head sensibly and sensibly, like a pissed wife, “Enough!”
“Then rest early.”
“it is good……”
He turned to leave, she looked at his back, until he left the room, Ji Rou was greatly relieved.
Fortunately, he didn’t force her anymore.
There is no second person in the room, Ji Rou completely relaxes her body, lying on the soft bed in a big font.
In the end, what should she do to make Qin Yinze let go of her?
Perhaps, she could find his father, the old man Qin who was passed down as a mythical figure by the people of Minluo City. She thought that only that person could control Qin Yinze.
However, she had lived here for many days, and she had never seen the legendary Mr. Qin, and even heard the maid mention him.
Yesterday, she mentioned this person in front of Qiao’s wife intentionally or unconsciously, but Aunt Qiao was ignorant, as if she knew less than her.
Thinking about it, Ji Rou fell asleep in a daze. When she fell asleep, she saw Qin Yinze and saw him looking down at her like a king: “Ji Rou, be my woman, I will Give you everything you want. If you don’t, I will make you better than death.”
“Why? Why me? You give me an answer?” Even if he was sentenced to death, it would require a sufficiently large crime.
She was inexplicably favored by him, and she also needed a reason, a reasonable reason.
However, the answer he gave her still made Ji Rou gritted her teeth with hatred: “I only want to do what I want to do. There is never any reason for it.”
Ji Rou: “…”
She is pissed off.
He said again: “Ji Rou, remember what I told you just now, even if I die, you are also my Qin Yinze’s wife. In this life, you are my person and death is my ghost!”
——Ji Rou, even if I die, you are my wife Qin Yinze! In this life, you are my person to live and my ghost to die!
Ji Rou suddenly woke up from her sleep and was startled in a cold sweat. The lethal power of Qin Yinze’s words was so great that she could not resist.
After being frightened awake, Ji Rou could not fall asleep tossing and tossing in the bed, and all her thoughts were Qin Yinze’s warning to her tonight.
d**n it!
What kind of evil did she commit in her last life? How could Qin Yinze, a human beast, be targeted?
To say that he fell in love with her because she was good-looking, but if he grabbed a lot of good-looking women in this world, why did he choose her?
If it wasn’t for looks, what else would it be for?
Is it because of your body?
Thinking of this, Ji Rou lowered her head and looked at herself. She was not as plump as others, and looked shriveled. She usually squeezed her underwear to make it into a C cup.
Such a shriveled figure is not attractive to that kind of perverted man.
However, although she is not plump but sturdy, her cheeks are full of collagen, and she feels pretty good when she touches her hands. Could Qin Yinze’s abnormality choose her for this reason?

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