My Husband, Warm the Bed Chapter: 1004 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 1004

After the heavy rain, the sky was washed, the air was particularly fresh, and the stars hanging in the night sky looked brighter than usual.
Ji Rou sat on the rattan rocking chair on the balcony, looking up at the stars in the sky in a daze, thinking about how to escape.
There is no TV, no computer or any communication equipment in this villa, completely blocking her communication with the outside world.
She has been here for five days, for five full days, she can’t get outside information, and her heart is getting flustered day by day.
She didn’t know what happened to the company her father worked so hard to create? Don’t know what happened to the mother lying in the hospital bed?
She was scared, afraid that when the Ji family’s awful things had taken over the company left to her by her father, when she escaped, she was even more afraid that her mother’s illness would be treated in time.
No way!
Ji Rou wiped away the tears that were about to fall from the corner of her eyes and sat up.
She is Ji Rou, the daughter of Ji Houkun, the founder of Qianshui Company. Her father died unexpectedly and her mother was in bed. Now she is the only pillar of the family.
No matter how dirty and nasty the people of the Ji family used, she couldn’t wait to die. She had to think of a way to keep Qianshui Company and take good care of her mother for her father.
It’s just that if you want to keep Qianshui Company, you must first escape from here, but it’s not easy to get out of here.
This morning, she hid in the trunk of the car and escaped. Who knew she had run out a few miles before she was found, and she was caught back by them not surprisingly.
The way to escape from the trunk of the car was obviously no longer available, she had to think of another way.
These days, she has carefully observed the topography of the villa. This villa is a small three-story villa, plus a small yard, and does not occupy a large area.
While observing, she found that this villa is closely connected to the next door, and from this building can climb directly to the top of the next door.
and many more–
What did she think of?
From the top of this villa, she can climb directly to the bottom of the building next door, so she can flip to the next door first, and then find a way to escape?
Ji Rou clapped her hands with excitement. Why didn’t she think of this way earlier, if she had thought of it earlier, she might have escaped long ago.
She has always been an activist and will do it if she thinks about it.
Ji Rou went back to the room and rummaged through the closet, only to find a set of black clothes. She quickly switched on, ready to escape.
Her room was on the third floor, and when she went out, she turned left to the stairwell on the top floor. Ji Rou reached the top of the building without disturbing anyone.
There are some flowers and plants on the top of the building. Ji Rou is interested in admiring, and with a good skill, he flipped over to the roof of the villa next door.
Strange to say, the door on the top of the building next door was not locked, and she sneaked into someone else’s house.
In the middle of the night, Ji Rou broke into someone else’s home and didn’t know who the family was. Ji Rou was still a little flustered, leaning against the wall and taking a few deep breaths quietly.
Now, she only hopes that the family will not find her.
She didn’t dare to turn on the light. The corridor was very dark. She stumbled on something under her feet after walking a few steps. She slapped her foot and fell to the ground with a thud.
“Ouch -”
The floor was so hard that her bones were about to fall apart, but she didn’t even dare to notice the sound.
She steadied herself on the ground, and was about to get up when she unexpectedly saw a pair of feet in slippers.
To be more precise, this is a pair of men’s feet.
Oops, someone found it!
Ji Rou wailed, stretched out her hand to cover her eyes, pretending that others could not see her.
After a while, there was no sound coming from the top of her head. Ji Rou thought that she had misread her eyes, and she quietly opened her eyes and took a peek. The feet were still there.
She lay on the ground and looked up. Looking up from her feet, she saw two big long legs.
This person has very long legs, and her gaze slowly moved upwards. It took a long time before she saw his face, but there was no light, so she couldn’t see clearly.
“That…” Ji Rou’s eyes rolled and she had an idea, “That I accidentally crossed over, and I fell on the roof of your house by accident, do you believe it?”
The man responded.
Ji Rou endured the pain in her feet, leaning on the wall to get up, and finally saw his face clearly through the moonlight.
This is a good-looking face. It can’t be said that it can make women fascinated by it, but it is definitely a very masculine face, but the face is not good-looking and gloomy, as if to eat people.
“I’m sorry to disturb you!” She smiled at him and talked to him in the tone of a friend who had known him for a long time. “Where are the stairs downstairs, please?”
The man still didn’t respond to her, but he kindly pointed out his finger.
“Oh, thank you, you are such a good person.” Ji Rou squeezed the sweetest smile in her life, “I’m leaving now.”
“Hiss—” She took a breath from the pain in her ankle as soon as she took a step.
D**n it, her feet are broken, how can she escape now?
Isn’t this just what people often say that the leaks of the house happen to be rainy nights?
But in order to be able to escape, no matter how painful, I can only grit my teeth and endure it. She leaned on the wall and went downstairs step by step, and every step she took she was stung like a heart.
“Girl who came across, do you need me to send you out?” Behind him, the man’s deep and powerful voice was like the sound of nature.
“Can you?” Happiness came so suddenly, Ji Rou was so happy that he forgot the motto of life, “Then I will trouble you, Mr.”.
She really dare!
Qin Yinze looked at her calmly. In the moonlight, the woman’s eyes were as bright as a pool of autumn water, and the autumn water was full and beautiful.
“Look for it separately, try not to make any noise, and don’t wake up Mr.”
Ji Rou’s familiar voice came from next door, and it was the one named Chu Yuan who was talking.
Do they not sleep in the middle of the night?
It seems that I can’t escape now, I have to find a way to stay here, and then I can find a way to leave after I escape the limelight.
If you want to stay, of course the owner’s consent is required.
Ji Rou rubbed her eyes, her eyes flushed, and she squeezed out two tears: “Sir, I have not eaten for a few days, can you let me eat something before leaving? Don’t worry, I ate you. How much, I will pay.”
Seeing that he shouldn’t, Ji Rou quickly touched the pocket of her clothes, trying to find the money, but she couldn’t find a coin.
“Sir, I traveled too suddenly, and I forgot to bring money in my pocket. But I can write an IOU, and I will definitely return the money to you in the future.” The situation was so embarrassing, but Ji Rou didn’t feel embarrassed at all, because She has a thick skin.
After speaking, in order to make her pity more real, she sniffed and squeezed two more tears. If possible, she would also like to ask him to borrow some money for self-defense.
Qin Yinze looked at her calmly.
The play is really good.
It is better than what is written in the information.
He wants to see, how else can she act?

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