My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1014 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1014

The driving direction of the car was not in the villa area where Qin Yinze lived, but in the completely opposite direction to the villa area.
Ji Rou is a native of Minluo. It can be said that there are his footprints in the streets and alleys of this city, and she soon discovered the problem.
She looked at Qin Yinze, “Mr. Qin, where are we going?”
This time, Qin Yinze not only ignored her, but turned his head and looked out the window, completely ignoring the existence of Ji Rou.
Ji Rou was so angry that she raised her fist and gestured at him twice.
Who the hell is this, can’t you speak well? He insisted on pretending to be a cold look. Who is this performance for?
If she wasn’t for her cleverness and knew that his heart was not bad, she would definitely have to buy two catties of arsenic to try to poison him.
Qin Yinze didn’t want to say that Ji Rou didn’t ask any more, anyway, she couldn’t ask anything from his mouth, why she wasted her saliva.
After a while, the car arrived at the Minluo City First People’s Hospital. The driver slowed down and parked the car on the parking belt outside the entrance of the hospital.
The driver got out of the car, opened the door for Ji Rou, and respectfully said: “Miss Ji, your mother is in the 809 senior ward of the inpatient department. You can visit her, but you only have half an hour.”
“Half an hour…” Ji Rouhuo repeated, not that she is easy to get angry, but that this man named Qin Yinze is too easy to make people angry.
Asked her to see her mother, but only gave her half an hour. He really regarded her as his possession, didn’t he?
Does he have to control her time?
She looked at Qin Yinze angrily, Qin Yinze still looked out of the car window calmly, and once again ignored her completely.
Fortunately, Ji Rou knew who she was right now, so she forced the fire down, “Thank you! I will be back on time.”
After that, Ji Rou turned her head and left. After taking two steps, she turned her head and gave the man in the car a fierce look. Not long ago, she was determined to fulfill the contract. Now she not only regretted it, she was still thinking about how to rectify him.

Inpatient department.
The eighth floor is the advanced ward area of ​​Minluo City No. 1 People’s Hospital. The environment, equipment and facilities are much better than the room Ji Rou had arranged for her mother before.
After getting out of the elevator, Ji Rou looked at the sign, walked in the direction of Ward 809, and walked to the door. Ji Rou stopped and took two deep breaths before adjusting his facial expressions.
Since her father died unexpectedly and her mother fell ill and was hospitalized, Ji Rou has rarely hit a wall outside, but every time she visits her mother in the hospital, she adjusts her emotions and sees her mother in a good state, never letting her know how much she ate outside Suffering how much tired.
After putting on a smiling face, Ji Rou opened the door and walked in: “Mom, I…”
Ji Rou swallowed a word abruptly, and the bed in the ward was empty and unpopular. The bathroom door of the room was also open, and there were no people.
The whole room is so big, you can see every corner at a glance, the room is neat and tidy, only there are no people she wants to find.
Did something happen to your mother again?
Could it be that his mother was taken away by Ji Chendong’s people again?
Thinking of the previous video, Ji Rou panicked, turned around and ran out. Unexpectedly, she ran into someone at the door of the room.
“Xiao Rou?”
It was the gentle and kind voice of the mother.
“Mom?” Ji Rou hugged her mother, “Mom, is it really you? Isn’t it my dazzling look? It’s not my hallucinations, right?”
Mother Ji patted Ji Rou’s back softly, and said softly: “Silly boy, it’s not your dizziness, or your hallucinations. It’s me, I’m standing in front of you well.”
“Mom…” Ji Rou rubbed her mother’s arms and hugged her tighter. “Mom, scared me to death. Scared me to death.”
She kept repeating a sentence. At that moment, she thought of her father’s car accident and the tragic situation of her mother being beaten. She was so afraid that her mother would also be harmed by Ji Chendong’s crazy thing.
“Don’t be afraid.” Mother Ji patted Ji Rou on the back, comforting her like a child, “Xiao Rou, don’t worry, mother is nothing.”
“Mom…” Ji Rou tried her best to push back the tears that came to the corner of her eyes, and then looked up at her mother, “Mom, I’m sorry! I am incompetent, I can’t protect you, let you…”
Thinking of that video and thinking of her mother being slapped in the face, Ji Rou was heartbroken with distress. She hated herself for being so incompetent. She couldn’t do anything right when her father left.
Seeing Ji Rou blame herself so much, Ji’s mother also wiped her tears with distress: “Silly boy, am I standing in front of you properly. The past is over, let’s not talk about it anymore.”
Ji Rou choked: “Mom…”
Mother Ji led Ji Rou into the house: “Come in and sit down.”
Ji Rou asked: “Mom, where did you go just now?”
Mother Ji smiled: “I’ve been in the ward for a long time, so bored, I just asked the patient in the next room to go to the yard for a while. Let me tell you, I’ve lived here for a few days and I’ve met several Patients, they are all fine, and I can find someone to chat with me when you go to school in the future.”
Ji Rou was extremely apologetic: “Mom, I’m sorry. I can’t stay by your side because I’m busy with other things these days.”
Ji Rou’s experience outside, Ji’s mother hasn’t seen it with her own eyes, but she knows somehow.
Ji Rou didn’t want to say that she didn’t ask too much. She knew that Ji Rou was a filial child, and she always told her good news but not the bad things.
Ji Rou didn’t mention anything outside. Ji Rou’s mother didn’t want Ji Rou to worry, so she pretended not to know anything.
Mother Ji rubbed Ji Rou’s head affectionately: “Xiao Rou, mom can take care of herself, so you can prepare for your exam with peace of mind.”
Ji Rou Zhengchou couldn’t find the reason why she disappeared in the past few days. Now that her mother raised it, she climbed down the pole: “Mom, I know, I will study hard.”
“Yeah.” Mama Ji smiled softly, “Your father is gone. In the future, Qianshui Company will rely on you to preside over the overall situation. If you don’t graduate from university, how can other shareholders convince you?”
When it comes to studying, Ji Rou is still very confident: “Mom, my academic performance has always been among the best in our department. Don’t worry, I will definitely graduate with excellent grades and manage the Qianshui that my father left behind. the company.”
“Hmm…” Mother Ji nodded tearfully, “Xiao Rou, your father left suddenly, fortunately I still have you, otherwise I…”
Thinking of her husband who died in a car accident, Ji’s mother also felt sad, and hated her own health. Not only could she not help her daughter, but she also became a drag on her daughter.

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