My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1010 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1010

“Miss Ji, you can’t leave alone.” The two bodyguards stopped the prince’s motorcycle from left to right, and did not intend to let Ji Rou leave alone.
The prince glared at the two bodyguards and said dissatisfied: “She is my boss, pay attention to your attitude, otherwise I will make you unable to eat…Oh, boss, you…”
“How to pinch me” was still unspoken, the prince received Ji Rou’s warning eyes, and immediately closed his mouth obediently.
He looked at it again, and the situation seemed a little different from what he had expected. The two men didn’t seem to be convinced to follow the boss, but they looked like surveillance.
What has the boss experienced these days?
Why would someone follow her and watch her?
The prince couldn’t understand, and looked at Ji Rou again, but saw Ji Rou wink at him, telling him not to ask anything and act with her.
After making eye contact with the prince, Ji Rou took out her mobile phone, quickly pressed a few numbers, and said with a smile: “Hey, it’s Mr. Qin. Your men are stopping me, not letting me deal with my affairs. What do you say? Let them answer the phone?”
She stretched out her hand, gently fluffed up her black and beautiful long hair, and chuckled: “Oh, okay, please wait, I’ll give them the phone right away.”
Ji Rou reached out and handed the phone to the bodyguard: “Two dull bodyguards, your Mr. Qin asked you to answer the phone.”
The two bodyguards didn’t believe it, and hesitated to reach out to pick up the phone.
“You don’t answer the phone, right? Then I told him that you didn’t even listen to his orders.” Ji Rou was about to take the phone back, and a bodyguard quickly reached out and took it off.
As the bodyguard took the cellphone, the prince stepped on the motorcycle accelerator, and the motorcycle flew out like an off-string arrow, leaving the group of people far behind.
“Cheated. Quickly chase.” The two bodyguards are good at them, but now their car can’t move. After all, their two legs can’t run on a two-wheeled motorcycle. They can only watch Ji Rouli become more and more red. far.
Seeing that the two bodyguards were thrown off, Ji Rou breathed a sigh of relief: “Prince, for the sake of safety, the speed can be slower.”
The prince slowed down and looked at Ji Rou from the rearview mirror of the motorcycle, and saw that her expression was not very good: “Boss, who are these two people?”
Ji Rou patted him on the shoulder: “Drive your car well, don’t ask so much.”
The prince said: “Boss, I care about your affairs. Ask me to care about other people’s affairs. I don’t even have the mood to pay attention to them.”
Ji Rou said: “Don’t be mean, tell me what’s going on at the release meeting.”
The prince said: “When I sent the monkey away, the reporters were still waiting outside. Now that it has been so long, I guess the reporters have all gone in.”
Ji Rou bit her lip, and a cruel expression flashed in her eyes: “That’s stepping up, absolutely can’t let Ji Chendong’s dog thing succeed.”
The prince said: “Yes.”
The speed of the car accelerated again, and the vehicles on the road were left far behind one by one.

Thousand Water Company.
Although Qianshui Company is not as big as the Qin family, it has a certain impact in Minluo City. Today is going to hold a release meeting, and reporters from all walks of life have been waiting in line at the gate.
The monkey mingled among a group of reporters, looking left and right, and at the Nth time, he finally looked forward to the big man he was waiting for.
He rushed to the prince’s rubbing car in a few steps: “Boss, you are finally here.”
Ji Rou got out of the car quickly and asked, “Monkey, the reporter hasn’t entered the arena. Is the release meeting over or hasn’t it started?”
The monkey immediately analyzed the situation: “The situation is just as you can see. Ji Chendong invited the reporter, but everyone has been waiting outside the door for more than an hour. They still haven’t invited anyone in. I don’t know what happened inside?”
Ji Rou was puzzled: “Ji Chendong invited people, but they blocked reporters from entering. What tricks does he want to play?”
Ji Chendong not only has no bottom line and no discipline, but also has a cunning mind. At this moment, Ji Rou can’t guess what he wants to do?
The prince’s cell phone rang suddenly. He took out his cell phone and looked at it. It was an unfamiliar phone number. He was about to hang up. Ji Rou saw the caller number with her eyes: “Prince, don’t hang up, give me the phone.”
The prince handed the phone to Ji Rou: “Boss, you know this phone number.”
Ji Rou nodded and connected the phone at the same time: “Ji Chendong, what are you playing?”
Ji Chendong smiled gloomily and treacherously: “Xiao Rou, your mother missed you, so I specially recorded a video and asked me to forward it to you.”
Ji Rou sneered: “Ji Chendong, don’t be hypocritical, just say what you want to do.”
Ji Chendong said again: “I have sent the video to this phone. You can open it. As for what I want to do, you should be clear about this. I want all the shares of Qianshui Company.”
Ji Rou laughed softly and said, “Ji Chendong, do your daydreams. I tell you, as long as Ji Rou stays in one day, I will never let your treacherous tricks succeed.”
“Xiao Rou, don’t say so absolutely, watch the video first, call me after watching, I’ll be waiting for you at any time.” After speaking, Ji Chendong hung up the phone again.
“Boss, what did Ji Chendong say?” The prince and the monkey asked at the same time, but Ji Rou had the intention to answer them and immediately opened the MMS they received.
Ji Rou clicked on the URL in the MMS and came out a video. In the video, her mother was tied backhand to a chair, her hair draped messily on her body, and the corners of her mouth were still bloodshot.
A man’s voice asked her: “As long as you call and persuade your daughter to give up the inheritance rights of Thousand Water Company, we will give you mother and daughter a sum of money to ensure that your mother and daughter will have a good life in the future.”
Ji Mu sneered and spit on the man’s face: “My husband and I worked hard to fight the Thousand Water Company. If Ji Chendong wants it, if he puts out a billion, I won’t change it.”
The man raised his hand and slapped Ji Mu’s face: “Old woman, you are toasting and not eating or punishing wine. I see how hard you can be.”
The video only ends here. There is no content below. It makes Ji Rou feel like a knife and can’t wait to get into the phone to rescue her mother.
Ji Rou knew that Ji Chendong was threatening her with her mother’s life. If she dared to make trouble today, then Ji Chendong would definitely let his people be his mother.
The prince and the monkey also saw the video and worried: “Boss, the aunt is in their hands, and their lives may be in danger at any time. What should we do now?”
Ji Rou took a deep breath: “You two are waiting here. I will meet Ji Chendong’s inferior b*****d b*****d alone.”

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