My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1015 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1015

Ji Rou was so choked to speak, Ji Rou tightly grasped her hand and comforted: “Mom, Dad hasn’t gone far, he must be with us quietly somewhere. You must cherish your body, Don’t worry him.”
“Well, I know, I know…” Mother Ji patted Ji Rou’s hand and silently wiped away the tears that flowed to the corner of her eyes.
The husband is gone, but she still has a daughter, so her life should go on well, and don’t let her husband in heaven worry about them.
Jingle Bell–
The ringtone of Ji Rou’s phone call suddenly rang, breaking the peace between the mother and daughter.
Ji Rou took out her mobile phone and took a look. What was displayed on the screen of her mobile phone was an unfamiliar phone number. She answered, “Hello, hello!”
“Miss Ji, it’s time for half an hour to visit.” Driver Qin Yinze’s very rigid voice came from the phone.
“You…” Ji Rou listened, her heart was angry, but she couldn’t worry her mother. She held down the microphone and whispered to her mother, “Mom, I’ll go out to answer a call.”
Mother Ji was worried: “Xiao Rou, who called?”
Ji Rou smiled: “It’s a monkey calling me. Tell me about the school.”
Lying to her mother, Ji Rou walked out of the ward under her mother’s suspicious gaze, and closed the door. Then she said to the person on the other end of the phone: “You ask Qin Yinze to answer the call.”
The driver said: “Miss Ji…”
Ji Rou interrupted him: “If Qin Yinze doesn’t answer the phone, please tell him for me. Today I will stay in the hospital to take care of my mother. Please give me twelve hours. Once the time is up to myself Go find him.”
After speaking, Ji Rou hung up the phone, not wanting to care whether Qin Yinze over there agreed or not. Anyway, she will stay in the hospital today to take care of her mother.
She didn’t know that the driver turned on the speaker when she called, and every word she said was clearly transmitted to Qin Yinze’s ears.
The corners of Qin Yinze’s lips raised slightly, and his eyes looked into the distance with complicated eyes.
Ji Rou, the woman’s begging attitude is really like that of that person, she is so defiant, it seems that he will agree with it.
What if he disagrees?
What can they do?
Listening to the busy tone from the mobile phone, and looking at the host’s smile, the driver worried: “Sir, I need me…”
“Let her stay.” Qin Yinze turned his head to look at the hospital building, “arrange someone to watch it in the hospital to protect the safety of their mother and daughter.”
The driver said: “A person has been arranged to guard, and the best personal guardian has also been dispatched to take care of Miss Ji’s mother.”
Qin Yinze nodded: “Yeah.”

People, living in this world, many times cannot do things casually, and will be forced to bow their heads by the cruel reality.
At this moment, Ji Rou was just like that. She was just getting angry, and her words didn’t pass through her brain. She regretted it when she hung up the phone.
Qin Yinze is a powerful and powerful person in Min Luocheng. He can easily take Ji Chendong, and to deal with her, she is even more able to fight back.
Just now she had such an arrogant attitude, and she hung up the phone first, in case Qin Yinze got angry and asked to force her to take her away.
What is she going to do?
She doesn’t matter, but it’s a big problem to make her worry about her.
In order not to worry her mother, Ji Rou had to pick up her mobile phone and send Qin Yinze a message: “Mr. Qin, my mother is in a very bad condition. I must stay by her side to take care of her. You also have parents. Child, I hope you can understand me. I promise that when you get up tomorrow, I will appear in front of you on time.”
After sending the information, Ji Rou felt that this was not enough. Qin Yinze was so arrogant that he did not put others in his eyes. His authority would definitely not tolerate others’ provocations.
So Ji Rou sent another message: “Mr. Qin, I know I should listen to you and follow you, but I also have my problems, and I don’t want to disobey your orders. Please give me one night, I Take care of things here, and be sure to show up at your home on time tomorrow morning. If you don’t return my information, I will even agree with you.”
Knowing that Qin Yinze would never return her information, Ji Rou added that sentence at the end of the newsletter, leaving room for herself and giving him plenty of face. He should have calmed down.
After sending the information, Ji Rou put her phone away and adjusted her facial expressions again before entering the ward to see her mother.
Seeing Ji Rou, Ji’s mother asked urgently: “Xiao Rou, nothing wrong.”
“Mom, nothing wrong.” Ji Rou came to her mother and sat down. “The monkey just called and told me, so I don’t forget that there will be activities in school tomorrow.”
“It’s all right.” Mother Ji touched her daughter’s face, “My silly daughter, I don’t have a good meal these days. You look thin again.”
“Mom, I look thin, but I am not underweight. This is called healthy and thin.” Ji Rou raised her arm and shook in front of her mother’s eyes. “You touch it, I am strong.”
“Stupid girl, just your little mouth can say it.” Mother Ji was amused by Ji Rou, showing a smile that has been rare in so many days.
“Mom, I am the child you gave birth, and you know how to say that, of course I am not bad.” Ji Rou also has some tricks to make her mother happy.
“Stupid girl…” In fact, Ji Rou doesn’t need to say these nice words, as long as she can see her every day and know that she is safe and healthy.
While chatting, Ji’s mother squinted tiredly. Ji Rou knew that her mother was tired, so she hurriedly helped her to go to bed: “Mom, take a break first.”
“I’m not sleepy, I want to talk to you…” Mother Ji was reluctant to waste time with her daughter and tried to keep her eyes wide open, but because she couldn’t see her daughter these days, she didn’t know how to sleep well, so sleepy her eyes yawn. One after another, the tears flowed.
“Mom, I will stay with you. You don’t wake up, I won’t go away.” Ji Rou knew that her mother was worried that she would not see her again when she woke up.
“Okay…” Mother Ji slowly closed her eyes, clutching Ji Rou’s hand tightly when she fell asleep, holding it tightly, as if grasping the only life-saving straw that could save her.
“Mom, don’t be afraid, Xiao Rou will always be by your side.” Seeing her mother so nervous, Ji Rou felt like a needle was pierced in her heart, and she was so distressed that she could hardly breathe.
Ji Rou stretched out her hand and gently touched her mother’s face. When the man started so cruelly, her mother must be in pain, and she must be very scared.
So painful, so scared, but when my mother saw her, she didn’t want to say a word to her, not that she didn’t want to worry about her.
Ji Rou bit her lip and secretly made up her mind: “Mom, Xiao Rou will definitely protect you and never let anyone hurt you again.”

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