My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1009 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1009

In front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, Qin Yinze quietly watched the car moving further downstairs. He didn’t speak until Ji Rou’s car stepped out of his sight, “Let the driver prepare.”
“Master, are you going out?” Qin Yinze’s itinerary was arranged by Chu Yuan. He knew very well that Qin Yinze had no entertainment today, and the master who never went out without work was going out today?
Chu Yuan didn’t believe in his ears, and thought he had auditory hallucinations for a while, so he asked with such a surprised tone.
Qin Yinze glanced at him: “I want to go out, but still use your approval?”
Chu Yuan smiled embarrassedly: “No, no… I didn’t mean that. Master, if you want to go out, I will make arrangements.”
After Chu Yuan left, Qin Yinze once again looked in the direction where Ji Rou had left, and when he watched, there was a little more tenderness in his eyes.
He thought of the girl who had never belonged to him. When thinking of her, his heart would soften a little bit inexplicably.
But within a short period of time, his eyes became gloomy again, as gloomy as Shura from hell, and goosebumps that made people feel scared when they saw it.
Because the girl he thought of is about to have a wedding with her beloved man.
The daughter of the Shengtian Group is getting married. It is definitely a sensational piece of news. He didn’t have any special attention, and the news reached his ears.
In the past three years, he did not pay attention to information about the Qin Family and Shengtian Group, but the Qin Family and Shengtian Group are too conspicuous. A little bit of trouble will make the headlines. He doesn’t want to know them. The messages are impossible.
Qin family!
Three years ago, he made a decisive decision, left quietly, severed all relations with them, and started his own business.
He wanted to let her know that his Qin Yinze was not relying on the parasites of the Qin family, and he could create a piece of his own world without the Qin family.
In just three short years, he became the dominant business crocodile and the wealthy plutocracy. He gained fame, fortune and status, but he was not as satisfying and happy as expected.
His heart is empty, as if a hole has been broken. Whenever he thinks about the people and things of the Qin family, it seems that there is a cool breeze blowing through his heart.
In three years, more than a thousand days and nights, he thought he had forgotten, but that person was like a scar in his heart, and he would feel pain from time to time, reminding him that there was a girl who made him worry about it.

There was a heavy rain yesterday. Not only did the high temperature drop a little, the temperature rose several degrees today.
It is said that the highest temperature outside Wenzhou today is 39.8 degrees.
Fortunately, the air conditioner in the car was turned on so that Ji Rou, who was blocked on the road and exposed to the sun, was not turned into a roast chicken.
“What happened before?” Ji Rou looked at her watch anxiously. The traffic has been stuck in a traffic jam for more than half an hour, and no one has walked five miles away.
“Ms. Ji, five cars collided in a series five kilometers ahead, causing traffic paralysis. At present, the traffic police are clearing the passageway and don’t know when it will pass.”
“I don’t know when it will work?” Ji Rou scratched her head anxiously and looked around. Now they were stuck in the middle, unable to walk forward or backward.
Observing the current situation, wait any longer until the release meeting of the evil spirit Ji Chendong is over when he arrives at the company, then there is no room for maneuver.
Ji Rou pushed the door and got out of the car, and then took out her mobile phone and dialed a phone number: “Prince, there is a heavy traffic jam on Yueshan Road. You can drive your motorcycle to pick me up.”
“Boss, wait, I’ll go over immediately. As long as I and the monkey are there, we promise to let you rush to the company before the release.”
“Okay, I’m waiting for you.” Ji Rou had to sigh. She has not made friends with these friends in vain these years, and they are still the best at the critical moment.
“Miss Ji, please get in the car and wait. It’s dangerous outside the car, you have to pay attention to arrangements.” Ji Rou just got out of the car, and her bodyguard asked her to get in the car again.
In fact, she knew that it was nice to say that the man Qin Yinze sent her bodyguards to protect her. In fact, these two bodyguards were the people Qin Yinze arranged to monitor her by her side.
She was bought by a surnamed Qin with a lot of banknotes, and now she has signed an extremely unequal contract with Qin Yinze.
Being watched, she can only bear it.
Ji Rou looked at the queue for several kilometers and said, “Don’t worry, I can’t run. I haven’t heard of how powerful your family Mr. Qin is in Minluo City. I’m not a brain show. Funny, how could I run away.”
“Miss Ji, you are the one who has escaped records.” Even the bodyguards can unscrupulously expose Ji Rou’s lies.
“I said you… Your master sent you to follow me to protect my safety, but you are not allowed to treat me as a prisoner. If you dare to talk back, if you don’t let me do this, then you won’t let me do it. I will definitely do it in the future. Talking bad things about you every day in front of your master, so that you can’t eat and walk around.” Of course, Ji Rou also said casually. That Qin Yinze regarded her as a germ, how could he listen to her.
Ji Rou also clearly realized that she didn’t recognize the reality when she ran away yesterday. After clearing the reality, she won’t make such a low-level mistake again.
Anyway, Qin Yinze, a powerful man willing to help her, took the opportunity to use his power to accomplish what she wanted to accomplish.
On the one hand, he borrowed his power to protect her personal safety, and on the other hand, he could help her deal with those people in the Ji family. How could she have signed this contract at a loss.
Two bodyguards, look at me, I look at you, and closed your mouth obediently in front of the sharp-toothed Ji Rou. After all, this woman is treated specially by their master, so it’s better not to provoke her.
“That’s right, that’s right.” Ji Rou triumphed.
After a long time, a motorcycle that pulled the wind whizzed in and quickly shuttled through the group of cars. After a long distance, Ji Rou saw the prince.
She waved to him, and the prince also saw her, speeded up the car and drove towards her, and then slammed the brakes handsomely, and the car steadily stopped in front of Ji Rou.
The prince watched two strange men surrounding Ji Rou, worried: “Boss, are they here?”
Ji Rou said: “My newly recruited little brother. I heard that they have practiced a lot of martial arts, fighting a master who can top five or six.”
When Ji Rou praised them so much, the prince’s eyes flashed with excitement: “Boss, where did you find these two live treasures?”
Seeing the two bodyguards, the prince’s saliva was almost flowing out, and he wanted to rush to take the two bodyguards away.
Ji Rou patted him: “What are you looking at? Drive me to the company quickly.”
“Okay, okay.” The prince handed the spare helmet to Ji Rou, “Boss, you sit firmly, I will send you to the release meeting in ten minutes.”

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