My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1017 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1017

early morning.
Because of the good greening, the air in the villa area seems to be much cleaner than outside.
After getting off the taxi, Ji Rou walked along the green road all the way, and arrived at his destination while breathing in the fresh air.
Standing at the gate of the villa, Ji Rou was hesitant to ring the doorbell. The guard opened the door: “Miss Ji, please come in.”
“Thanks.” After Ji Rou entered the yard, no one in the yard saw it. Didn’t know Qin Yinze woke up so early? Is it appropriate for her to come at this time?
Hey, who made her an honest and trustworthy person? She had promised Qin Yinze to come over early in the morning. She packed up and rushed over early in the morning.
How much Ji Rou thought about it, she walked straight to the main building, and as she walked, a person came to meet him. The person Ji Rou didn’t like—Chu Yuan.
Seeing that it was her, Chu Yuan also had some surprises: “Miss Ji, so early?”
No longer like Chu Yuan, Ji Rou politely said hello: “Mr. Chu, good morning!”
Chu Yuan didn’t know what happened between Ji Rou and Qin Yinze yesterday. He asked, “Miss Ji, why are you here so early?”
Do you think I want to be here?
Ji Rou wanted to go back like this, but still restrained it.
She said: “Mr. Chu, since you don’t want to see me, then I just go back.” If Qin Yinze is going to investigate it then, it’s not to blame for her lack of integrity.
Chu Yuan stopped her with a stride: “Miss Ji, since you have already come, please help me with one thing.”
Ji Rou looked at him warily: “What is busy?”
Chu Yuan said, “My young master is in the study, please go and see him.”
Ji Rou thought that Qin Yinze had gotten up early in the morning and was busy with work, and sighed: “Your young master has such a rich and powerful father, and he works so hard. Let us who are poor, supportive and lazy. Where do you put your face?”
Hearing Ji Rou’s words, Chu Yuan’s face turned pale, and he involuntarily increased his tone: “Miss Ji, where did you hear these words?”
Ji Roubai glanced at him: “What are you doing so fiercely? Your old gentleman is rich and powerful, and everyone in Min Luocheng knows it. It’s not a secret. Don’t let people tell you.”
“Everyone in Min Luocheng knows?” Chu Yuan thought for a while. The old gentleman Ji Rou said was a misunderstanding of the legend, not the head of Shengtian.
He thought that he was too sensitive. He started his business with the young master. He has never mentioned the relationship between the Qin family. Even the young master’s name is a pseudonym. It is impossible for others to know what they have with the Shengtian Qin family. Relationship.
Chu Yuan said again: “Miss Ji, Master’s study is in the second room on the second floor. Could you please send him the breakfast prepared by Aunt Qiao.”
Ji Rou replied unwillingly, “Okay.”

After knocking on the door twice, no one answered, Ji Rou raised his hand and knocked twice, but no one answered.
These people play with her, right?
Asking her to bring breakfast to Qin Yinze, knocking on the door and not responding, do you really treat her like a monkey?
Ji Rou took a deep breath, telling herself to be patient. After all, people have to bow their heads under the eaves. This is the eternal truth.
“Mr. Qin, can I come in?” She patiently knocked on the door twice again, still the same as the previous two times, there was no sound coming from the room.
After enduring and enduring, in the end it was unbearable, Ji Rou didn’t want to endure anymore, twisting the doorknob and rushing in directly: “Qin Yinze, you can play with me!”
As soon as the door was opened, Ji Rou still didn’t enter the house, and was coughed a few times by the strong smell of tobacco.
In the study, there were neither windows nor lights on. The light was so dim that she couldn’t even see Qin Yinze sitting next to the desk.
Ji Rou hated the smell of smoke so she wanted to turn around and leave, but she came with a mission, so she had to give him breakfast anyway.
She came to the desk, put her breakfast on the desk, and took off the cigarette butts in his hand: “Qin Yinze, you smoked so much early in the morning, don’t you want to live?”
Qin Yinze responded to him, raising his eyes fixedly and staring at her, as if he was looking at someone who had known him for a long time and seemed to be looking at someone he had never known.
“Stop smoking, eat breakfast.” Ji Rou pressed the cigarette b**t off and pointed to the light food on the tray. “Aunt Qiao has prepared a lot of nutritious breakfast for you. Eating these is good for your health.”
Ji Rou is not an eventful person, but she just can’t see a person not cherishing her body so much: “Life is my own, and I don’t cherish it. Could someone else take care of you?”
People, that’s it. When they are sick and injured, they will toss their body vigorously, and when they are disabled, it is too late to regret.
He still stared at her, eyes unblinking, as if fixed on her body, Ji Rou was a little dazed by his staring: “What are you looking at me? No matter how you look at me, I can say these things. Having said that, can you let me swallow it back?”
“You…” Qin Yinze opened his mouth, but he didn’t say a complete sentence.
“What am I?” Ji Rou took a small step back, and then pointed to the breakfast on the table: “Hurry up and eat breakfast. If you don’t eat it, it will be cold.”
“You are here!” After a long while, Qin Yinze said these three words in a hoarse voice.
“I’m an honest and trustworthy person. I said I will come back.” Ji Rou frowned as she watched the table full of cigarette butts, “Why do you smoke so much? Are you getting impatient?”
“You are finally here!” Qin Yinze stretched out his hand suddenly, and dragged Ji Rou onto his lap to sit.
Ji Rou screamed in fright: “Qin Yinze, what are you doing? You let me go, or I will be rude to you.”
This man is sick, it must be sick, holding her for a while, and despising her for a while, it is a germ.
“Since you are here, how could I let you go.” Qin Yinze pinched her shoulders with both hands and said solemnly, “Do you know, how long have I waited for you?”
Ji Rou struggled, but his hands gripped her like two iron tongs, making her unable to move: “Didn’t I send you the message last night, lend me a few hours, I will definitely come back. ”
“I’ve been waiting for you for too long.” At the end of the word, he bowed his head and kissed her.
The overbearing kiss came off guard.
Ji Rou struggled desperately, not only couldn’t get rid of it, but made his actions more crazy and domineering. He was like a mad beast, he could swallow her at any time.
“Woo-” Ji Rou was so numb that her tongue was kissed by this crazy beast, and she could only make a whimper like crying.
She grabbed and kicked, but she couldn’t move him at all. He was as steady as a Tarzan, firmly suppressing her at the foot of the mountain.
I don’t know how long it took, when he finally let go of her, when she finally breathed fresh air, more terrible things followed.
When she was unprepared, Qin Yinze put her on his desk, stretched out her palm, and he tore off her thin compassionate shirt.

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