My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1021 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1021

“Brother Feng, you definitely don’t know. Even if the news of your death was told by Xiang Bo’s mother, even if they set up all the tombstones for you, I still don’t believe you have left me.”
Some people said she deceived herself, others said she was schizophrenic, and others said everything. Ji Rou couldn’t manage her mouth on someone else’s body.
But no matter what those people have said, Ji Rou is so firm in believing that her brother Feng is absolutely reluctant to leave her and go to another world.
He just confessed to her not long ago, they just fell in love, and their love boat is still not being opened, how could God s****h him away from her so cruelly.
“Brother Feng, but…”
Once again, when yelling the three words “Brother Feng”, Ji Rou choked to speak, letting tears and sweat sway.
She didn’t believe that he had left this world, but her innocence was really destroyed by the man named Qin Yinze.
Even if Brother Feng can come back in the future, what face does she have to meet him?
The ice and jade Ji Rou that he had in his heart is no longer there, and she is now a girl who has been bullied.
After all, she is still to blame. Her self-knowledge is not strong. She always thought that she was very strong and could protect everyone around her, but in the end she discovered that she was a weak person who could not even protect herself.
Ji Rou wiped a tear and sniffed: “Brother Feng, tell me, what on earth should I do?”
But no matter what she asked, no one answered her, and the answer was a roaring bird on the tree.

The scorching sun was in the sky, and the scorching energy seemed to want to bake all the creatures on the ground.
Just because the weather is so hot and it’s 10 minutes at noon, there are no people visible in a large area of ​​the cemetery.
But not far from the colorful tombstone where Ji Rou is, there is another person, a handsome man in a black shirt.
He was standing not far from Ji Rou, with two eyes quietly falling on Ji Rou’s face, observing every subtle change in her expression.
Watching her crying, watching her crying… His two hands hanging beside him were clenched into fists, clenched and clenched, so that blue veins appeared on his forehead.
“D**n it!” The anger in his heart was rising tremblingly, and he had never thought that he would lose control and forcibly possess a woman he didn’t love.
After a long time, Peng Shan ran up the trail and reminded him in a low voice: “Sir, the weather is so hot. You have been standing here for more than an hour. If you stand still, you will definitely get heatstroke.”
Hearing this reminder, Qin Yinze was taken aback for a moment, and then said: “Take her back now and don’t allow her to stay any longer.”
Peng Shan must know who the “she” Qin Yinze said in his mouth, and nodded: “The subordinates will go and invite Miss Ji back.”

“Miss Ji, it’s time for you to go out. Please go back with me.” Peng Shan came to Ji Rou’s back and tried to speak to Ji Rou in a polite and polite tone, but the content of this remark, no matter what he said. , People who listen to it are not comfortable.
Ji Rou looked back, staring at him up, down, left, right, left, right, and then: “Who are you? Why are you here?”
Peng Shan was a little embarrassed, but the task assigned by the master had to be completed: “Miss Ji, my name is Peng Shan, and my husband asked me to follow you. The weather is so hot, please go back with me.”
Ji Rou said again: “What? Really treat me as a prisoner? Do you follow me like a prisoner wherever I go?”
Peng Shan explained: “Miss Ji, how could we treat you as a prisoner? Actually, my husband is worried about you. He also…”
“Follow here”-these words are still unspoken, Peng Shan looked back at the spot where Qin Yinze had just stood, there were no people there.
The master is gone, no matter what he says, it is estimated that there will be no effect, Peng Shan does not want to explain too much, there is a saying that explains what is meant to cover up.
“Worry about me?” Ji Rou smiled, an indescribable mockery in the laughter. “His perverted worry about this lady is rare at all.”
Peng Shan scratched his head in embarrassment. He didn’t know what to say, and there was something wrong with not answering, so he had to smirk awkwardly.
Ji Rou turned her head, put a sticker on the stone tablet, and said softly: “Brother Feng, we will talk about it today, and I will see you again when I have time.”

In the car back to the city.
Ji Rou looked out the window and said, “Mr. Peng, could you please drive to the People’s Hospital of the city, I’m going to the hospital to see my mother.”
Peng Shan glanced at Ji Rou in the rearview mirror, and the master asked him to take the person back, and did not ask him to take her to the hospital.
After thinking about it, Peng Shan said, “Miss Ji, you only spend that long time going out every day. Today you have run out of time out.”
“Used up?” Ji Rou snorted coldly.
She was only given three hours to go out every day, and spent a total of two hours back and forth, leaving only one hour of free time.
Ji Rou shook her phone tightly and tried to call Qin Yinze several times, but in the end she managed to control it. When she heard the man’s voice, she would feel sick and want to vomit.
But who made her weak and incompetent was because of her own incompetence that caused Ji Chendong and others to frame her, and finally put herself in such an embarrassing situation.
“Miss Ji, or tomorrow…” Peng Shan was trying to say something, the phone vibrated suddenly, he picked it up and received a text message, the sender was his master.
Naturally, Peng Shan didn’t dare to neglect the text message sent by the master, so he quickly clicked to read the details of the message. The newsletter only wrote three short words-let her go.
Let her go!
The master gave her instructions to go, and of course Peng Shan did so, but he couldn’t take the credit for himself, and Ji Rou had to know that this was what the master meant.
He smiled: “Miss Ji, why don’t I call my husband and ask him if he can?”
Ji Rou is right.
What Qin Yinze was thinking in that abnormal heart was not something ordinary mortals like her could understand and figure out.
Peng Shan quickly took out his mobile phone and pretended to dial a number. He also respectfully said his opinion to the master, and soon he hung up: “Miss Ji, my master is a very good and kind person.”
As soon as Peng Shan said these words, not only did Ji Rou feel like listening to the funniest joke in the world, Peng Shan himself felt the same.
Whether their master is a kind person or not, others may not know, but those who do things with him know very well.
Peng Shan said: “Miss Ji, my husband agrees to give you two more hours to go to the hospital to see your mother.”

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