My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1005 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1005

How does this person react?
After playing a one-man show for a long time, Ji Rou couldn’t get a response from the other party, and was a little discouraged for a while.
But now there are chasing soldiers chasing fiercely, this man is the only life-saving straw she can catch at the moment, and she has to hold him tightly anyway.
She bit her lip, changed a more pitiful expression, and almost kneeled to the man in front of her: “Sir, it’s okay if you don’t eat, then can you let me hide here for one night?”
Qin Yinze caught the key word: “Hidden for one night?”
Ji Rou knew that the word was incorrect, and immediately corrected it: “No, I mean staying for one night. You see it’s so dark outside, I just crossed over, and I’m not familiar with you here. I’m worried that I will be given away by the wolf. have eaten.”
It is not too much to describe the people chasing her as wolves. To be honest, those chasing her are even more terrifying than evil wolves.
Qin Yinze raised his eyebrows: “This is not a barren mountain.”
Ji Rou said pitifully, “There are no wolves, but there are many bad people. Single girls like me have a high chance of meeting bad people in the middle of the night.”
I don’t know if she was really anxious or pretended to be, but tears rolled in her eyes, and Qin Yinze’s heart softened inexplicably.
He didn’t want to see “her” crying. He didn’t want to think at all. From childhood to adulthood, he held “her” in his palms and felt painful, and he was reluctant to let “her” be a little wronged.
Chu Yuan was right. This one named Ji Rou was just a little bit like that girl. She was not her, but he was reluctant to let go. Only a little bit of likeness was enough.
Without thinking too much, Qin Yinze strode towards Ji Rou, and when she was still unresponsive, he hugged her up.
“You…what are you doing?” The strong, unfamiliar male breath instantly filled Ji Rou’s nose. She pushed him hard, but his arms were like iron wrists, unable to escape.
“Your ankle is broken.” He told a fact calmly.
“I can go by myself.” What a proper way to break into a strange man’s house and be held in his arms. Even if he looks good, he can’t bully people like this.
“Scared?” Well, she finally knew she was afraid. He thought she didn’t know how dangerous it was to break into a strange man’s house in the middle of the night and three nights.
“Of course I’m afraid. You let me down first.” This man looks like an annoying lord, and she doesn’t want to provoke him unless he has to.
He ignored her, took her to the living room on the first floor, put her on the sofa and sat down, then turned and walked away.
What does this man want to do?
Ji Rou stretched her head and probed. Just about to stand up and prepare to run away, the man came back. He glared at her: “Sit down and don’t move.”
He told her not to move, she didn’t move, she wanted to move it to him, thinking like this in her mind, but she didn’t dare to act.
She was bluffed by his gloomy expression.
He walked up to her, squatted down in front of her, and commanded: “Put your feet out.”
Ji Rou watched him guard, instead of stretching her feet, she retracted her feet: “Well, what do you want to do?”
He didn’t speak any more, he reached out and grasped her injured right foot.
Ji Rou was struggling hard and anxiously: “You let me go.”
He looked up and warned her: “If you move around, I will hand you over to those people.”
“You…” Ji Rou’s eyes widened in fright. How did this man know that someone was chasing her? She didn’t say anything just now.
“It’s a smart girl.” She gave up struggling, Qin Yinze was very satisfied, rubbed her ankle with a big palm, and checked the dislocation of her ankle.
His palm was very warm, and he gently kneaded her ankle, which gave Ji Rou an illusion, as if she was the treasure he held in his palm.
How could she have such an inexplicable idea?
Ji Rou coughed lightly and used his cough to conceal his embarrassment: “This is not smart, it’s a hero who doesn’t eat in front of his eyes…”
She didn’t finish her words, and suddenly there was a huge pain in her ankle, which made her scream: “You, you…”
She was blind just now, this man was clearly to harm her, but she would have such inexplicable thoughts. She was detained for a few days, she was silly.
Qin Yinze ignored her anger, “Come down and walk around.”
Is he helping her?
Ji Rou couldn’t believe it, she still walked two steps tentatively, and she didn’t hurt anymore: “Why are you helping me?”
“Who said I was helping you?” He added, meeting her ignorant eyes, “You just said you want to pay me.”
When it comes to the word money, Ji Rou is very sensitive: “I mean to give you money for your food, I don’t even ask you to help me get my feet.”
“Oh, in that case…” Qin Yinze smiled, pushing her back to the sofa and sitting with a move, “Then I can help you make the wrong position?”
“You…” How come there are more bastards in this world than her? Sure enough, people shouldn’t look good, especially good-looking men are the most deceptive.
Seeing that Ji Rou was about to anger, Qin Yinze asked, “What do you want to eat?”
A few days ago, I was able to eat well. As soon as I heard the food, Ji Rou instantly forgot that the man was still bullying her, and unceremoniously reported a few dishes: “I want to eat steamed pork ribs and braised pork knuckles. Add another soup.”
Not stupid, knowing to feed his stomach.
With rare appreciation in Qin Yinze’s eyes, he turned and walked to the kitchen.
Looking at his back, Ji Rou held her head and thought about it, but no matter how she thought about it, she couldn’t figure out why this person wanted to help her?
He can afford to live in a villa like this, surely it’s not bad for her to eat that little meal. Does he have ulterior motives for her?
However, look at what he looks like now. If you want to say that you are as embarrassed as you are, what benefits can he get from her?
Not long after, the man came out of the kitchen again with two plates in his hand: “I don’t eat much at home, just eat a little.”
“Oh good…” I have had a good meal in a few days. Seeing meat, Ji Rou’s eyes shined like a wolf seeing a sheep.
She also didn’t care whether the hands were washed or not. She stretched out her hand and took a chicken leg and gnawed it. After gnawing, she sucked on her fingers.
Qin Yinze frowned when he saw it, and couldn’t bear to look any more.
After sweeping away the two dishes, Ji Rou hiccuped and said contentedly: “Sir, what’s your last name?”
Qin Yinze didn’t want to answer.
“Look at that, you helped me so much today. Of course I need to know who you are so that I can return the money to you later.” Although she had never thought of repaying his money, she always saved face. It is something to do, otherwise people think she is really a b*****d who eats and drinks.
“Ho ho…” Qin Yinze sneered, took a long leg and walked upstairs, “Take the bowl to the kitchen and wash it. The first room on the second floor is the guest room.”
Ji Rou: “…”
She was a little confused.

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